The Underwhelming Kyle Peterson

March 1st, 2019 | S.P.
kyle peterson liberal
The pleasant folk of Newmarket-Aurora in Ontario have had some of the weakest representation in Ottawa since Ottawa was a place for bureaucrats to converge. Well, perhaps I'm being a bit too negative... or perhaps I'm being honest. Newmarket-Aurora was the riding of our good friend and traitor, Belinda Stronach. Now the beautiful people of Newmarket-Aurora must stomach the underwhelming, meandering and effortless work of their Liberal MP, Kyle Peterson. Not since the invention of bleached flour has the world seen such a stale and mundane excuse for a representative. Kyle Peterson's efforts as an MP are weaker than a pot of Denny's coffee. It is time for the voters in Newmarket-Aurora to send him packing, just as they have fearlessly done before with previous MPs. 

Kyle Peterson can be best described as stale, white bread with a hint of mildew. In 2018, the chap considered abandoning his constituents to run for the leadership of the Ontario Liberals. That would have been a bout of bad judgement, considering how the party was beaten and relegated to a status-less fringe group of aimless cronies in the Ontario legislature. There is no hope of return for the Ontario Liberals and, if there was, Kyle Peterson would be the last person in the province capable of returning them to glory. 

A lawyer by trade, Kyle Peterson has not managed to achieve any level of greatness inside of Trudeau's government of half-wits and cronies. Never achieving a higher status than backbencher, it seems Petersons' plentiful master's degrees from the University of Toronto and the Rotman School of Management have served him well. If there could be one place on Earth a lawyer with such a high level of education would happen to triumph and prove himself, it would be inside of Trudeau's moronic government. 

Not so much luck for Mr. Peterson. 
Peterson's expertise as a lawyer involves litigation... or, in layman's terms, he sues people and businesses on behalf of other people and businesses. There could be no more a noble career than litigation. Unfortunately, his skills have earned him no cabinet roles in the Trudeau government or any major initiatives or committee jobs.

One cannot help but ask why. Is Mr. Peterson that stale, incompetent or untalented? Surely if a meandering nitwit like Mariam Monsef qualifies, a lawyer like Kyle Peterson must qualify for some kind of cabinet role. Or, perhaps not.

Perhaps Kyle Peterson simply has failed to prove himself. He surely has not commanded any serious or important initiatives for his constituents in Newmarket-Aurora. There have been no special requests, no sincere battles or any real work to help better the lives of voters and taxpayers in Newmarket-Aurora. Kyle Peterson's job has merely consisted of warming another Liberal bench in the House Of Commons and showing up to vote when necessary on the Trudeau government's most idiotic and ill-advised policies and laws. 

Kyle Peterson is a Liberal drone, empty and void of any substance. 

It has been almost four years and a simple Google search in news brings up nothing of substance for Kyle Peterson. What has he accomplished? What has he done? Apparently, not much. All we can find is a story about his very narrow win in Newmarket-Aurora. 

The people of Newmarket-Aurora deserve better. They have received the dirty end of the stick for quite some time, but with such narrow margins of victory, voters in Newmarket-Aurora can turn the tables again and send Kyle Peterson back to his career as a lawyer. After years and elections that deliver moribund and underwhelming representatives, voters in Newmarket-Aurora can choose someone who can better represent them, with more vivacity and effort. Of course, we don't yet know who that someone will be, but we can only hope Mr. Bench-warmer Peterson is not the receiver of good fortune in October... when Newmarket-Aurora joins the rest of Canada in sending this terrible Liberal government a message.