The Biggest Lies About Kyle Rittenhouse

November 20th, 2021 | TC

The mainstream media turned the Kyle Rittenhouse trial into a spectacle on behalf of the Democrats. The airways were filled with lies and misrepresentations through the whole course of the trial, with media establishments actively and consciously suppressing relevant facts and information. More nefarious yet was their dissemination of lies and fabrications.

This is a quick guide to the most egregious lies told by media about Kyle Rittenhouse, many of which continue to stick in the minds of uninformed Americans long after the verdict.

False: He Was A White Supremacist

White supremacy is the first narrative adopted by Democrats when a shooting is not committed by one of their own supporters or by Islamic terrorists. It is rooted in the misguided belief that real white supremacists tend to support Republicans and, that by making such wild assertions, any allegations of white supremacy can be automatically and subconsciously associated to Republicans. Even when the assertions are baseless or downright false, Democrats and their friends in mainstream media will often claim them.

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The internet is littered with photos of Rittenhouse posing for photos with members of the Proud Boys, as well as with photos of him posing with regular citizens and activists—many of whom are ethnic minorities. Immediately upon their discovery, Democrats began circulating some of the photos as proof of Rittenhouse's affiliation to white supremacists. To add credence to their claims, they point to photos of Rittenhouse flashing the infamous 'OK' symbol with his hands.

The symbol has been used by normal people of all affiliations to express that something is good. Until the Democrats attempted to maliciously redefine the meaning of the symbol in order to create evidence where there was none, it was widely used as a universal symbol of approval for a good meal, an excellent outcome, or a respectable person. The meaning of the symbol has only changed in the minds of radical Democrats and journalists with malicious intent.

The Proud Boys, on the other hand, have been falsely labelled as white supremacists by the establishment media and Democrats. Their official leader, Enrique Tarrio, is a Cuban with African ancestry.

Police involved with the investigation admitted that no evidence or links to white supremacists had been found on Rittenhouse's phone or social media. Had investigators found links, Rittenhouse may have faced charges of domestic terrorism.

In summary, the white supremacy narrative is based entirely on false and fabricated information:

False: The 'OK' symbol is a white power sign.

False: The Proud Boys are white supremacists.

False: Kyle Rittenhouse was acting with and on behalf of white supremacists.

False: The Trial Judge Is A Trump Supporter

When the trial took a turn for the worst, Democrats and media worked to find a scapegoat in order to invalidate the inevitable verdict of not guilty. Following the damning testimony of Gaige Grosskreutz, Democrats panicked. It was shortly after that journalists set their sights on the judge, Bruce Schroeder.

Schroeder made an “Asian food” joke about the supply chain disruptions that had nothing to do with hatred or criticisms of the Asian community, but was rather an admonishment of not being able to eat Asian food for lunch. When that smear failed, media went after what have been normal court procedures in Wisconsin for more than 60 years. They attacked Schroeder for allowing Rittenhouse to draw random jury alternates and for barring the term “victim” during the trial.

None of these things are racist or out of the ordinary.

The media's attacks on Schroeder came with implications that he may be a Trump supporter. This ignited Democrats on social media and immediately started a rumor that Schroeder was a white supremacist and supporter of Donald Trump. Neither allegation was rooted in truth.

Schroeder has been a life-long registered Democrat and served as the Kenosha County District Attorney under the party label. He ran for the Wisconsin state senate in 1975 as a Democrat and worked on Gaylord Nelson's re-election campaign for the United States Senate and on Martin Schreiber's gubernatorial campaign for the Democratic Party Of Wisconsin.

"The mainstream media turned the Kyle Rittenhouse trial into a spectacle on behalf of the Democrats."

In summary, Bruce Schroeder is not a racist or a Trump supporter.

False: Rittenhouse Was An Active, Mass Shooter

The most egregious lie of all is the one that paints Rittenhouse as a disturbed mass shooter who showed up in Kenosha to kill protesters at random. The truth and testimony from the case paint an entirely different picture of Kyle Rittenhouse than what media and Democrats tried to portray.

To many Americans, Kyle Rittenhouse is still known as a mass shooter.

The truth, however, shows a highly engaged teen who sought to protect local businesses from protesters and looting—all while performing first aid on the same injured protesters. Along with standing up to protect businesses from rioters, Rittenhouse took time away from his efforts to help injured Antifa and BLM rioters. This is why Rittenhouse appears in some photos wearing surgical gloves.

Rittenhouse was an aspiring police officer and paramedic and worked as a lifeguard at a local pool. He had training in first-aid and CPR. While protecting shops in Kenosha, Rittenhouse administered first-aid and provided bandages to some protesters from his own first-aid kit. As dangerous and ill-advised his efforts may have been, Rittenhouse was not in Kenosha with malicious intent.

The jury saw this evidence, but the media kept it out of headlines and coverage of the trial.

The real malicious intent came from Democrats, journalists and protesters—before, after and during the trial. After the trial, narratives continued to push the inaccurate notion that the judicial system is racist, that Rittenhouse's actions were somehow directed at blacks and that he shot and injured black victims. In truth, most of the protesters were white and coalescing in Kenosha to damage property, perpetuate violence and instill social unrest. Knowing this, Rittenhouse sought to stand up and do what police had failed to do during many other protests and riots across America.

In summary, Rittenhouse was not in Kenosha with the intent to kill, but rather with the intent to deter looting and violence. Whether his actions were advisable and smart is up for debate, but the final verdict is not.

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