What The Liberal Gun Ban Means For The Future Of Abortion

May 11th, 2020 | KW

If you support the OiC (Order in Council) for gun control, just wait until the Conservatives do the same with abortion.

A dangerous political precedent has been set in Canada.

Now, governments can forgo parliamentary oversight, debate, official opposition and simply have their Lieutenant Governor sign any order they wish to get turned into law. The order was never seen in the House Of Commons and was given royal assent with no vote. The Liberal gun-ban law was passed, demonstrating Canada's failing democracy under a leader who praises many dictatorial governments.

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It could be that Canadians are not used to Orders in Council. These are the Canadian version of Executive orders as used by Presidents in America. They do not happen often up north, but when they do, it is big news. It is often perceived as a way for governments, especially in minority positions, to push through their agenda with little pushback from opposition parties.

Well, unless they file a lawsuit, which should be pending any day now.

Then again, gun ownership has never been a constitutional right in Canada. Yet, we are a close relative, a cousin, to the United States—regardless of how much Canada wants to distance themselves from that comparison, kicking and screaming. Canada should no longer characterize itself as “not-American” and simply acknowledge the similarities our countries share while celebrating the differences.

Even when Canadians try to differentiate themselves from Americans, it is done in the most patronizing, condescending way. That is how a lot of Conservative and rural centrists feel about the current Liberal government.

It is failing to acknowledge this common and easily mis-identifiable thread that Liberal governments fail half their citizens in favour of ‘fulfilling campaign promises’ (another way of not giving two hoots what half the country thinks). This was admitted by Trudeau and many of his supporters. The Liberal Party and their constituents are unwilling to see their hypocrisy and the precedent set through this action. Not to mention the damage to our faith in democracy.

The gun ban does exactly NOTHING to address the acquiring of illegal weapons by criminals, which are shipped in through the United States. Instead, this order criminalizes those who have jumped through hoops to be permitted to own, use, and transport firearms.

For those of you who do not know, in Canada, you have get interviewed by the RCMP after taking an education course in gun safety and operation. Even then, the guns must be kept locked up, secure and the RCMP can take them away at anytime they see fit. The Nova Scotia gunman did none of these things and those measures put forth do nothing but harm the good law-abiding gun owners of this country. That makes this gunban purely partisan.

When the gun ban was announced by Trudeau, it was clear to anyone whose head was not in the sand (or anti-gun), that this was a coward’s solution. This ‘law’ was passed on the back of Canada’s most tragic and violent gun crime which was conducted with illegal firearms. Who debated it? Not the Conservatives, nor the NDP, nor the Greens or the Bloc Quebecois.

Yet, those supporting the ban do not mind the way it was implemented. They are okay with democracy being circumvented for their own ideological purpose. Reasonably, I cannot blame them. It is hard to denounce something you support when it is enacted. However, democratically and for the health of our country, I think it is disgusting, and we should be mourning this abuse of our system of governance.

"Even when Canadians try to differentiate themselves from Americans, it is done in the most patronizing, condescending way."

Let’s put it into perspective.

Now, the next Conservative government will be able to ban something that Liberals find to be a natural right and a necessity: abortions.

Right now, we can say that Canada allows for recreational abortions. It’s hardly a necessity, in the same way gun rights are being portrayed in Canada. They are certainly treated this way by many Liberal supporters, even though we know that life begins at conception. Whether you support it or not, it is fact, and the next government can use the same logic as this Liberal government to ban abortions.

For example:

“You do not need an abortion to be responsible” the Conservative leader will say, “So, effective immediately, it is no longer permitted to pay for, or use, abortion services in this country.”

“You do not need an abortion to be a responsible adult” they say. “So, effective immediately, it is no longer permitted to use abortion services in this country.”

“Abortions are designed with one purpose in mind: kill as many babies as possible in the shortest amount of time.”

“Enough is enough”

This is what Trudeau said, except it was about guns.

For all their praise and defence of Trudeau’s unilateral decision, with no democratic debate or vote, our democracy is weakened. We now are one step closer to becoming like the countries Western Nations have vehemently opposed ideologically. Though, when you have a leader like Trudeau who has openly praised Communist and dictatorial leaders (see China and Cuba), it’s no surprise that we conservatives feel we’re witnessing the rise of Liberal tyranny in the West.

Yes, that is a real thing. It is happening.

The average Liberal supporter doesn’t seem to mind when democracy is suspended to push ideological legislation down the throat of voters who think differently. Of course, we can’t have it both ways, but the least we deserve as a nation is to have it debated. If the vote is lost, we lost. This is one more mark against Trudeau’s governance and lack of ability for compromise. A lack of ability to bring the country towards of unity through respect of differences.

All I have to say to the those who are okay with ideological Orders in Council: Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it.

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