Liberalism Linked To Low IQ 

September 1st, 2013 | R. Rados 


The title of this piece is funny, isn't it? It's a direct response to some bloggers that have tried to smear conservatives with studies linking prejudice to low intelligence. Blogs like Alternet have proven to employ liberal bigots looking to cash in on negative stereotypes. It's no surprise that they'd imply that conservatism is rooted in prejudice just to prove their arguments. One of the examples they use directly refers to right-wing ideology and comes from two progressives named Gordon Hodson and Michael Busseri from Brock University in Ontario. Their own analysis comes from a study done in the UK that links prejudice to low cognitive ability, but makes no mention of politics. 

If prejudice is truly linked to low cognitive abilities, liberals have proven that they are the ones suffering from the mental deficiencies described in these studies. Their own practices of cultural segregation, race baiting, and constant pandering to divisive groups has exposed their very own brand of prejudice. Furthermore, it's because of their own prejudice that they've failed to understand the true principles of conservatism. 

Believing that conservatism is rooted in prejudice is the result of misinformation. Progressives and liberals have an equal amount of bigotry within their own ranks. Denying this fact is an act of willful ignorance.

There are many social conservatives that may indeed have prejudices, but not all of them represent conservatism. Opposition to gay marriage is mostly a belief in tradition, rather than an outright hatred or fear of gays and lesbians. As for racism, there aren't any more racists within conservative ranks than there are within progressive, liberal, or socialist ranks. One doesn't need to look any further than Canada's CCF and Liberal Party for evidence of prejudice, anti-semitism and racism. Canada's socialist godfather, Tommy Douglas, wrote his thesis in support of eugenics, while Canada's famed Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, dabbled in antisemitism and expressed admiration for Hitler and Mussolini.

There are more up-to-date examples of racism in liberal and socialist circles. NDP candidate, Dayleen Van Ryswyk, was forced to resign following racist remarks against First Nations communities during BC's provincial election. Deputy NDP Premier of Manitoba and member of the Cree nation, Eric Robinson, recently came under fire for expressing resentment towards ignorant “do-good white people”.

If we need the views of a doctor to validate liberal racism in the United States, we have Dr. Ben Carson, who called white liberals some of the “most racist people there are” during a radio interview with Mark Levin. During his 2013 CPAC speech, Carson said, “When did we reach a point where you have to have a certain philosophy because of the color of your skin?” His full speech can be seen here.

Racism took the front seat in America during the George Zimmerman trial. The country's liberal media erroneously pushed a “white against black” agenda and labeled Zimmerman a “white-Hispanic”. This happened after both CNN and MSNBC wrongfully determined that Zimmerman was a Caucasian male. After his Hispanic heritage was uncovered, the media began to refer to Zimmerman as a white-Hispanic. 

To this day, Barack Obama has never been referred to as a white-black president.

Zimmerman's “white” label was kept in place to maintain the racially divisive narrative that networks had already started. For months during the trial, MSNBC used race and historic oppression against blacks as a sub-narrative to the Zimmerman trial and verdict. During the entire trial, the media pushed a racial agenda and refused to believe that Trayvon Martin's death was caused by anything other than racism. Even after the jury had found that race wasn't a factor, the media began to imply that the verdict was a miscarriage of justice. This destructive narrative created by the Zimmerman trial is still fueling racial fires in the United States.

People within some progressive and liberal movements in North America have used tactics to exasperate racial divisions. It's believed that most of this is done for political gain. Many white and black Democrats have even ridiculed and lamented black Republicans and accused them of selling out or being misguided “Uncle Toms”. Most Democrats have tried to convince black Americans that their party is the only party that can represent blacks. Clearly, that is not the case.  

Let's also remember some of Joe Biden's infamous comments. “You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I'm not joking,” he said, during a campaign stop in his run for the Democratic nomination in 2008. When a Democrat says something like this, liberals either chuckle and brush it off as an innocent joke, or they ignore it.

One of Biden's more serious and troubling statements was ignored by most liberals in 2008. When Biden was first announced as Obama's running mate, he called Obama the “first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” His comments were largely ignored by most mainstream news organizations, except Fox News.

It's not just liberal politicians that have committed deplorable acts of racism and prejudice. Let's not forget about some liberal celebrities, like Tom Hanks and his disgraceful “blackface” skit, or Alec Baldwin and his infamous homophobic rant against a British reporter.

In both Canada and the United States, liberals have been responsible for racist laws and legislation that have driven a wedge between Caucasians and minorities. In the United Kingdom and Canada, something known as “positive discrimination” is used to counter discrimination against minorities. Such laws require public institutions to hire certain numbers of non-whites. It was a Liberal government in Canada that made the racist term “visible minority” a part of Canada's culture and a part of the country's flawed Charter Of Rights, which explicitly condones discriminatory regulations that favor people who don't look or act Caucasian. In the United States, similar laws are recognized as Affirmative Action. These laws artificially elevate the number of non-white students in universities, colleges, and businesses by implementing legal quotas. This can and should be regarded as racism in a society that aims to achieve equality. It makes no sense to do anything but laugh at a leader that equates positive discrimination with equality.

Although liberals have done everything within their means to destroy conservatism and some of its cousins – like libertarianism – they've failed to convince anyone of their own superiority, intelligence, honesty, or relevance. They've failed to win the political war, the cultural war, and the moral war. Their losses are beginning to pile on top of one another, making their ideology more prone to collapse. While conservatives and libertarians continue to make sense, liberals and progressives are losing their own influence. Their backward visions of equality start to break apart under scrutiny, while conservative visions of equality, personal responsibility, and freedom only get stronger. The lies and distortions of the left don't stand a chance against the truth. Not even under the guise of science can liberals unhinge the principles of freedom that have kept conservatism alive since the collapse of monarchy. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

Nice try, liberals.