Liberal Support Collapsing?

December 11th, 2018  | R. Rados
liberal support

A new poll from a Liberal leaning pollster shows Andrew Scheer's Conservatives taking the lead just before the Christmas holidays. Although refuted by Nik Nanos, Nanos Research has shown nothing short of a Liberal lead in its weekly polling data since the Trudeau government took power in late 2015, all while other pollsters have shown contradicting results throughout 2018.

In the latest Nanos poll dated December 7, Conservatives have taken a one-point lead with 35% over Trudeau's Liberals at 34%; an unusual low for Trudeau's party in Nanos polling. The week prior, Trudeau's Liberals were sitting at 38% in Nanos polling. The new poll marks a 4% collapse within one week, following what has been months of steady Liberal support at around 36-38%.

The poll from Nanos comes on the heels of a recent Forum Research poll which shows Andrew Scheer's Conservatives sweeping up a majority with 43% to the Liberal Party's 34%.

In both polls, the NDP is at an historic low of between 14-16%.

Nanos measures popular support on a weekly basis with an average sample size of 1000, so there is no telling if this new Conservative lead will last as the weeks go on. This makes one of the rare times Conservatives have inched ahead in Nanos polling, which may be a sign of good things to come as we enter an election year.