Cracks Are Forming In The Liberal Wall

April 1st, 2022 | CW

Are we winning?

It sure feels that way. Only a month ago Covid madness was the order of the day. Remember when we were going to tax the unvaxxed? Remember when having three shots was going to be the new standard for being considered vaccinated? Remember when there were curfews and lockdowns and capacity restrictions?

Much has changed since those marvelous truckers arrived in Ottawa and tooted their horns and waved their flags. They completely turned over the tables of status quo in Canada and provided progressives buckets full of bait that they gobbled up with glee.

First of all, we have successfully rid ourselves of Erin O’Toole and his attempt to cuck the Conservative Party. Yes, I know the party is morally and intellectually corrupt as Maxime Bernier has pointed out, but such is life and the Conservatives still provide the most realistic vehicle to unseat the Liberals. Now the chief cuck is history and the CPC can at least attempt a rebrand.

Secondly, broadcast media has been just brutalized by the whole Trucker Convoy event. They have been degraded and demoralized to a degree I wouldn’t have guessed would be seen in Canada. This has wildly polarized people even more than before, leaving clearer divisions for all to see. The damage is permanent and possibly terminal for legacy media.

Thirdly, Trudeau’s overreach regarding the Trucker Convoy situation has created an enormous positive reaction for us. The martyrs of the convoy are avatars for discontent and by baiting Trudeau to overplay his hand they have helped to both radicalize and alienate those of us already onside and educate and enlighten those who weren’t. Normies are having their faith in the system shattered. They’re looking sideways at the banks. They’re questioning their support for the police. They can’t square their “rights” with the reality of the situation. Confiscating property, freezing bank accounts, arresting people without bail for doing what other protestors did in the past without so much as a slap on the wrist. When looking at the bigger picture, this sort of red pilling of normies is going to pay dividends for generations.

As mentioned above, the political landscape is already changing. We’re now looking at Pierre Poilievre doing a cake walk into the leadership of the CPC and bringing his tenacious fighting spirit with him. Is he conniving? Yes. Is he an opportunist? Yes. Is he going to be a million times better for all of us than Justin Trudeau? Yes, likely… probably… hopefully.

Either way, the party has learned the lessons of cucking over the past eight years. They also know that Trudeau is in year eight of his reign and the next election will likely be his last if for no other reason than that people have grown tired of him and his clowns. With the recent coalition deal with the NDP we’re looking at a full ten years of Trudeau in power. Most governments don’t last much longer than that. The tide is already turning.

What sort of government will the CPC form?

Thanks to Justin Trudeau’s fiscal orgy (with more to come), we’re looking at the arrival of a wildly economically conservative government to follow. The country is basically on the razor’s edge of insolvency. Inflation is raging. Debt has never been higher. We’ve just lost all the hard work that went into cleaning up Pierre Trudeau’s mess from 1984 through to 2008. We’re back to 1984 again, only with more debt, an older population; who themselves have more debt, a collapsed fertility rate, a housing bubble, wage stagnation, high unemployment, and a productivity gap that never resolves.

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All of these problems will give the Conservatives lots of ammunition for solutions. Hopefully those solutions will come in the form of brutal cuts to public spending. Hopefully we can finally open up the Canada Health Act and allow some innovations into healthcare delivery,by which I mean privatized healthcare options. Hopefully we can eliminate subsidies to every pet project the Liberals have been fostering for eight years. Repeal all Liberal policy and initiatives. Scrap the carbon tax. Maybe just slash and burn everything government related just like Thatcher.

“Don’t blame us! Trudeau left the cupboards bare!”

Maxime Bernier has established his PPC Party as a right-wing NDP. He seems to have permanently cleaved off 5% of dissenting voters for the foreseeable future. We’ll see if he can keep it up once Covid fades as a thing that is supposed to scare us. His resolve is beginning to look likely, since he is so fierce and honest and his schtick is transcending Covid hysteria. We need an “NDP-of-the-Right” in order to move the Overton Window and pressure the Conservatives. Poilievre is already sounding like Bernier on a variety of issues. If for no other reason than this, I wish Bernier good luck!

In the West, the Maverick Party has a real leadership race unfolding. The next election will allow them a second chance to make a first impression. After that, either Trudeau wins again, which will further demoralize conservative voters and warm them up for Maverick or,more likely…the CPC will win, and Westerners will quickly come to the realization that they are still second-class citizens…even with Trudeau kicked out of office. This provides a great long-term opportunity for The Maverick Party to become the Bloc Quebecois of the West.

Alternative media is also thriving right now. It was only a year ago that Big Tech was going to collude with government in order to crush all dissent. New platforms were hastily formed in an attempt to have free speech, but they lacked critical mass and relevance. Today things have totally changed.

More people are getting more messages across in intelligent and reasonable ways, thus circumnavigating the censorship of the big social media sites. Blogs seem to be regaining steam and reinventing themselves once more. YouTube (and now Rumble) channels are getting interesting again. Rebel News is better than it’s been in a long time. The Western Standard is thriving and expanding. Podcasts are surpassing anything the corporate media can imagine. We don’t need legacy media anymore and even normies are embracing it! Finally!

"We’ve just lost all the hard work that went into cleaning up Pierre Trudeau’s mess from 1984 through to 2008."

Another noticeable change is how unhinged the Progressive Left has become. They are more militant, smug and hysterical than ever. They speak in slogans and unthinking NPC cliches. Their strawman interpretation of the Right is completely wrong and bizarre, and their lack of self-awareness is more obvious than ever. With this level of crazy going on, it will make them much less formidable opponents in the near term. The most strategically advantageous element here is that, in their world, they are oblivious to this reality. In the world they’ve ideologically constructed…they think they’re winning. They are high on their own supply and more out of shape than ever. Against this… we can win.

Make no mistake, wokeness and progressive madness is still hegemonic, but there are so many cracks in the foundation now that it looks like real near-term opportunity is at hand. People are coming over to our side in droves and they are more educated and aware than ever before. We’re a long way away from doing victory laps of course, but after so much loss in the political arena we could be at a turning point. It’s not the end…it’s not even the beginning of the end, but it just might be the end of the beginning.

Have hope fellow conservatives. Good things are happening.

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