Liberalism Is Immoral

December 1st, 2017 | S.P.
liberalism is immoral

We in Canada fancy our liberalism for many reasons, but with our appetite for laissez-faire this and laissez-faire that comes the death of moral virtue. Our liberalism has been decomposed and rotted down to a wretched core of moral relativism and complacency which matches only that of Europe. The classical liberalism of 300 years ago has been deformed by the likes of pathetic and feral globalists like Justin Trudeau and Angela Merkel. We have been left now with a twisted and contorted version of what was once the progressive force behind capitalism and liberty in the Western world.

Today's liberals are not more than libertines who want their sex, their drugs and their corrupted inner cravings to reign supreme over any remnants of self control and dignity they may have left. This is not the liberalism of our founding fathers, nor is it the liberalism I would like my children to inherit.

Where else could classical liberalism take us, you may ask. When we have achieved such greatness in liberty and freedom already, where could we possibly go from here? Well, my friends, classical liberalism still has much to accomplish. Property rights have not yet been enshrined in our constitution, the politics of race and identity have triumphed over individualism, hate-speech laws continue to expand and new taxes have been born regularly to pay for the growing debts acquired by our politicians. You see, classical liberalism was never about feeding the ever-growing government monster, it was about emancipating the individual. As it stands now, we are moving further away from everything that resembles true liberty in this day and age.

You may think that because we have legalized same-sex marriage and marijuana that we have moved closer to that unreachable beacon of light called freedom, but this could not be further from the truth. These are nothing more than paltry exceptions that were granted to us for the sake of appeasement. We are still indebted to the higher authorities of our time, but now we have more permissions to satisfy our desires and to further expand our cultural decadence while submitting ourselves to higher taxes, lower wages and an ever-growing authoritarianism that strives to dictate our every individual thought. We have been offered distractions that will take us more wilfully into the deep abyss of fascism and moral decline.

As our national debt rises to enslave our children and the politics of race and gender reign over us, these false ideals are being taught to our children as virtues to guide them into a future of debt slavery, obedience and moral relativism. We will be granted trivial freedoms while our moral fortitude is washed away and our leadership rewards behaviour that is less than honourable.

Even within our deteriorating realm of individualism, we must still strive to maintain a dignified level of collective morality and accountability that can act as a guiding light for our children and future generations.

Sex And Drugs

It was only months ago that news broke about Canada's Supreme Court formally legalizing bestiality—or the the more commonly known act of fornicating with animals. As of next Canada Day, Canadians of all stripes will be free to smoke a doobie and fornicate with any farm animal of their choice. Injection drug users will be able to seek safe haven at new injection sites in Montreal and Vancouver.

These victimless acts harm no one, but some may argue that the legalization of these acts only give us more reason to believe that our lines between civility and animalism have been rubbed away. Liberalism has run amok and slowly cut away at the important limits that morality once placed on our animalism and instinctual connections to the animal kingdom. Liberalism has washed away the very things that have separated us from our primate cousins: self restraint and decency.

It is not about whether an act has other human victims, but about whether those engaging in all acts of limitless indulgence should be allowed to step backwards into animalism without any collective judgment or shame placed upon them while our children watch. The very act of announcing the acceptance—as a society—of such acts is a step backwards into the animal kingdom. The affects of normalizing and accepting such acts will, without any question, erode the moral fabric of our society in due time.

Encouraging the legalization of one drug will lead to the legalization of others. The legalization of harmless drugs like marijuana may appear inconsequential, but it feeds the growing collective perception that indulging our desires and eliminating all self-regulating principles is what “progress” ought to be. The cause of legalizing endless arrays of victimless activities in the name of freedom is a falsity. The legality of such behaviours should not always be viewed as an issue of freedom, but an issue of social and collective morality. The calls to legalize these kinds of activities act only as reflections of our collective disregard and rejection of discipline and self control.

Perhaps calls to keep certain activities illegal are calls to preserve our collective self-restraint and moral boundaries as a society. Perhaps those of us who wince at the idea of everything becoming legal should not be treated like discarded lepers by those who have been trumpeting the horns of freedom and “progress”. We, too, are human beings who care about the generations that follow us.

We will continue to wince at news of provincial governments embedding unnecessary sexual acts into school curricula. Take the province of Ontario and its sexual education curriculum which was master crafted by a convicted pedophile named Ben Levin. Not only was this well-known educator a pedophile, he was a widely celebrated liberal and recipient of distinctive awards like the Canadian Education Association's Whitworth Award.

The sex education curriculum of today's Ontario teaches children in grade school how to perform oral and anal sex. This was all the work of Kathleen Wynne's Liberal—yes LIBERAL—government. We wretched conservatives are still referred to as backwards and regressive for not supporting such abominations, but by now we are proud to earn such demeaning titles from our liberal friends.  

Respecting, Paying And Reintegrating Terrorists

I simply cannot, for the life of me, think of something more sinister to show my children than a Liberal government and smiling Prime Minister being treated so lightly by media after paying a convicted terrorist $10M. This of course is not all. Before the Omar Khadr affair, Justin Trudeau was roundly mocked by most Canadians—but praised by the CBC—for proudly stating that terrorists should be allowed to keep their citizenships and that female genital mutilation should not be called barbaric.

My friends, unless you have been living under a rock for two years, you know I am not making any of this up. Our beloved Prime Minister said and did all of these things.

The moral relativism that infects the mind of our Prime Minister and his fellow Liberals has allowed terrorists to be treated with more respect and dignity in Canada than Queen Elizabeth herself. In 2011, Justin Trudeau was put on record expressing his displeasure with how offensive the term “barbaric” is when being used to describe “cultural practices” like female genital mutilation and honour killings. As Candice Malcolm wrote:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada’s top feminist, once said the government should avoid using the term “barbaric” to describe cultural violence against women — including spousal abuse, female genital mutilation and so-called “honour killings”.

Back in 2011, as the Liberal immigration critic, Trudeau said using these terms was “pejorative,” overly “judgmental” and that the government should make an “attempt at responsible neutrality”.

Apparently, we shouldn’t offend people who beat their wives, mutilate young girls and kill female members of their family.

After significant blowback from Canadians, however, Trudeau apologized for his comments.

My friends, this is in no way the voice of a morally resolute leader. Justin Trudeau was known to be a morally inept degenerate in 2011, but in 2017 his actions as Prime Minister have confirmed his moral ineptitude beyond a reasonable doubt.

Although our wonderfully inept leader retracted his statements about FGM not being barbaric, his actions are speaking loudly and clearly in 2017. Alberta MP, Michelle Rempel, pointed out that the newest version of Canada's Citizenship Guide no longer contains references to FGM and barbaric cultural practices being illegal in Canada—as the previous Conservative version did. The Huffington Post reported it as such:

"Canada's citizenship guide informs newcomers that FGM is a crime in Canada. However Canada's prime minister has decided to delete this information," Rempel charged.

The MP was referencing a working copy of the new citizenship guide the government is preparing. The draft, which was obtained by The Canadian Press in the summer, reportedly omits lines stating that certain "barbaric cultural practices," such as FGM and honour killings, are illegal in Canada. The previous Tory government included those warnings in their overhauls of the guide.

Rempel urged Trudeau in the House to stand with FGM survivors and the UN by reversing what she called his "decision." She made similar comments on Twitter shortly after question period.

The liberal twerps at Huffington Post found a clever way to cast doubt on Rempel's suggestion that removing references to FGM was Trudeau's decision, but we have already been reminded here that Trudeau was a morally inept degenerate just six years ago when he tried to convince Canadians that it was somehow offensive to refer to FGM as barbaric.

Trudeau's government has also expressed a desire to rehabilitate and reintegrate ISIS operatives, only after handing out millions to convicted terrorists like Omar Khadr. None of this speaks to or wreaks of moral conviction—but quite the opposite. Our Prime Minister and his Liberalism have driven Canada not forward, but backward to a time of moral decadence, indulgence and ineptitude. Self control and decency have been expunged from our cultural identity and our children are being taught to shrug at the prospects of untamed sex, drug abuse and immorality. What we knew of self control and discipline have been abolished, and if we allow ourselves to continue down this course, we will surely meet the same fate as the many cultures before us.

As conservatives, we must come together to end this moral decadence before it ends us.