Why Liberals Are Terrible People

January 2nd, 2022 | SP

If you have been put in the unfortunate circumstance of having Liberal-voting relatives and co-workers, you may understand what types of people they often happen to be. This is not a concrete condemnation of all Liberals, but to be frank and honest with ourselves, we must acknowledge the proclivities and tendencies of a majority of Liberal voters. Here, we will look at what makes many Liberal voters the atrocious hypocrites and shirty fellows they tend to be.

Do-Good Posturing And Not Much Else

We all know a gobby Liberal who talks of charity and compassion, but rarely follows through in their real life with actions. They often want more welfare programs to help the poor, more housing for refugees, more safe spaces for drug addicts to inject heroin and more money for the world's hard-done-by. In their real lives, however, they refuse to put their compassionate harping into action.

A Liberal will often go silent when asked if they would like to install a safe-injection site on their own property, or down the road at an old foreclosed home. More concerned with their property's re-sale value, a Liberal voter will do everything to avoid their own good-natured rhetoric from manifesting in their own neighbourhoods. When they harp about safe-injection sites for drug addicts, they do not mean for those sites to be anywhere near them!

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The mere act of advertising their Liberal support for such programs and following through with a vote is adequate to secure their afterlives in Justin Trudeau's progressive heaven.

When a Liberal voter, one of particular wealth, presses for more adequate housing for refugees, they surely do not mean opening their ten-bedroom mansions—even temporarily—to homeless refugees. Of course not! A Liberal voter of great wealth would never imagine subjecting himself, or herself, to the personal inconvenience and cost of housing a few poor refugees.

How about a middle-class Liberal voter? They too could never imagine the idea of housing a homeless person for a few days, or even a few weeks, by allowing such a person to shower in their homes and defecate in their toilets. When middle-class Liberal voters talk about providing shelter for homeless Canadians, they most definitely do not mean offering their own homes for charity.

One must only ask themselves how many Liberal relatives they have seen buying food and a hot coffee for a homeless man outside their local Starbucks.

Thoughtless Consumerism

No one keeps up with all of the current-day trends like a Liberal voter. No one else, but a common Liberal voter, would have the lack of foresight and self-awareness to indulge in unmitigated consumerism while lecturing everyone else about privilege.

Too often have poorer or ordinary Canadians been subjected to Liberal harping about white privilege and the horrors of modern consumerism. As it most always happens to come from the wealthy class of Liberal Laurentians, the lack of self-awareness on their part is often astonishing and vexing to most ordinary Canadians. Those same Laurentians happen to be the same people who take tropical vacations around Christmas and buy their children the latest and hippest consumer gadgets.

You will seldom find a middle or high class Liberal voter not wearing the latest trends, or carrying the newest iPhone. You will seldom find them keeping quiet about society's need to help the poor, to limit thoughtless consumerism and to only spend money on “fair trade” and socially responsible goods and services. As most socially and environmentally responsible goods tend to be more expensive, the audacity and privilege of the common Liberal voter is breathtaking.

Snide Atheism And Godlessness

According to the common white Liberal, god is stupid and being loudly irreligious is virtuous. This principle, however, often only applies to Christianity and Catholicism. Muslims and other religious minorities are much like sacred cows, but followers of Christ are often sneered at and met with snide criticisms from common, white Liberal voters.

Among Catholic Liberals, self-loathing and repentance for being white and Catholic appear to be virtuous. For them, lecturing their fellow Catholics about being too pious and religious in front of non-Catholics is what makes them virtuous and worthy of the Pope's blessings. It is a bizarre trend, but it is one of the most apparent and obvious in Liberal church circles.

Among atheist Liberals, snide remarks against Christianity are more than common and a signal of heightened intelligence. Attacking Christianity is a badge of honour for common, atheist Liberals and looked upon as an initiation ritual for younger Liberals. To be markedly irreligious and anti-Christian is to be an accepted white Liberal in Canada.

Those who follow Christian principles are often regarded as unintelligent and feckless among white Liberals. However, regressive ideals and principles that belong to—and are put into practice—by many sacred cow religious minorities in Canada are ignored and, in some cases, revered.

"When they harp about safe-injection sites for drug addicts, they do not mean for those sites to be anywhere near them!"

To be Muslim or Sikh in Canada is a symbol of beautiful and functional multi-culturalism, but being a Christian is a staple of repressive, white colonialism.

We Know These Liberals

Many of us know these common Liberals. We have them as relatives, neighbours and co-workers, but we should not have them as friends. We have seen them behave how they are described here and we have seen them quiver when approached or questioned about their lack of personal action. In some instances, we may have argued with them and confronted them about their hypocrisy, only to be unfriended and shut out.

Many Liberal voters are intolerant and fail to regard their intolerance as anything but morally correct and necessary in combating the bigotry and hatred of anyone with a differing opinion.

You see, friends, to a common Liberal, their intolerance is virtuous and morally sacred. They cannot be convinced otherwise and they cannot be reasoned with. Those who are not blind to the hypocrisy will only justify it and regard it as a moral necessity. Criticisms of their way of life, their lectures and their inaction on many of the causes they promote is viewed, by them, as nothing more than an unintelligent personal attack from someone who is on the lower end of the food chain. You see, to a common Liberal, you are nothing more than an inferior vermin living beneath them. The rules they apply to you are separate and distinct. Your rules do not apply to them. Their criticisms about your lifestyle, your choices and your way of life come from somewhere higher. A common Liberal would never expect a poor, weak and inferior outsider to understand why their own lifestyles and criticisms come from an enlightened and more divine tier of existence.

Liberals view themselves as gods who look down upon and guide the rest of us with their virtue and moral superiority. You are expected to do as they say, not as they do.

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