Nanos: Liberals And Tories Tied

December 27th, 2018  | R. Rados
liberals tied

A new poll from a Liberal leaning pollster shows Andrew Scheer's Conservatives statistically tied with Justin Trudeau's Liberals. Nanos research released their post-Christmas poll on the day after Boxing Day, showing what has been a continued Liberal slump in support.

Traditionally, Nanos has significantly favoured Trudeau's Liberals, releasing polls showing Trudeau ahead while other independent pollsters have shown different numbers throughout 2018 and 2017. A Liberal slump in what has been a pro-Liberal poll is significant, especially heading into an election year.

At the beginning of December, the same Nanos poll showed Scheer's Conservatives edging ahead.

The latest poll shows a continued surge in Andrew Scheer's index for preferred prime minister and the Conservative Party's overall numbers. 45% of Canadians now say they would consider voting Conservative, while 49% say they would consider voting Liberal. These numbers have consistently been coming closer together throughout 2018.

These numbers don't put Conservatives in the clear yet, as Trudeau will have an incumbent's advantage going into 2019's election. Full fledged campaigning and leader debates can also significantly alter polling numbers and election outcomes.

It's still a long road to October, but these numbers are extremely promising. 

See the full poll results here.