Canada's liberal media and the CBC don't want you to see it, but the writing is on the wall.

The signs of an economic recession are everywhere. Canada is entering an unprecedented period of economic hardship, crisis and turmoil, all while the United States posts record job numbers, an historically low unemployment rate and a booming economy. Being America's closest neighbor and strongest local ally, there is no excuse for Canada's downward spiral, except for poor government policies.

Those policies include a national carbon tax that increases annually, a lawless immigration system that dramatically and
artificially increases the country's population, and terrible federal policies that suppress one province's economic fortunes while bolstering another's. Canada has an abundance of resources, a more than able workforce and a highly educated population, which makes the latest layoffs, job losses and economic misfortunes even harder to fathom.

There are no excuses for Canada's affordability crisis, economic recession and increasing unemployment rate... except for
one, obvious common denominator in all of it: Justin Trudeau and Canada's current Liberal government.

Canada's inflation rate is now rising to levels not seen in decades. Jobs are being shed as fast, if not faster, than they
were during the 2008 and 2009 recession. House prices are dropping, leaving Canadians with less equity. Food prices are
expected to jump by 4% this year, the unemployment rate is continuing to rise while taxes and the cost of living increase
exponentially for all Canadians. The cost to heat a single family home during the winter has increased by hundreds of
dollars per year for the average family, while wages and salaries continue to stagnate. Layoffs are plaguing the energy
and manufacturing sectors all while Trudeau and his Liberals rake in millions worth of salaries and pensions... looking
out at the rest of the country from their cushy offices in Ottawa.

Since winning the election and facing an approval rating below 35%, Justin Trudeau has made himself less visible and less
accessible to Canadians. You can say he is in hiding. This is probably the doing of Liberal strategists who have come to
understand that the more Justin talks, the more trouble the Liberals find themselves in. It appears as though Justin Trudeau
is allowing the spotlight to shine on other prominent Liberals who may take his place in the very near future. Planning an
eventual exit, Justin Trudeau is preparing the Liberal Party for its future without him. But make no mistake about it, when
Trudeau leaves, the policies will stay the same.

Under the Liberals, no matter who their leader is, Canadians can expect an increase in carbon taxes, a decrease in jobs, an
increase in inflation and a continued decline in quality of life. As the Canadian economy drains itself into the sewer over
the next year, federal and provincial revenues will take a big hit... meaning even higher taxes and less money to fund
education, healthcare and infrastructure. And the higher taxes go, the less affordable life becomes for ordinary Canadians,
meaning that the country's economic fortunes continue in a downward spiral as Canadians spend less, work more, go into debt and cut back their own household budgets.

It's not rocket science, it's basic economics. Something Justin Trudeau and his Liberals know nothing about. As a con-
sequence of their stupidity, Canadians get to suffer while THEY collect their pensions and ride off into the sunset when
their terms expire or when they lose the next election.

Canada is suffering from an affordability crisis and is teetering on the edge of a severe recession. In Alberta, record
high insolvency rates are worrying economists. But Alberta isn't alone. Insolvencies nationwide are now accelerating at
a pace not seen since the last economic recession. That might change as the year goes on, but if it doesnt or if it gets
worse, Canada's economy will be in serious trouble before 2021.

After spending decades as a Western powerhouse, BC is now hanging on by a hair, after shedding more than 10,000 jobs for the second straight consecutive month in a row. Since November, BC has lost 30,000 jobs. 

Canada's mainstream news media, particularly the CBC, cant be trusted to tell Canadians the truth about what's coming. Not as long as their prized, progressive prince remains in charge of a fragile minority government that could collapse at any

The truth is that Canada's economy is in big trouble. The CBC doesnt want you to see it, but it's only a matter of time before
you do... if you haven't already. As affordability shrinks along with job prospects, we can expect consumer confidence, investment and optimism to go along with them. As a result, Canada's economy will start to fall like a series of perfectly aligned dominoes. At this point, we still have time to stop it. We can abolish the carbon tax, ban foreign buyers from purchasing real estate, cutback spending, cut foreign aid and lure back international investors to our energy and manufacturing sectors.

However, it wont be an easy task as long as Justin Trudeau is our prime minister. Right now, it's up to opposition leaders
to take action and acknowledge the looming crisis hanging over our great country. If they wait too long, it will be too
late to reverse the coming recession and prevent the damage and devastation it will cause.

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