Maclean's Campaigns Against Harper, For Trudeau 

October 18th, 2014 | Poletical News 

The latest issue of Maclean's on Canadian store shelves takes aim at Stephen Harper, criticizing his contribution of 6 jets to defeat ISIL as "going to war". In their past few issues, Maclean's editors have given Justin Trudeau a full cover while relegating Thomas Mulcair to a small, top cover banner in their following issue. Both covers featured the same tagline: "How Would He Run The Country". To compare the two covers, click here.

In past issues, Maclean's has spent considerable time criticizing Harper and reducing Mulcair, while praising Justin Trudeau. In this latest issue, Maclean's makes the claim that Stephen Harper's support for the American battle against ISIL somehow undermines Canada's military and role in the world, rather than bolsters it. Their cover features a significantly small Harper holding a fighter jet and chasing an over sized US president.

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