Maclean's  Is Shamelessly Liberal

October 1st, 2019 | RR

It's election time again, which means Canada's bought-and-paid-for media aren't even trying to hide their biases. It would be far too risky to give anyone else but Justin Trudeau positive coverage. If that $600M bailout was ever going to pay off, now would be the time. Andrew Scheer, Jason Kenney, Doug Ford and Maxime Bernier have all caught the eyes of Canada's Pravda, but those eyes aren't looking to paint a fair or accurate picture of anyone who doesn't buy what the Liberal Party is selling. Case in point: Maclean's.

If you were to take a gander at Maclean's Facebook page, you would be hard pressed to find anything positive about Andrew Scheer. Every bit of Conservative coverage has a negative slant, while anything that covers the Liberals or Justin Trudeau seems void of honest criticism. Anyone who plays nice with Justin Trudeau also gets a special pass. Just ask Elizabeth May, who was granted a kind and jovial headline by the magazine for shaking hands with an invisible Justin Trudeau at the Maclean's Leaders Debate. It might seem like a dig at Trudeau, but it was light and funny—but more importantly, Elizabeth May has been open about her intentions to form a coalition with Liberals in the event of a Conservative minority.

Elizabeth May was rewarded with some love from Maclean's, even though she was taking a light shot at Trudeau. In the end, she bats for the same team. As for optics, it makes Maclean's look a tiny bit less like a campaign wing of the Liberal Party.

Don't worry, though, no one is buying the idea that Maclean's is going to bat for anyone but Justin Trudeau in this election.

Remember all those silly photo-ops and fumbles that have not only made Trudeau look ridiculous, but totally phony? Maclean's doesn't. In fact, they have such an anti-Conservative eye that anything related to Trudeau's various scandals and mishaps has vanished into a memory hole. Instead, they're focused on Andrew Scheer's highly scripted and choreographed campaign messages. Just days after the debate, Michael Fraiman wrote: “Reed and Gretchen might think Scheer’s the right guy; others will see through him as easily as we can see his script.”

Fraiman's article then goes on to criticize Scheer's heavily scripted appearance at a domesticated suburban house where he allegedly stopped to make a public campaign promise (with photos of the script displayed on a television in front of Scheer). As though we have never seen Justin Trudeau do something so unnatural and contrived.

Maclean's editors must think we have amnesia.

Furthermore, it took Maclean's more than a full day to publish a story about Justin Trudeau's “brownface” incident from 2001. Even the CBC reluctantly covered the latest scandal within hours of Time releasing the photograph, but it took Maclean's more than 24 hours to whip up a mildly critical piece on the subject. While every news network in Canada was scrambling, Maclean's was dithering—or hesitating. When they finally woke up, one of the first things they churned out was a lightly critical piece by John Geddes that tried to downplay Trudeau's racism by citing an “expert” opinion on why Trudeau's blackface incident “wasn't unusual for the time”. The article also called his actions a “lapse”.

On Facebook, Maclean's post for the article said, “A leading academic expert on blackface in Canada says Trudeau's lapse wasn't unusual for the time.”

Just hours before the brownface scandal broke, Maclean's finished re-posting an article to Facebook about adoptive parents and parental benefits offered by Justin Trudeau. Their post sounded like something straight out of the Liberal war room, saying, “Trudeau has promised that if re-elected, he'd bring in parental leave for adoptive parents. Read our April 2019 story on why that time to bond with adopted children and make them feel like a part of the family is so important, according to researchers.”

You can't make this stuff up. From what is supposed to be an independent, privately owned magazine, Maclean's is pumping out Liberal campaign ads without a single ounce of shame. To make it worse, they're doing Trudeau's dirty work by attacking Scheer on a near-regular basis.

If you doubt any of this, start monitoring the Maclean's Facebook page. If you have a subscription, cancel it. It you see a Maclean's on the shelf at your local store, quietly hide it behind other magazines on the shelf—don't buy it, but don't let others see it . Let's start making Maclean's a waste of paper.

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