Mainstream Media Is Not Our Only Problem

March 1st, 2021 | RR

Mainstream media has lost the respect of millions, but if we can't trust them as a reliable source of news and information, we might be in more trouble than we think. The erosion in trust started long before Donald Trump, but it wasn't until his final year in office that it became clear that the mainstream media is not our only problem. In the past few years, alternative media and the internet have shown their dark sides. The misinformation has been spewing out all ends for a while now, but it didn't become a serious problem until the end of Donald Trump's presidency. From false hopes about Trump winning in court against voter fraud, to straight up lies and misrepresentation, the internet and alternative media have finally become worse than the mainstream media.

Twitter and social media have become bastions of bullshit. Hordes of basement dwelling morons and sycophantic dipshits spent the last few months of Trump's presidency trying to convince Americans that it wasn't over and that “the storm” was coming. Many of them weren't just anonymous trolls, they were verified blue check marks. I won't name them, but many of them developed reputations and have jobs working for high profile alternative media publications. Combined with the low level trolls, they produced an environment of hysteria, anger and division based on their unverified and unsubstantiated fake news. In Trump's final days, they exposed themselves and their alternative news organizations as unworthy hacks and frauds.

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“We're going to win this,” one of the verified accounts stated, as recounts happened in Georgia and some other states. Thousands retweeted him and sent links to alternative sites that “proved” election fraud was real. “There is no way Biden won 80 million votes”, some others tweeted. “All the ballots were marked by the CIA. Biden and Democrats are about to get busted,” they proclaimed. Others posted videos that showed two people, allegedly, passing around a USB drive in Pennsylvania—obvious proof that votes were stolen, even though no one could really see a USB drive in the video.

This was the internet and Twitter for three straight months before Biden's inauguration.

The mainstream media spent four years misrepresenting and contorting Trump's words and policies, but what unfolded on the internet during the last three months of his presidency was eye-opening. At the time, it may have been easy for some to get sucked into the false hope and misinformation, but when all of it passed and none of what was supposed to happen actually happened, it became clear that millions of Americans were misled by fraudsters and hacks.

The mainstream media no longer had a monopoly on misinformation.

You would assume that people would spend the next few weeks after Biden's inauguration self-reflecting, re-calibrating and questioning everything that had happened, but most of them didn't. The blue check marks just found new ways to justify their own errors and lies—and their followers continued to go down every new rabbit hole that was shown to them. Ever since, the fake news and theories have kept coming and everyone has only become more relentless and stubborn.

It is truly astonishing and frustrating to watch.

The internet has always been a haven for misinformation, but over the past few years it has gotten worse than ever. Up until recently, the misinformation didn't spread beyond a few clusters of dipshits, but it has since started to spread to millions more—to the point where it is now influencing behaviours on a large scale. Everything from the BLM riots to pipeline protests and the “capitol siege” have been largely influenced by misinformation spread on the internet. If we don't start becoming more critical in our approach to news and information, things are going to keep getting worse.

Up until now, our focus has been on the mainstream media, but we've lost focus on the growing trend of misinformation and deception on the internet and from alternative media sources.

Misinformation and stupidity have caused a lot of harm over the years, not just to individuals, but to society, as we've started to see. Even before Trump, misinformation and sheer idiocy on the internet have ruined lives. There are a few good examples of this that we can look at and learn from.

Unskilled Internet Sleuths Ruin Lives

Criminal investigators and detectives usually keep information a secret for a reason. When information leaks to the public in the age of the internet, things can get messy and confusing. Murder investigations, in particular, can face hurdles when dipshits on the internet get a hold of certain information. We're seeing a lot of internet sleuthing happening now with the Barry and Honey Sherman investigation, but it's not a new thing.

In the past, internet sleuths have targeted innocent individuals in their quests to outsmart the real, professional detectives and investigators. Using misinformation, skewed perspectives and conspiracy theories, internet sleuths have ruined lives during open investigations in which information was leaked into the public sphere.

One of the best examples of this is highlighted in a new documentary series on Netflix called Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel. It's not the greatest show and the first episode seems to drag on and deliberately avoid getting to the point, but if you make it through to the third and final episodes, there is some enlightenment to be found.

The show explores the disappearance of Elisa Lam, which can easily be explained by exactly what police and coroners found in their investigation. I won't go out of my way to spoil the whole show, but much of it comes to light in the final episode. The second last episode explores the coincidences and synchronicity that took online sleuths off the rails and down a dangerous rabbit hole that ruined the life of a Mexican death metal artist named Pablo Vergara.

"The mainstream media no longer had a monopoly on misinformation."

Pablo Vergara, whose stage name was Morbid, ended up staying at the Cecil Hotel more than a year before Elisa Lam died. Little did he know that a video of him at the hotel would become the focus of web sleuths who were convinced that he was behind her murder—because, well, he was at the Cecil Hotel at some point. It would later be revealed, after Vergara's life was destroyed and his social media accounts were terminated by hordes of dipshits who reported him, that the video was recorded long before Elisa Lam even stayed at the Cecil.

Police have since confirmed, many times, that Vergara had nothing to do with Elisa Lam's death. In fact, he didn't even know who she was until he began receiving threats from convinced internet geniuses on Facebook and social media. If you watch the docu-series, you'll see his story and hear him explain his situation. Although Vergara's imagery and lyrics make Marilyn Manson's music seem like rainbows and butterflies, it doesn't make him guilty of murder.

Vergara became the victim of synchronicity and conspiracy theories fuelled by internet dipshits who didn't have all the facts.

Another important fact that about Lam's death that was misreported by a police officer in the media comes to light in the final episode. I won't spoil it for you, just in case you intend to watch it. Let's just say, it really makes a fool of everyone who was involved in spreading the Elisa Lam conspiracy theories. It will amaze you how one important piece of information can change an entire story.

Getting sucked into a rabbit hole can be easy when you don't have all the facts.

Synchronicity can play a big role in conspiracy theories and bullshit, but not so much if you give it some time to dwell in the smarter parts of your brain. The vanishing of Elisa Lam is riddled with “bizarre” instances of synchronicity, but they can all be explained away by simple reasoning. If you don't know what synchronicity is, it is defined as a meaningful coincidence that has no other relationship to an event or person except for that coincidence. It's a fascinating concept coined by Carl Jung, but it can sometimes be explained by simple logic and reason.

Synchronicity is a great thing of wonder for a fiction writer or a big thinker, but it can lead people down destructive paths and toward erroneous assertions about destiny and preordained outcomes.

The internet is filled with this kind of stuff. Most of it is harmless, but sometimes it can ruin a person's life. In Pablo Vergara's case, being at the Cecil Hotel at one single point in time and publishing a music video about a woman being chased and killed in a forest was, somehow, enough synchronicity for internet sleuths to name him as the number one suspect in Elisa Lam's death.

Other, more heavy instances of synchronicity in the Elisa Lam case created a firestorm of hysterical nonsense.

For instance, the 2005 film Dark Water, starring Jennifer Connelly, plays a big role in the online theories about Elisa Lam's death. In the film, a young girl dressed in red falls into the water tank of an old apartment building and drowns. Just like Elisa Lam would eight years later, the girl wears red and dies in the same way on the roof of a building. According to internet geniuses, the film somehow predicted Elisa Lam's death. However, if we focus more on the things that don't coincide with the Elisa Lam case, it seems less fascinating.

Unlike Elisa Lam, the girl who drowns in the movie is a Caucasian child who is not on prescription drugs to treat severe bipolar disorder and who is not travelling from Canada. Unlike the Cecil Hotel, the building where the little girl drowns is an apartment building, not a hotel. Although the Cecil Hotel was partly a place for low income residents, it doesn't make the cut as the same kind of apartment building as the one in Dark Water.

Suddenly, the two things that linked the movie to Elisa Lam are outnumbered by the things that do not coincide at all. Imagine that.

Another instance of synchronicity that led internet sleuths astray was a tuberculosis outbreak in and around skid row and the Cecil Hotel after Lam's death. It also turns out that the test to test for tuberculosis is called the Lam-Elisa test. Stop the presses, right? Not really.

First of all, so what if there was a tuberculosis outbreak in the area? How does that connect Elisa Lam to any of it? It doesn't, except for the Cecil Hotel. If you look up the facts, it turns out that skid row in Los Angeles has had a problem with tuberculosis outbreaks since 2007. As for the Lam-Elisa test, its name is an acronym that has nothing to do with a Chinese Canadian on bipolar medications. The only way it becomes a connection is if you link the tuberculosis outbreak in skid row to her, which is less logical when you consider that tuberculosis was around skid row for six years before Elisa Lam showed up. Furthermore, Lam is a very common last name among Chinese Americans and Canadians and the Lam-Elisa test actually stands for Lipoarabinomannan Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay.

Had the Lam-Elisa test been called the Elisa Lam test (not as an acronym) and had Dark Water been about an Asian Canadian with bipolar disorder travelling to the Cecil Hotel, I would be convinced that everything is fucked and that Satan is among us. However, that's not the case.

The internet is filled with these kinds of rabbit holes. If you don't take time to critically think about things and to analyze and accept information, you can easily fall into one of them.

Pizzagate, Rigged Elections, Qanon And Other Bullshit

The worst thing about conspiracy theories about child sex trafficking, rigged elections and deep state corruption is that these things are real and they do happen—but outlandish conspiracy theories tend to undermine them and to prevent anyone from taking them seriously. Such is now the case with legitimate sex trafficking, election fraud and deep-seated corruption inside government.

Many of these subjects are now met with dismissive mockery because of dipshits on the internet who went down too many rabbit holes, acted on their outlandish beliefs and turned everything into a spectacle.

From the Comet Pizza shooting to the “capitol siege”, much of the relevant and true facts about child trafficking and election fraud are being brushed off and ridiculed by ordinary people and the mainstream media. Due to the actions of morons, ordinary people are now less trusting of information and news about trafficking, fraud and corruption. Many legitimate things are now called “conspiracy theories”.

People who bring up legitimate concerns about these subjects are turned into pariahs.

Whipping up fake news and leading people down dark rabbit holes doesn't breed trust. In a normal world, the people responsible would have faded into obscurity and been tuned out of existence. Instead, they're still around and being propped up by sycophants and slugs who have no regard for the truth. They only want to keep feeding their own political biases and beliefs with more bullshit. Real truth-seekers have few places left they can trust, while the people and organizations willing to present the truth and the real facts are shunned and scoffed at for being “libtards” or “white supremacists”.

All sides of the political spectrum have lost touch with reality. Truth is more hard to find than ever, but it's important that we don't give up. If we find ourselves believing something, it is our responsibility to fortify those beliefs with facts, not theories and opinions we find on the internet. If writers are presenting something with the intention of having people believe it, they should provide verifiable facts along with their analyses and opinions. We need to hold each other accountable and start questioning more than just the mainstream media.

Liars and charlatans are everywhere. Believing that they only inhabit mainstream media is an act of self-deceit. The liars and charlatans have set up shop in our own backyards and it's time to evict them and to reclaim what is ours.

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