Liberal Media Is Tanking

June 1st, 2012 - D. Stone 

The general consensus among most experts and analysts -- even those hired by the mainstream media -- is that there are political biases in mainstream media. Media has been divided into two distinct factions: liberal and conservative. The bad news in recent decades has fallen on the shoulders of the liberal media.

Ratings for CNN have been in steady decline since 2003. Canada's Postmedia has announced major cutbacks that include layoffs and less circulation. Although Postmedia is not often recognized as liberal, it has been known to focus extensively on biased editorials and op-ed pieces in its major newspapers. This strategy has failed to work, even though Postmedia has tried to balance the scale with conservative and liberal viewpoints. Through the success of Fox News, we have learned that media cannot balance politics. When it tries to equally divy up the liberal and conservative expressions, it fails by alienating and vexing both liberals and conservatives. Before long, inaccurate accusations of bias begin to fly.

Media biases first came under serious fire in the late 90's and, in particular, after 9/11 with the surge of Fox News and other conservative media, including websites and radio programs. Fox News was launched in 1996 and has since obliterated all cable news networks in the Neilsen ratings. Fox News continues to acquire a regular audience that exceeds the audience of CNN, MSNBC, and HNN combined.

The more liberal venues, like CNN and MSNBC, have suffered greatly since the emergence of aggressive conservative venues.

Most viewers, whether ideologically liberal or conservative, can find the same news but with different slants. Essentially, the same information is available on both fronts; it is simply being presented in a different manner. President Barack Obama's recent endorsement of gay marriage made news on both MSNBC and Fox News, but both organizations had their own views and manners in which to present the news. At the end of the day, viewers of both channels were equally informed about Obama's endorsement.

News is not always presented fairly and both sides often fail, purposefully, in presenting certain facts. However, viewers have evolved to perceive most distortions and misrepresentations. As a result, angry and aggressive blogs and news sites have found audiences made of disenfranchised viewers and readers. Both the right and the left have taken to the internet in angry droves.

This shift from television and news print to the internet and radio has changed North America's media landscape. As readership sinks for most national newspapers and ratings continue to tank for cable news, the path of "new media" is being paved in gold.

When Glenn Beck left Fox News, he formed GBTV, an online television network with exclusive programming and a base of subscribers that exceeds 300 thousand. Ariana Huffington's Huffington Post sees an average of three million unique hits per day, while The Drudge Report sees well over one million.

It has been said that left-wing ideology breeds and thrives on the internet, but conservatives have stolen the thunder yet again. The number of conservative news and blog sites exceeds liberal sites and blogs not only in numbers but in unique pageviews. Not only has liberal ideology failed in the mainstream media, it is continuing to fail in the new media.

According to, there are more conservative political news sites in the top 15 than there are liberal ones. Of course, the liberal leaning Huffington Post takes top rank with over fifty million unique hits per month, but close behind is the conservative leaning Drudge Report, Glenn Beck's The Blaze, the right leaning Washington Times, The Christian Science Monitor, somewhat conservative leaning The Hill, ultra conservative Town Hall, and the libertarian Free Republic. Included in the mix is Alex Jones' right-wing and populist conspiracy site, Info Wars. The only far left leaning sites include Salon and Daily Kos. The rest are more balanced sites like Politico and Real Clear Politics.

The tally: seven of the top 15 political websites are conservative leaning, while only three are clearly and overtly accepted as liberal.

Below are the top seven conservative websites. With an internet population like this, we can assume that liberals and socialists have become unfortunate transients with few places to go.  

Drudge Report (14M hits/month)

The Blaze (4.1M hits/month)

Christian Science Monitor (4M hits/month)

Washington Times (2.5M hits/month)

The Hill (1.7M hits/month)

Free Republic (1.5M hits/month)

Town Hall (1M hits/month)



National Review (1M hits/month)

Breitbart (1M hits/month)

Hot Air (0.7M hits/month)