Meet Another Compromised Liberal

November 5th, 2018 | S.P.
mary jean mcfall

Little Potato, Justin Trudeau, has called an election for the Ontario riding of Leeds—Grenville—Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes for December 3. His star nominee to replace the late Gord Brown, a Conservative, is a former egg farmer named Mary Jean McFall. Let us look into Mrs. McFall's history, so we can perhaps know what the media would never mind to tell us.

In 2008, McFall's egg farm, Burnbrae Farms Ltd, was sued by competitor Sweda Farms for allegedly conspiring, along with other large egg farmers, to sabotage Sweda Farms by supplying “deficient eggs”. The case was eventually dismissed by the Ontario court for a lack of evidence, but a former Sweda Farms employee pressed the courts to reinstate a private perjury claim against Mary Jean McFall that was related to the suit. That too was eventually dismissed in what the employee's legal team called an abuse of power within the Ontario court.

The perjury claim against McFall was dismissed on the grounds that it was of “no public interest” and that the probability of success would be low.

In 2016, Conservatives called for McFall's resignation as Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay's chief of staff over her ongoing legal disputes inside of the Ontario egg farming industry. As all Liberals often do, she refused and Trudeau's Liberals and Lawrence MacAulay defended her continued position.

Financial Post reported on Mary Jean McFall and her conflict of interest in 2016:

Lawrence MacAulay, Canada’s Minister of Agriculture, appointed McFall his chief of staff in late December, according to iPolitics website. She started the job Jan. 4.

The appointment has at least one critic raising questions about whether it is appropriate for someone to run the minister’s office who is so deeply invested, and who benefits so greatly, from Canada’s current quota system for eggs.

McFall’s family business, Burnbrae Farms, owns laying stations and egg-grading facilities in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. The family owns at least 470,000 units of egg quota, which, at the current value of $300 a hen, means that her family owns about $140 million of egg quota.

I think this is a grotesque and flagrant conflict of interest,” said Ian Lee, a professor at the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University. “She has a stellar CV and a distinguished career. But the minister is supposed to represent all Canadians, not just the few farmers under supply management.

She is part of a family that is one of the largest and most wealthy beneficiaries of supply management, and the minister should be scrupulously neutral. How on earth can he possibly review this policy, when his chief of staff is a beneficiary of a system that exploits the middle class?”

It appears that Justin Trudeau is offering up just one more unsavoury Liberal candidate for Canadians to woefully accept before the next federal election. In what has become more than a brazen show of arrogance from Canada's little potato, voters are left to expect nothing less from Gerald Butts and his little entourage of corrupt cronies—just one more time, again.