Love, Lies, And Diversions

June 1st, 2012 - R. Rados 

The U.S. mainstream media's incongruous infatuation with Barack Obama seems to be intensifying just as it did in 2008 when candidate Obama mesmerized the American hive mind with pre-written poetry and wit served fresh from a teleprompter.

The truth is that Obama hasn't helped his country recover from the meltdown of 2008-09. In fact, more was added to the U.S. national debt in his three years than in Bush's eight. These are some of the facts that the Obama Administration is trying to avoid by using contentious social issues to fuel different debates. As November nears, Obama will continue to make the election more about social policy than economic policy.

Last month, on May 9th, just 8 days after announcing that his country would be withdrawing from Afghanistan by 2014, Barack Obama made the revelation on ABC news that he supports gay marriage. Like flies swarming a fresh loaf, the U.S. media (in particular CNN and MSNBC) feasted on this news. For nearly 24 hours, news organizations across the country called it “breaking news”. It wasn't a terrorist attack or any kind of historic incident of epic proportions, it was an American president (candidate) announcing that he personally supports the legal union of same-sex couples.

John King, Piers Morgan, Chris Matthews, and every lefty media goon made sure that all progressive Americans everywhere understood the President's position, as well as the fact that he is the first U.S. president in history to have made such an announcement. From noon forward, and into the next day, the internet and cable news megacorps flooded our senses with this amazing, revelatory “breaking news”.

During the 2008 campaign, candidate Obama clearly stated his opposition to same-sex marriage. “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not in favor of gay marriage,” he told MTV. As the years went on, he began to claim that his position was evolving. As 2012 rolled in and North Carolina prepared to pass an official resolution to outlaw gay unions, Barack Obama spoke up. His evolution became final and he was ready to target the youth vote.

Obama's May 9th decision to endorse gay marriage came after what was said to be an unplanned slip of the tongue by Joe Biden, in which he said, “I'm comfortable with gay marriage.” This happened just days before North Carolina's vote to ban same-sex unions. On May 10th, CNN ran a story about Joe Biden formally apologizing to Mr. Obama for his unplanned endorsement of gay marriage, which was viewed as an accidental cornering of the President that forced him to speak out about his own beliefs. In truth, this was yet another divisive and polarizing political scheme to solidify the Democrat's socially liberal base.  

The Obama Administration has created the notion that all of this was accidental and spontaneous, but actions speak louder than words. By May 10th, the Obama campaign had already begun to spread a new political ad criticizing Mitt Romney's position on gay rights. Even coincidence can't produce a well polished advertisement in less than 24 hours. On the very same day, the Washington Post attempted to paint Romney as a homophobic bigot by publishing a poorly corroborated story about his high school antics (45 years ago) involving supposed anti-gay pranks against a fellow classmate. All of these events conveniently unraveled within a period of 24 hours. By May 12th, it became clear that the Obama campaign had been responsible for a carefully calculated scheme to use social policy against Republicans....again.

By May 23rd, the Obama campaign had launched the gay and lesbian outreach wing of its strategy with "Obama Pride" to consolidate gay and lesbian support across America.

With a faltering economic recovery accompanied by historic gas prices and inflation, President Obama is in need of every possible demographic that he can muster. With polls showing an early statistical tie between himself and his rival, Obama knows he is in trouble. His deliberate and coordinated effort to bait Republican bigots and to stir up debates on social policy with his fictitious “war on women” has made President Obama appear increasingly more desperate to shift focus away from his ineffective economic policies. Three years into his first and only term, Obama continues to focus the blame on his predecessor while raising every possible contentious social issue imaginable, with the hope of securing useful soundbites from unsuspecting Republicans. These small soundbites are to be used from September until November to make Romney and his backward Republicans seem out of touch, racist, homophobic, and ridiculous. This is all to be achieved with the cooperation of his best friends and groupies in the mainstream media. The same friends like Wolf Blitzer who have subtly attempted to affront Romney's religion and focus on unusual traditions and wealth within the Church Of Latter-day Saints – just 3.5 years after declaring that religion shouldn't matter and that questions about Obama's religion are irrelevant.

Subtlety doesn't seem to be the Obama campaign's strong suit. All of these attempts to use clever media manipulation, timed leaks, and calculated policy announcements (Sandra Fluke and mandatory contraception in private religious organizations) have only gone unnoticed amongst the politically aloof and bewildered. The rest of the more politically inclined folk have caught on to President Obama's deceitful tricks and his use of the White House as a campaign tool.  

Obama's proclivity for theatrics took a more pathetic turn, just two days after his endorsement of gay marriage, when he flew to L.A. for what the media hyped as a prodigious fundraiser. The man at the helm of this mega fundraiser (estimated to have earned 15 million) was none other than Hollywood darling, George Clooney. The media covered Obama's arrival in L.A. under such headlines as “Hollywood Comes Out For Obama”. This clever double entendre on Piers Morgan Tonight not only used the theme of homosexuality with “comes out”, but it also made the implication that Hollywood had come to Obama. In reality, it was Obama who had come to them. It was he who went out of his way to meet with the Hollywood gods and goddesses by flying from D.C. to L.A. in Marine One, probably on the taxpayer's dime.

Fortunately, Obama's month of theatrical persuasion using gay rights and Hollywood prestige hasn't done much to bolster his poll numbers. This could be a kink in his plan to win a second term. It appears that Mitt Romney doesn't need the help of Hollywood heavyweights to stay in the game and remain a serious threat to Obama's aspirations. The former Massachusetts Governor seems to be benefiting from America's growing distaste of Hollwood idealism and hypocrisy. Box office numbers in past decades, as well as Oscar's declining ratings, are clear evidence that the culture of Hollywood is not only fading but becoming intolerable. “Who are you wearing?” is a difficult question for families struggling with inflation, unemployment, and hardship. Hollywood's disgusting nature is becoming irrelevant.

Obama's choice to snuggle with George Clooney and various other Gucci liberals will prove to be a bad one. Romney only appears more in-touch and capable with every Obama misstep.

What new tactics will the misguided Obama Administration, with the help of its beloved media friends, use to undermine Romney and the Republicans in the weeks and months to come? What will they do next to draw attention away from Obama's atrocious economic record?