The Media Will Destroy Jill Stein

September 1st, 2016 | T. Carter
jill stein

For those impatient progressives, feminists and disenfranchised Bernie supporters who absolutely must have a female president in 2016, there is another choice. The rest of us are asking the progressive mouthpieces and mainstream pundits what voters should be asking them. Why does America's first female president have to be Hillary Clinton? If 2016 is the year America has to elect its first female president, then let us take a look at the other woman running for president alongside what would be the country's first black vice president.

Jill Stein is a devout feminist, environmentalist, unionist and doctor. If disenfranchised Bernie Sanders supporters care about climate change, feminism and busting up the Democratic establishment, there is no better way to do it than by voting for Jill Stein. If voters make this move, however, the media is sure to step in.

We can be sure that – if Jill Stein starts creeping upward in the polls – the mainstream media will knock her down to protect Hillary Clinton and keep her from reaching the 15% threshold required to participate in debates. To the pundits and journalists in America's news establishment, electing Hillary Clinton has become a righteous duty. In their minds, Donald Trump is the greatest evil threatening the American way of life, while Hillary Clinton represents a progressive step forward to a new milestone in American history. If you think America's mainstream news media is one-sided, corrupt and biased by accident or for reasons of simple partisanship, you are wrong. Journalists and executives in America's mainstream news media believe they are doing the work of god – whatever that god might be. They believe that defeating Donald Trump is their moral duty and they're willing to sacrifice everything to accomplish their mission.

A strong Jill Stein puts Hillary at risk, because her campaign threatens to siphon votes from Hillary without actually putting Stein into the White House. This is the belief among American journalists that will ensure Jill Stein's minimal poll numbers, or a barrage of negative news stories if Stein happens to make any gains. This means that Jill Stein not only has something in common with Bernie Sanders, she has something in common with Donald Trump. All three candidates face the same uphill battle against the well oiled Hillary machine inside American media.

The one third-party candidate who does not face the same afflictions is Gary Johnson. CNN was quick to give Johnson not just one, but two exclusive town halls when some Republicans in the “Never Trump” movement began throwing endorsements at the Libertarian Party. It wasn't until people began asking for a Green Party town hall – one month later – that CNN agreed to host an exclusive town hall with Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka.

So, to clarify, CNN has hosted two Libertarian Party town halls and only one Green Party town hall. Ratings for all three town halls were sad. Even after viewers turned the channel on CNN's first town hall with Gary Johnson, they went and did a second town hall. In the world of ratings-based mainstream media, this makes no sense. It only makes sense if we subtract the traditional ratings-based model and replace it with an agenda-based model. CNN wasn't doing town halls with Gary Johnson for ratings, they were doing them to damage Donald Trump's chances of winning the presidency. The exclusive Green Party town hall was only devised to give CNN a way to disprove its own bias.

If Jill Stein gains any popularity at all between now and November, we should expect the mainstream media to throw away all their own rules that forbid criticizing a progressive, left-wing woman. Criticisms about Jill Stein's mental health, sanity, temperament and history will be fair game for a media establishment that has tried desperately to stick the “conspiracy theorist” label on anyone hurling the same criticisms at Hillary. Just like Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein gives us a lot to criticize, but when it comes to her, the media won't hold back.

Media won't sink to the lowest of lows by breaking their own rules until Jill Stein begins to pose a threat to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party's left wing. To prevent any kind of surge in Green Party support, mainstream media will keep trying to ignore Jill Stein. In the off-chance that Stein and Baraka begin to surge for whatever reason, this is how the mainstream media will destroy them.

Jill Stein Is Nuts”

Jill Stein has stated several times that vaccines have cured thousands of illnesses and saved millions of lives, but the mainstream media will try to portray her as an anti-vaxxer wingnut. They will base their claims in an interview Stein did with the Washington Post, where she said that many of the concerns regarding toxic chemicals, like mercury, in vaccines were a legitimate cause for concern. In the same interview, she also stated that most of the chemicals have since been removed from most vaccines and that much of the concerns have been addressed. During the Green Party town hall on CNN, Jill Stein was drilled on the issue by host Chris Cuomo, who implied that her views were “outside of the mainstream”.

The Green Party town hall gave us plenty of insight as to how the media attacks on Jill Stein would play out in the future. Expressing legitimate concerns about mercury and other chemicals in vaccines makes Jill Stein an anti-vaxxer, even though she has expressed full support for vaccinations on countless occasions. This is the spin media will use to hurl attacks at Jill Stein while trying to portray her as unhinged and nutty.

Stein has also criticized the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry, which is one of CNN's biggest sponsors. Their attacks against Stein will mostly be based on her so-called “anti-science” views, which will put her on the same list of “wingnuts” that have criticized vaccines or the pharmaceutical industry.

The attacks on Jill Stein's mental health won't stop there. Her support for homeopathy and her past comments about the dangers of Wi-Fi exposure in children will be thrown around the mainstream media like a football. Along with allegations of being “anti-science”, Stein will also face allegations of nutty bigotry. Following Brexit, Stein originally supported the Leave vote in a now deleted statement:

The vote in Britain to exit the European Union (EU) is a victory for those who believe in the right of self-determination and who reject the pro-corporate, austerity policies of the political elites in the EU. The vote says no to the EU’s vision of a world run by and for big business.”

To make it worse for Stein, she originally supported what the mainstream media has been calling a racist, crazy, right-wing movement. This will very likely come up in the barrage of carefully released attacks planned by mainstream media in the event of a Jill Stein surge.

Nevermind that Hillary Clinton once threw a book at a Secret Service agent, made her husband bleed and has had periodic meltdowns on the campaign trail – it is Jill Stein who is unfit for public office. The media will also use Jill Stein's criticisms of employment statistics, the FDA, the Federal Reserve and various government branches against her to portray her as a nutty conspiracy theorist. They may even use her past arrests at political protests and her support for Edward Snowden to portray her as a criminal.

Jill Stein Flip Flops”

Nevermind that Hillary Clinton has flip-flopped on everything from gay marriage to the TPP in less than 5 years – Jill Stein is the real flip-flopper. That's what the media will have you believe when Jill Stein starts to pose a real threat to Hillary's campaign.

After deleting her support for Brexit, Jill Stein tried to calm her left-wing base and critics by claiming that she first supported the Remain campaign, until the Leave campaign won. Her new statement explained that Brexit was the democratic will of the people and that it should be accepted – a strong reversal of what her original Brexit statement claimed. The media will run with the claim that Jill Stein flip-flopped on her support for Brexit while trying to question her integrity. They'll dig up old archives of her original statement and dissect it word-for-word, along with other Stein flip-flops from the past.

The media will likely also portray Jill Stein as a flip-flopper on vaccinations. They will dig up her past claims and criticisms of vaccine schedules to paint a contrast against her current full support for vaccination.

In 2012, Jill Stein wanted to nationalize the Federal Reserve. This time, she wants to democratize the Federal Reserve. The media will take this as a full blown contradiction and use it to help smear Stein as a ruthless flip-flopper.

Jill Stein Is Anti-Semitic”

You've heard it before and you'll hear it again and again if the media launches a full blown attack on Jill Stein. Jill Stein has toed her party's line by supporting the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel. It won't matter that Barack Obama has been the least friendly president toward Israel in US history, or that he helped Iran get closer to acquiring a nuclear weapon – only Jill Stein's apparent hatred of Israel will matter.

Many of Barack Obama's supporters from 2008 expressed anti-Israel sentiments, including his good friend Bill Ayers, and his first trip as president was to Palestine, not Israel – but Jill Stein has called Benjamin Netanyahu a war criminal and accused Israel of apartheid. We can look forward to hearing about Jill Stein's anti-semitism in the coming weeks if her poll numbers start to rise, which will be a complete flip compared to how the mainstream media covered Barack Obama's anti-Israel views in 2008. Nevermind that Hillary Clinton has been a long-time friend of notorious anti-Israel pundit, Max Blumenthal, or that her campaign tried to exploit Bernie Sanders' jewish ancestry.

Ajamu Baraka

As for Jill Stein's running mate, Ajamu Baraka, he'll be a target too. As Chris Cuomo pointed out at the Green Party town hall, Ajamu Baraka has said controversial things about Barack Obama, Israel and race that are sure to start brush fires across America's political landscape. All the rules around racism that mainstream media applied to Barack Obama will be thrown away and forgotten when it comes to criticizing Ajamu Baraka. When and if Jill Stein's Green Party gain a dangerous amount of momentum, we can look forward to a new kind of media firestorm that will help cement the death of American journalism for good. Most of this only scrapes the surface of what the media will dig up on Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka just to protect Hillary Clinton, so rest assured, there will be more.