This Is What Medical Tyranny Looks Like

November 1st, 2021 | Spartacus

Our world raced to put healthcare ahead of the economy. I wrote about it here. Everyone failed to realize that without an economy, none of us would have healthcare. Without an economy, we wouldn't have food in our refrigerators, shoes on our feet and gasoline in our cars—which is something we will learn in the coming years. How on Earth anyone thought we could have a functional healthcare system in a collapsed economy is unfathomable, but it happened. Now, here we are, teetering on the brink and about to see the consequences of our actions. Furthermore, we are getting a clear glimpse of what full fledged medical tyranny would look like.

On the bright side, we won't have a medical tyranny once all is said and done. Since you can't have a healthcare system without an economy, we won't have to worry about giving up our freedoms for a bunch of unionized doctors and nurses. However, the small glimpses we have seen should act as warnings for future generations.

Forced, Mandatory Vaccinations

They'll try to tell you that vaccines are not really mandatory and that we all have a choice. In the same breath, they'll tell you that you will lose your job and social privileges if you refuse to get vaccinated. There has never been such a violation of personal freedoms and bodily autonomy on western soil in our lifetimes. The systems that protect autonomy and personal freedoms have been cleverly bypassed by willing corporations and individuals, all without having to legally force a majority of people into vaccination camps.

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The idea that choices have consequences is often repeated and belched out by those who hate freedom. They'll say you have the freedom to speak, but that losing your job and being forced out of society is a perfectly legitimate consequence for offending someone with your words. Even engaging in a reasoned and heated debate with a thin-skinned loser is grounds for social condemnation and the loss of ones livelihood. This is their idea of “freedom”.

This same logic is now being extrapolated to vaccines.

Sure, go ahead an choose not be vaccinated against a virus you have a 99% chance of surviving. The consequences that befall you will be of your own making, you racist anti-vaxxer. Choose wisely from the non-choices society has given you, or die. This is the new version of freedom we are being trained to accept by the corporate media and our governments. What's worse is that many of our life-long friends and neighbours have taken the same position.

For the greater good and for the safety of our healthcare system, we must all be vaccinated. The unionized, partisan nurses and doctors who push for more lockdowns and fewer personal freedoms for the unvaccinated must be the only authorities. Heck, they might as well replace our democratically elected governments and form their own healthcare oligarchy, based on whatever the science says on any particular day. Or, based on whatever the big, multi-national pharmaceutical companies decide the science should  be.

If the science says we should all get semi-annual booster shots, exclusively provided by Pfizer, then that's what we'll do.

This is only the tip of the iceberg for what a real medical tyranny would look like. Every decision you make for yourself or your family would need to fall within the boundaries of what an oligarchy of self-interested physicians and pharmaceutical executives have decided. You would be given a single non-choice to deceive you into believing you still have freedom. You could choose not to do what they say, but you'll be jobless and barred from every restaurant, theatre and airplane. If you have questions, you'll be called uneducated.

How dare you question the education and advice of the corporate, medical oligarchy.

Unless you have a degree in science and medicine, you should sit down and shut up. If you do, and you still choose to question the oligarchy, you'll be made an example of. We have seen this happen now, countless times, in recent years. Ask Brett Weinstein, Jordan Peterson and Gad Saad. All respected and highly educated individuals who have been downgraded by the corporate media to “podcasters” and “extremists”, with no mentions of their doctorates and levels of education.

Brett Weinstein received his doctorate in biology from the University Of Michigan. The opposite of conservative, Weinstein is a well-known liberal. Before the pandemic, he was a highly regarded professor and academic. After questioning the vaccines, using his insight and expertise in biology, Weinstein became a pariah. A simple Google search will now show that he is an “American podcaster”.

"There has never been such a violation of personal freedoms and bodily autonomy on western soil in our lifetimes."

Three short years ago, Brett Weinstein was a biologist and a professor. Today, he is merely a podcaster who spreads misinformation—or what the medical oligarchy would call “inconvenient facts and dangerous questions”.

Moving Goal Posts

Whether it is climate science, or vaccine science, the goal posts will always move in a science-based tyranny. To achieve a desired outcome, goal posts cannot remain static. They'll need to keep moving until the final goal is achieved. Like a dangling carrot leading a rabbit off a cliff, the goal posts will slide further and further back until it's no longer necessary.

Within a span of three months, the definition of “fully vaccinated” in Israel has changed from two shots to three shots. In Canada, masks and social distancing were to be required until herd immunity was achieved. In a span of 18 months, the definition of herd immunity has changed. Until 2021, it was widely understood that herd immunity is achieved when 70% of a population is vaccinated, or acquires natural immunity. Now, the goal posts have been moved to 90% and natural immunity has been deemed insufficient.

At the beginning of the pandemic, it was understood that cloth masks offered minimal to no protection against viruses. Today, we are required to wear them in most in-door spaces. In some countries, like Australia and Italy, citizens are forced to wear them outside. At first, we were told we could take them off after being fully vaccinated. Months into being fully vaccinated, most Canadians across the country still can't go anywhere unmasked—and they must still provide proof of vaccination and maintain social distancing.

When the vaccines were first rolled out, we were told they were 90% effective. Today, 25% of those hospitalized with the virus are considered fully vaccinated with two doses. Over the next year, we should expect the goal posts to continue moving and for the definition of vaccinated to keep changing. Until semi-annual booster shots and masks in public places are fully normalized, these goal posts will keep moving. Once our behaviours are naturalized and fall in line with the desires of the medical oligarchy and pharmaceutical industry, the goal posts will stay put and new ones will be erected for whatever new crisis emerges.

A Push For More

A medical tyranny would continue creating and manufacturing new crises to modify social behaviour to its own benefit. Every time one crisis is resolved, another would appear. When masks in schools and monthly booster shots are normal, the oligarchy would move to strengthen its control and to rob ordinary citizens of their remaining, inconvenient autonomy and personal liberties.

Cancer and obesity crises could warrant regulations on what we can and cannot consume and buy at the grocery store. In some cases, saving humanity from itself could take on a more sinister and extreme form.

If, for instance, depopulation was on the agenda, universal vaccinations would be a perfect mechanism for delivery. An “accidental” bad batch of a vaccine could easily find its way into a large segment of the population that is willingly and regularly injected for their own protection.

It could be brushed off as a simple “oops”, followed by a few reparation payments to quell the pain.

We are, after all, becoming just as used to the idea of reparation payments as we are to monthly vaccines and permanent masking. We have been successfully convinced to alienate family and friends, while keeping our faces covered among strangers. What were once radical ideas and behaviours, deemed destructive by psychologists and doctors, are now normal parts of our everyday lives.

The idea of population control might not sound so far-fetched anymore.

There was a time when many of us doubted the malicious nature of our fellow people, now we wouldn't put it past them to cull undesirable segments of the global population. Even though a monument promoting an ideal global population of 500,000,000 has been under our noses in Georgia since 1980, many have naively brushed it off as a silly conspiracy theory. Just like they did with vaccine passports in 2020.

A smaller population is easier to control and guide.

With celebrities and scientists praising the ideas etched into the Georgia Guidestone, it's much easier to imagine larger portions of our society embracing the concept of depopulation. How easily we have put on masks and demonized our unvaccinated friends gives a good indication of how far we might be willing to go still. How willing we have become to dehumanize those who make personal choices that go against our idea of the greater good is nothing less than frightening.

How easily we have adopted such a distorted idea of a greater good is horrific.

Imagine how easy it has been for you and your neighbours to despise each other. How easily they have turned us all against each other should leave no room for doubt about how easily some would jump for the opportunity to extinguish their enemies and to permanently remove them from the equation. Our burdensome views on freedom are a setback. Our dangerous mindset to question everything is a significant threat to their ideals.

Leading herds of undesirable people to slaughter, while a cheering audience watches, isn't exactly something new to human history.

The fact that so many among us have been so easily turned should worry you. With or without a medical oligarchy, another kind of tyranny is always lurking around the corner.

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