Will The Metaverse Enable Pedophiles, Just Like Facebook Has?

December 1st, 2021 | RR

Facebook has been hitting users with violations for years, including our own page, for posting hurtful memes and videos. By hurtful, of course, they mean anything that triggers the sensitivities of their employees, their shareholders and their politically motivated counterparts. Their algorithms have even learned to identify certain images and words in memes and photos, causing automatic flags and suspensions for anyone who posts them. Strangely enough, with all of their sophistication, Facebook progammers haven't been able to stop pedophiles, traffickers and sex offenders from exploiting their multiple platforms. Somehow, people who post criticisms about vaccines and gender politics are immediately flagged and barred, while certain kinds of criminals are allowed to continue, unnoticed, on their many platforms.

The keyword in all of this is unnoticed.

The problem with that word is that it implies these criminals and pedophiles are subtly and carefully slipping under Facebook's radar. We all know that's not the case. The technology and the ability to identify and root out these kinds of people exists—we know this because of how various other kinds of people and groups have been treated. Facebook uses certain keywords and images to filter out and identify anti-vaxxers, conservatives, bigots, white supremacists, gun lovers and advocates for free speech. They have been able to successfully root these people out and limit their exposure—or ban them all together.

Pedophiles and sex traffickers are slipping under the radar because Facebook lets them. Why Facebook lets them slip under the radar is up for debate, but there are mounds of evidence that doesn't make the company's intentions look good.

As long as criminals and pedophiles are allowed to float under the radar, there are serious concerns about this new fake reality that Facebook executives and Mark Zuckerberg plan to rule.

Child Exploitation Goes “Unnoticed”

In 2020, a study published by The Tech Transparency Project found that more than 300 cases of child exploitation went unnoticed on Facebook. In 366 cases between 2014 and 2019, Facebook was used as a medium and venue to sexually exploit children.

In 2019, Zuckerberg told media, “We build sophisticated systems to find this behaviour.”

Recently, Facebook was sued by a victim of sex trafficking, who claimed she was targeted and groomed by traffickers on the platform. In 2016, the BBC uncovered several Facebook groups for pedophiles, where inappropriate and disturbing sexual images of children were being shared. When Facebook was alerted by the investigators, the page was not removed and only four of the 20 photos that were reported were deleted.

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So much for Zuckerberg's sophisticated systems. Even a physical report submitted to the company about a group of pedophiles who were sharing child porn amounted to little action.

That's highly strange, since groups and individuals that aggressively criticize certain political ideas have been swiftly and effectively expelled from the platform. Alex Jones was removed for pedalling conspiracy theories about Sandy Hook and promoting Donald Trump, while Paul Joseph Watson was banned from Facebook and deemed a “dangerous person” for unexplained reasons. Neither person ever promoted violence, corruption, murder, sexual exploitation or child pornography. In fact, they promoted the opposite and called out crime whenever they thought they saw it. They were barred from the platform for spreading information and ideas that go against the politics of Facebook executives, employees and shareholders.

Even more strange is that both Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson have explicitly called attention to child trafficking and exploitation among “the elites”. Both were talking about the types of things that were happening around Jeffrey Epstein before they became mainstream news. For all of it, they were called conspiracy theorists and accused of spreading “dangerous” misinformation. Now, in the age of vaccine hysteria and gender dysphoria, similar personalities are being barred and censored for their criticisms and “misinformation”.

According to CBS News and police, up to 100,000 minors are trafficked for sexual purposes in the United States every year. Nearly 40% of those trafficked meet their traffickers online:

It's estimated that up to 100,000 minors are sex trafficked in the United States each year. In 2019, nearly 40% of those minors met their traffickers online. According to a report by Statista, Backpage, Craigslist and Facebook were the primary websites used by sex traffickers in the United States from 2015-2019.

Yet, many of those who spread “dangerous misinformation” about child sex trafficking are deemed conspiracy theorists by Facebook executives and employees—all while pedophiles and sex offenders continue to use the platform on a regular basis.

Even CNN has taken notice of Facebook's lack of action on sex trafficking. In October 2021, the network called out Facebook for failing to fix the problem:

The company has known about human traffickers using its platforms in this way since at least 2018, the documents show. It got so bad that in 2019, Apple (AAPL) threatened to pull Facebook and Instagram's access to the App Store, a platform the social media giant relies on to reach hundreds of millions of users each year. Internally, Facebook (FB) employees rushed to take down problematic content and make emergency policy changes to avoid what they described as a "potentially severe" consequence for the business.

As you can see, Facebook only rushed to remove content after Apple threatened to pull the company's access on the App Store—mostly because it could have had potentially severe consequences for the business. Had Facebook shown any real moral concern, it would have put the same effort into barring sexual exploitation as it does into barring white supremacists and right-wing propagandists who pedal dangerous misinformation, which also happens to be information that often criticizes and questions certain political ideologies that are close to the company's heart.

It's clear that Facebook hasn't put as much effort into fighting child pornography and exploitation as it has into fighting criticisms of vaccines, gender dysphoria and critical race theory. Traffickers, pedophiles, and their defenders have been given more leniency than people who share opinions that go against the same political viewpoints that happen to be common among Democrats, liberals and residents of Southern California.

"Pedophiles and sex traffickers are slipping under the radar because Facebook lets them."

We can't help but wonder why that might be.

There is little confusion about why Meta leans toward Democratic Party ideology. The company is based in Silicon Valley and lives inside the heart of liberal America, but what's more confusing is their wilful ignorance toward trafficking—and their inability to stop it on their multitude of platforms. The real question is: why do Meta and its employees repeatedly neglect to apply any moral importance to stopping sex trafficking and child exploitation?

Who They Are

In 2016, a business analyst and engineer for Facebook named Yue Zhou was arrested in Palo Alto on charges of rape, forcible confinement and assault. It was alleged that Zhou raped a woman in her twenties at his home after the two had spent a night out with acquaintances. The victim was dropping Zhou off at his house when he invited her inside for a glass of water and rest, where he later raped her at knife point.

More recently, it was reported that Facebook fired 52 employees who had been caught accessing user information and keeping files on women they were romantically interested in. Details from a book about the abuses were published as an exclusive in the Telegraph, with the headline, “How Facebook Engineers Spied On Women”. According to the company's former security officer, Alex Stamos, hundreds more employees may have gotten away with it, unnoticed.

There's that word again.

Despite several calls within the company, Zuckerberg never bothered to change the way employees can access user information and accounts. Former employees claim Zuckerberg could have chosen several different paths and was notified of their concerns, but the desire to make certain changes was “not in his DNA”.

Why would that be?

There are few moral justifications as to why someone would refuse to tighten access to personal information, or to find better ways to track employees who may be abusing their privileges. Under few circumstances would a CEO or President refuse to secure the data he has vowed to protect, unless (maybe) he was one of the abusers.

Those who have seen The Social Network, or read biographies about Mark Zuckerberg, know what kind of person he is.

Zuckerberg has spent most of his life being rejected by women. He once retaliated against a woman who dumped him in college and he hacked Harvard's computer systems to create a misogynistic site that rated women by their looks. He then stole other people's ideas and stabbed his own friends in the back. But most importantly—he spent most of his early life as what we would call an “incel” today.

Incels are “involuntarily celibate” men who often adopt misogynistic views and a deep-seated hatred for women. Millions of them have found each other on the internet and formed groups, many of which have gotten considerable attention in media. In some cases, members of the incel community, like Elliot Rodger, have committed mass shootings and murdered people.

In Mark Zuckerberg's case, his brains and money are the weapons.

His past behaviour hints at a guy who would abuse all of the privileges and powers given to him. There likely won't ever be any evidence to prove it, but his past and present actions might be enough. By failing and outright refusing to reform the internal workings of Facebook, it's clear that Zuckerberg is being driven by some kind of nefarious motive.

Whenever employees, governments and citizens bring concerns to his attention, Zuckerberg deliberately fails to make changes. The changes he does make are nothing more than theatrics. Even after Facebook “cracks down”, we find out, years later, that dozens of employees have been stalking and harassing women using information they accessed at work and that Zuckerberg has turned down countless opportunities to fix it.

It's inconceivable to anyone who has an ounce of moral fortitude how Mark Zuckerberg could continuously fail to protect women and children from sex offenders, pedophiles and traffickers on his platforms, while simultaneously bending over backwards to censor and silence people with specific political opinions.

It's more conceivable when we come to terms with who these people are.

Many of them appear to be amoral degenerates. At least fifty of them have used personal information from the accounts of women to stalk and harass them; one was charged with sexual assault and forcible confinement; more than a few have ignored pedophiles and traffickers who use the platform; and the founder of the company has a history of narcissism, misogyny and questionable morality.

These people don't think laws and rules apply to them and they always happen to support liberal policies and laws that aim to loosen restrictions on sexual acts, immigration and drugs.

Go ahead, do the math.

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