Michael Cooper Told The Truth 

June 2nd, 2019 | RR

A Muslim activist named Faisal Khan Suri did what we are told never to do when a Muslim terrorist commits mass murder. Suri made an overt link between the Christchurch shooter, the Quebec mosque shooter and conservative commentators—linking conservatism to extremist violence and Donald Trump. Suri made a sweeping, blanket judgment on all conservatives based on the views of one, lone gunman. Had the roles been reversed, or had a conservative sat in Suri's chair and made similar judgments on the Muslim community, that person would be called a Nazi and any Liberal on the committee who would have shut him down would have been called a hero by media. However, the roles were not reversed and Michael Cooper was the one taken to the woodshed by media, Liberals and his own party leader.

In a broad, sweeping statement, Suri lumped conservative websites and commentators like Ben Shapiro in with violent gunmen and the alt-right. Rather than sit idly by—as most within Canada's spineless Conservative Party would have—Michael Cooper shot back, calling Suri's comments defamatory.

Cooper was right, Suri's comments were defamatory. They were just as defamatory as the comments made by some conservatives and alt-right activists who broadly blame Islam and all Muslims for terrorist acts committed by lone wolves and organized groups that claim to represent Islam. The problem, however, became clear and obvious when the Liberal-led Justice Committee erupted with jeers and sneers, right before being abruptly adjourned due to Cooper's response to Suri.

"Mr. Suri, I take great umbrage with your defamatory comments to try to link conservatism with violent extremist attacks. They have no foundation, they're defamatory, and they diminish your credibility as a witness," Cooper told Suri. "I certainly wouldn't attempt to link Bernie Sanders to the individual who shot up Republican members of Congress and nearly fatally killed congressman Scalise."

Cooper finished his repudiation of Suri by telling him that he should be ashamed of himself. That's where Cooper, allegedly, crossed the line.

I'd be inclined to agree that Cooper went a bit overboard by telling Suri he should be ashamed. Although I believe Suri should be ashamed of himself—just as anyone who makes such broad and sweeping claims—I don't think it was the place of any member of the committee to tell him that. Suri was there giving his testimony and presenting his points of view, meaning members of the committee should be free to challenge him, but not to pass judgment on his beliefs and testimony.

Cooper should have stopped short of saying Suri should be ashamed, but he did apologize and retract his words later. However, that wasn't enough for the media, Liberals or Andrew Scheer. Scheer went on to kick Cooper off of the Justice Committee, citing his “insensitive” choice to read lines from the Christchurch shooter's manifesto.

"Cooper was right, Suri's comments were defamatory."

Again, Cooper could have settled with simply stating the fact that the Christchurch shooter hated conservatives. Cooper didn't have to read passages from the psychopath's manifesto. However, the real problem here is that media, journalists and Liberals would have acted far differently had the roles been reversed. Had Cooper been in Suri's seat and then been repudiated by a Liberal member for broadly suggesting Muslims are responsible for lone acts of terror, that Liberal member would have been hailed a hero and retained his seat on the committee. In fact, I'm willing to bet Justin Trudeau would have publicly defended the Liberal member from any criticisms.

Unfortunately, we live in a backward country. Michael Cooper was attacked by media, by Liberals and then demonized by members of his own party for telling the truth. Suri was wrong for broadly calling all conservatives extremists. He was wrong for linking conservative commentators to extremist violence just because lone gunmen may have read their blogs and listened to their points of view. But, to be fair, this type of one-sided bias is considered normal in Canada and in most of America's mainstream media. Maybe Faisal Khan Suri was just trumpeting a bunch of talking points he knew Liberals wanted to hear. It is, after all, an election year.

The facts prove that the Christchurch shooter hated conservatives almost as much as he hated Muslims. The facts also prove that mainstream media stayed almost universally silent on the political ideology of the man who attempted to assassinate Republicans, but only ended up seriously wounding a Republican senator. In that case, the gunman was a hardcore Bernie bro who hated conservatives. In other cases, some gunmen were, in fact, tightly wrapped up in various kinds of alt-right ideology. However, Suri and mainstream media have failed to mention that the “alt-right” is an ideology that has persistently targeted and attacked mainstream conservatism—including conservatives like Ben Shapiro, who often earns the alt-right's ire for being Jewish.

The alt-right and conservatism are not the same, despite liberal media constantly trying to paint the two with the same brush for political reasons. In front of the Justice Committee, Suri did what liberal media has been attempting to do since Donald Trump won the presidency. For trying to shut down this typical, run-of-the-mill Liberal lie, Michael Cooper was reprimanded and demonized by his fellow, so-called conservatives.

I get it, this is Canada and it's an election year. But, sometimes, Conservatives need to put up a fight. Rather than remove Cooper from the committee, Andrew Scheer could have done what Justin Trudeau would have done and defended one of his own. Justin Trudeau has been shamelessly defending his cabinet and party members in the face of the most egregious ethics violations and corruption scandals this country has ever seen. Defending Cooper and helping to reinforce the fact that conservatism cannot be linked to the alt-right or radical extremist violence would have been a better move—and it would have been nothing compared to the hoops Trudeau has been jumping through to defend his own party from allegations of actual, serious wrong-doing.

There's something wrong with a country and a system that heavily falls to one side on issues like this. The hypocrisy and contradictions are so thick and obvious, you'd need a chainsaw to cut through them. Yet, here we are, letting it all go for the sake of winning an election the CBC and Liberal journalists won't let us win anyway. When push comes to shove, all this SNC-Lavalin corruption will be purposefully forgotten and swept under the rug, while incidents of Conservatives saying the wrong thing will become headline news. All while Conservatives whimper with their tails between their legs. 

That's how the Liberals will win another majority.

If Andrew Scheer has even one noble bone in his body, he'll start fighting the good fight in times like this. In this case, Scheer chose to enable Liberal lies rather than tear them down. Tearing down Liberal lies was exactly what Michael Cooper was trying to do. At times like this, we don't want to see our so-called leaders tearing us down for speaking the truth. If this continues, the rest of us will be sitting here and playing our fiddles while the Conservative Party burns.

Keep it up, Andrew, and you'll be trying to win this election by yourself.

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