Conservatives Hate Black People

January 5th, 2013 | T. Carter 

If you have been paying attention to the American mainstream news media, you might be under the impression that the Republicans have waged wars against women, minorities, and democracy. Sandra Fluke became an icon for female reproductive rights last spring, just before Republicans were about to select Barack Obama's nemesis. Many Republicans caused quite a stir when some states began introducing voter ID requirements at polling stations, much to the contention of Democrats. Somehow, the Democratic hitmen were even able to make Mitt Romney look like an aloof, woman hating, rich guy who dislikes 47% of Americans. And, so goes American politics. 

The plethora of Democratic campaigners, strategists, and propagandists have achieved something remarkable. They have managed to embed the most damaging misconceptions into the minds of their supporters, leaving very little room for independent thought.

#1 Freedom Is "Free"

Democrats have managed to convince their supporters that the idea of freedom is about living comfortably off the dimes of taxpayers and not off the results and consequences of their own personal choices. Personal freedom has become about living for free while others labor. All aspects of personal responsibility and hard work have been purged from the tenets of the Democratic platform. 

#2 Female Reproductive Rights

Democrats have managed to convince their supporters that female reproductive rights are somehow dependent on public funding. It has become customary to hinge all women's rights on the idea that all rights can only be bought and paid for by taxpayers. Cutting or eliminating public financing to Planned Parenthood has become demonic. Suggesting that those who find abortion morally reprehensible (and want to discontinue the flow of their own tax dollars to promoting such activities) are waging a "war on women" is not only malicious, it's wildly moronic. 

#3 Republicans Are All Rich And White

This couldn't be further from the truth. In 2000, George W. Bush scooped up wide margins of the Latino vote, among other minorities. This pattern was repeated in 2004 when Bush defeated Kerry in the Electoral College and the popular vote. Statistically, a majority of registered Republican voters belong to what is called "the middle class" (that shrinking segment of society that you keep hearing about). 

#4 Republicans Are Racist Hillbillies

Herman Cain and Alan Keyes would disagree with this piece of contrived Democratic propaganda. So would most conservative Jews. Republican ideas are based on the old tenets of 18th Century liberalism. It was Republicans who denounced slavery while Abe Lincoln was their president. In a free society, you (and you alone) are responsible for your own actions. In a free society, you reap what you sow, regardless of race or creed. If you're a Democrat, you believe that everyone else should pay for your mistakes and the mistakes of your ancestors.

#5 Conservatives Hate Science

No, actually, they don't. Yes, many conservatives tend to be religious, but many aren't. Those who believe in a god still happen to believe in science. This misconception was birthed and bread in the 80's, during the Reagan era, when global warming began to breach the headlines. The difference between conservatives and liberals is their acceptance of authority. Liberals happen to trust governments and scientists without question, in the very same way they accuse conservatives of believing and trusting in their churches and gods. The difference between a church and a government is the ability to choose. Belonging to a church and donating your dollars is a choice. Accepting God is a choice which affects the individual; a scientific consensus which influences government policies affects everyone, even those who haven't accepted.  

#6 Conservatism Is Fascist

Conservatism is as fascist and authoritarian as an orange is purple. Conservatism is about less government. The problem is that many self-labelled conservatives don't understand conservatism. To be a conservative in America means to believe in the traditions and values of the founding fathers and their constitution, which was designed to protect individual liberties and free association. It was also designed to protect religious freedom, not to impose religion. To all liberals: de-funding Planned Parenthood is not a method of imposing religious views, it is about protecting an individual's beliefs and property. Since money is property, it must be protected and prevented from being used to fund and promote procedures that may be considered immoral to some. Because taxation is not voluntary, it becomes someone's responsibility to protect the morals and values of others. By allowing a private organization to receive only private, voluntary funding, the problem is solved. 

#7 Conservatives Are Dumber Than Liberals

Right. Not a single shred of evidence exists to support such a ridiculous statement. Some of the world's most innovative minds were conservative. 

In conclusion, conservatives do not hate black people, women, or democracy. If a case can be made about who hates freedom and individuality, a stronger one could be made against liberals.