Mitt Romney: From Likable To Annoying

June 1st, 2019 | TC

Mitt Romney was one of the most refined and respectable people to have ever run for office, that was, until he started virtue-signalling and moralizing about Donald Trump. Now Mitt Romney is known as one of the most loathsome members of the Republican “resistance”.

Mitt Romney lost to Barack Obama. That's something Donald Trump has shamelessly exploited in his ongoing feud with the newly elected, Mormon senator who thinks his own feces comes out of him with flecks of gold that were blessed by the holy spirit of Joseph Smith and his 33 wives. “I won big and he didn't,” Trump famously tweeted after Romney made the claim that Trump has “not risen to the mantle of office”.

At least Donald Trump rose to the highest office, unlike Mitt Romney, who “choked like a dog” against Obama before having to settle for an easily winnable senate seat in Mormon Utah. To try and stop Trump, Romney went as far as calling Trump a fraud and phony in a heavily publicized speech just weeks before the Republicans selected their nominee. It failed, just as badly as Romney did against Obama in 2012. Mitt Romney, evidently offended by the fact that he is less electable than Donald Trump, has since resorted to moralizing about Trump's behavior and moral character, rather than praising him for his successful policies—one of which includes much needed prison reform.

Mitt Romney made Barack Obama look like a fool during the 2012 presidential race and he was subjected to the worst kind of media bias, which arguably led to the eventual election of a candidate who declared war on fake news in 2016.

Inside of Mitt Romney's head must have been brewing a jealously and envy. How could a shrewd billionaire with no manners and a loud mouth be more electable than him? The squeeky clean Mormon, whose worst scandal was strapping a dog kennel to the roof of his car during a road trip, is less electable than a billionaire who once bragged about grabbing women by their genitals. This is evidently bothering Mitt Romney so much that he cannot get over it.

Mitt Romney couldn't beat Barack Obama because he didn't have the will to fight for middle America, or the will to stand up against a bias liberal media and a Washington establishment that was set in its ways. Donald Trump had the will and the fight to win for ordinary Americans, and he brought it to the doorsteps of Hollywood, the liberal media and the Washington swamp. Donald Trump won because middle America needed a warrior. Being an elitist governor, a moralizing Mormon and a part of a Republican establishment that has refused to change since Richard Nixon, Mitt Romney was not the guy America needed.

"Mitt Romney couldn't beat Barack Obama because he didn't have the will to fight for middle America..."

Mitt Romney's inability to understand this is why he will never be president.

Mitt Romney's ongoing pushback against Donald Trump only appeals to the Bill Kristols and Dick Cheneys of America—all of whom are becoming a part of American history and who will be regarded as the losers of a new American future that does not include socialism, crony capitalism and endless wars. Middle Americans are standing up from coast to coast to coast and across the rust belt, the bible belt and the South to an increasingly arrogant and desperate establishment of academics, journalists, billionaires and corporations that do not have America's best interests in mind.

Mitt Romney's inability to know this is why Americans will never regard him as a hero or a revolutionary.

We don't need to hate Mitt Romney, but we should not be respecting him as he tries to throw Donald Trump and his democratically elected agenda under the bus in favor of his own Mormon moralizing and preening. Romney represents the old ways of American conservatism, while Donald Trump embodies the revolutionary sentiments boiling up from the bellies of ordinary and downtrodden Americans who have been left behind. The ways of establishment Democrats and Republicans have been equally destructive to ordinary Americans, leaving them broke, struggling to find work and paying for endless wars and massive corporate bailouts with their hard-earned paychecks. In return, they received nothing—until Donald Trump showed up.

Mitt Romney's inability to see the struggles of ordinary Americans is why he will be forever remembered as a part of the problem.

Donald Trump is president because, despite his wealth and status, he was able to identify with ordinary Americans. Since becoming president, unemployment is at lows not seen in more than fifty years. Black unemployment is at lows NEVER seen before in America. America's destructive prison system is currently undergoing reforms that will free blacks, minorities and Latinos from terms and sentences that have been unfair and unjust. Deregulation has freed the economy and businesses across the country, unleashing the potential of all Americans and putting more of them to work than under the past three presidents combined.

Donald Trump's presidency has unleashed America. Unfair trade deals have been re-written, failed geopolitical strategies have been redrawn, destructive social policies have been challenged and American culture is undergoing a much-needed purge. The true America is starting to show and the media and academics hate it. MAGA hats are demonized, Catholic school kids are defamed, Trump supporters are humiliated—but none of it is working. Americans are waking up in large, unprecedented numbers. No one fears this great awakening more than the billionaires and corporations who have helped fund the wars and bailouts that put the American people behind a globalist agenda.

Donald Trump is doing something Mitt Romney could never have even imagined. He is making America great again.

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