The Rot Of Modern Feminism

April 1st, 2019 | Spartacus
modern feminism

Modern feminism teaches women to pass the blame for their hardships to a wider, systemic problem that exists outside of their reach. It teaches women to be victims rather than fighters. This regressive ideology is spreading to the general population like a parasite, convincing young women and teens that men and their patriarchy must be knocked down and that equal opportunities must be replaced by equal outcomes. Modern women are being taught to ask the government to help them get ahead by implementing gender quotas and by fixing the wage gap. Women are being taught to elect bureaucrats who promise to make their lives easier. Unfortunately, most of these bureaucrats are men and the causes of classical feminism are being walked back by the ambitions of modern feminists.

Classical feminism taught women to play by man's rules and to beat men at their own game. Modern feminism teaches women to embrace victimhood and to elect male politicians who will change the rules for them.

Canada's feminist prime minister offers the best example of a man being expected to grant the unfortunate, female population the opportunities they cannot acquire on their own. His gender balanced cabinet reflects a new kind of feminism that suggests women are too weak, incapable or incompetent to achieve social and economic parity with men, despite making up more than 50% of Canada's population. Modern feminism suggests that modern women cannot achieve success without the help of men.

When women do achieve electoral success, their first instinct is to jump to accusations of sexism and to suggest that the rules of battle should change when the going gets tough. The best examples of this modern feminist mindset exist in the ranks of Canada's mainstream political parties.

Women Can Be Neanderthals

Bill Morneau faced what could have been assumed to be a left-wing barrage of accusations when he referred to Lisa Raitt's criticism of the Liberal budget and the Liberal Party's “gender lense” as something typical of Neanderthals.

“We will drag along the Neanderthals who don't agree with that, and that will be our continuing approach,” Morneau said, in the House Of Commons, when Raitt attacked the Liberal budget as a way to get the women's vote.

Lisa Raitt and Andrew Scheer both pounced and immediately accused Bill Morneau of sexism. Scheer said, “The Finance Minister did not like being challenged by a strong Conservative woman and he reacted by using sexist language and insulting terms.”

Sexist language?

Conservative MP, Candace Bergen, took to Twitter to say, “Not only did the Finance Minister tell Lisa Raitt that she couldn't count during question period in the fall, he called her a 'Neanderthal' this week because she questioned his feminism.”

The teachings of modern feminism have leaked into the Conservative Party's ranks and poisoned what should be the only logical alternative to the Liberal Party's nonsensical and backward feminism. When attacked, as men are often attacked in politics, Conservative women have resorted to accusations of sexism and misogyny. By doing so, they are suggesting that the rules on the political battlefield should be different for women.

Conservative women are suggesting that women in politics should get a special, free pass from the same insults and attacks experienced by most men in politics. By suggesting that women should be treated differently, Conservative women are doing exactly what Liberals have done. They are portraying women as weak, ineffective and in need of help. They want men like Bill Morneau and Justin Trudeau to treat them more gently and with more respect than they would a man.

That's not only absurd, it goes against everything that classical feminists have fought to achieve—which was true equality and the empowerment of women.  

Women Are Not Fragile

If women want to be taken seriously in politics and business, they will need to reject modern feminism. The very purpose of classical feminism was to empower women by encouraging them to step up to the plate and to challenge men in their domains, not to get on all fours and beg for special exceptions.

Gender quotas, gender balanced cabinets, gender laws and special rules do nothing to empower women. Instead, these fallacious principles do the exact opposite. They promote women as a weaker sex, in need of help from the almighty man.

Women can be called morons, they can be called fascists, they can be called Neanderthals and they can be called any other name in the book. There are no exceptions in politics and if women want to play, they will need to play by the same rules as men. The same applies to business.

Women must stand up for themselves, negotiate better salaries, stop taking “no” for an answer and quit trying to call on government and male politicians to bend the rules. This isn't how equality and equal opportunities are achieved. This is how fascism and backward logic create unfavourable circumstances for everyone, including our sons and daughters. For the women reading this, true equality for your daughters and granddaughters will come in the form of classical feminism, not this modern incarnation based on hatred, retribution and resentment.

Our daughters must be taught to be strong. They mustn't be taught that their rights, opportunities and success need to be given to them by men. Our daughters must be taught classical feminism and the virtues of strength, dignity and self-respect.

There is no self-respect in modern feminism. It's all a facade designed by political parties to disable women and to make them feel dependent on bureaucrats for their own success. That's not empowering, it's regressive.

Fake Male Feminists

You will often hear men describe themselves as feminists, then turn around and treat women like weak, inferior specimens who should be grateful for what men have given them. Such was the case with Liberal MP, Celina Caesar-Chavennes, who was told by Justin Trudeau that she did not appreciate all that he had done for her.

“He was yelling. He was yelling that I didn't appreciate him, that'd he'd given me so much,” she told media. This was what he had told her after she came to him with the news that she would not be seeking re-election for the Liberal Party.

Of course, Trudeau denied it. Just like he denied having any negative interactions with a female reporter twenty years prior. She experienced it differently, Trudeau said. Just as Jody Wilson-Raybould had experienced her interactions with him and his best friend, Gerald Butts—differently.

Justin Trudeau, his temper and his true colours may be a new revelation for Canadians, but men like Justin Trudeau exist in every corner of the world and politics. They brag about their feminism and respect for women, while expecting gratitude and recognition for giving them their opportunities and rights. They grow their neck-beards and sip their soy lattes while taking to Reddit pages and social media to talk up their feminist game for the ladies.

Modern feminism is a great tool for unappealing, weak men who need to get it right with the ladies. Modern feminism is also a great tool for secretly misogynistic politicians like Justin Trudeau.

Real Feminist Men

Men who practice classical feminism will teach their daughters to be strong, resilient and independent. Real feminist men will treat women as equals and expect them to step up and fight for their success in the same crowded field of competition. There are no exceptions through the eyes of a real feminist man who respects women as strong, independent competitors.

Real feminist men will not hire a woman for being a woman, or slow down their pace in a race to allow the women to catch up. That isn't what classical feminists like Ellen Key and Dora Montefiore would have wanted. Classical feminists wanted women to fight for equal rights, not special rights. Classical feminism is about equal rights and the rejection of equal outcomes and special privileges based on sex and gender.

Beware the man who touts his feminism as a virtue. Likely, he isn't a real feminist but an imposter