Mulcair The Hypocrite 

April 1st, 2014 | D. Stone 

Just this year it was found that Thomas Mulcair is one of Ottawa's biggest spenders. His largest expense comes from his employee salaries, which cost nearly $213,000. Last month it was also announced that the federal NDP are planning to open another NDP outpost and pay its employees with taxpayer dollars. 

Had Conservatives opened an outpost anywhere in Canada using taxpayer money, Thomas Mulcair would have been the first to notice and voice his criticism. The NDP has two other outposts in Montreal and Quebec City, both of which pay their employees with taxpayer funds. House Of Commons rules only allow for MP employees who are directly performing parliamentary functions to earn public salaries.

"It's not a believable scenario that Mr. Mulcair needs the leader's office and the research office, supporting his functions in Ottawa, based in Saskatoon," said Liberal MP, Ralph Goodale. 

Thomas Mulcair is one of Ottawa's strangest enigmas. He opposes Conservatives on nearly every front, particularly on exorbitant spending issues, but he refuses to live by the same standards. It is also well known in Ottawa circles that Thomas Mulcair attempted to become a Conservative before he joined the NDP. 

Thomas Mulcair's attempt to become a Conservative is one of the most perplexing mysteries in Ottawa. It's so astonishing that the CBC has never reported it. Mulcair's divisive rhetoric against Conservatives is difficult to take seriously knowing that he, at some point, may have had Conservative values. 

Although Mulcair denies it, many have claimed that he demanded a cabinet post within Conservative ranks as a price for him joining the party. Of course Stephen Harper wasn't willing to grant Mulcair his demands. A few years later, Mulcair became the leader of the NDP and the leader of the official opposition. Now Mulcair has the daily pleasure of blasting Harper in the House Of Commons over things that he himself is guilty of. 

Thomas Mulcair's hypocrisy is so noticeable that member's of his own caucus have spoken out against him, and a website called Mulcair's NDP has sprung up to highlight the hypocrisy shared by Mulcair and his supportive MPs, like Nycole Turmel. Another website that was said to be started anonymously by some anti-Mulcair NDP MPs, called KnowMulcair, has disappeared. 

Mulcair has had a penchant for attacking Stephen Harper relentlessly, while letting Justin Trudeau slip under his radar. Being one of Canada's two left-wing parties, this is an unwise strategy for the NDP. Unlike Mulcair, true Conservative supporters would never become NDP supporters. The NDP and Conservatives are ideological polar opposites. Pounding Stephen Harper only helps Justin Trudeau's Liberals. Moderates within the Conservative Party are 99% more likely to vote Liberal than NDP. Mulcair's unquestionable hypocrisy is only making the prospects of an NDP victory in 2015 even more dismal.

The best way to realize Thomas Mulcair's hypocrisy is by reading his past quotes and remarks and comparing them to his actions. 

"There are rules, Tom, that exist to protect the public money." - Muclair in an interview with Tom Clark, December 2012.

Both the Conservatives and the Liberals have claimed that the NDP's outposts in Quebec and Saskatchewan skirt the parliamentary rules. Read the National Post article on the subject here.

"I want to hear Stephen Harper say he is going to put all the documents on the table." -Mulcair, regarding the Duffy/Wright affair. 

When the NDP was accused by Elections Canada of violating political finance laws, Mulcair refused to specify how much the party had to pay back to big unions after accepting an unspecified sum that exceeded the amount allowable by law. Read the Globe & Mail article on the subject here.

"How many cheques were there?" - Mulcair in the House Of Commons, regarding Duffy's legal expenses. 

In the controversy over Mike Duffy's legal expenses and whether it was appropriate for the Conservative Party to have offered to pay them, Thomas Mulcair seems to have forgotten how the NDP paid Pat Martin's legal fees after he was sued for defamation. Although it was a loan granted by the NDP, the costs were still granted to cover legal fees and were paid back by union donations. You can read about it here

In 2005, the Quebec Liberal Party paid Thomas Mulcair's $95,000 legal fees following a defamation suit. 

"A New Democratic Government will redirect a billion dollars a year in fossil fuel subsidies and re-invest that money in clean energy." - Thomas Mulcair on Alberta's oil sands and pipelines.

In Mulcair's home province of Quebec, the hydro industry has created damaging dams and flooded forest regions, but Mulcair has remained silent on Quebec's environmentally damaging energy sector. In particular, the James Bay Project in Quebec has created the risk of increased seismic activity due to the "colossal weight" of the artificial river it produces. Among the project's other environmental impacts are local climate change, caused by large amounts of standing water, and mercury pollution from flooded vegetation that contained mercury. More can be read about the environmental effects of dams and impoundments here. 

 "Don't you know who I am?" - Thomas Mulcair to the RCMP after running a security stop

After endless jabs at Stephen Harper in the House Of Commons about the Prime Minister's arrogance and disregard for rules, Thomas Mulcair is one to talk. 

Thomas Mulcair may be an unprincipled opportunist, as many of his Conservative opponents have insisted, but his hypocrisy is enough to make any potential voter cringe and turn away, no matter what party he leads at any given time. Since Jack Layton's death, the NDP's poll numbers have plummeted and it has become less and less likely that the party will make any substantial gains in 2015.

Good luck, Mr. Mulcair. You'll need it.