How Rich Is Nancy Pelosi?

January 1st, 2019 | T. Carter
nancy pelosi

Nancy Pelosi, the new Democrat Speaker Of The House, owns a vineyard and a mansion in one of California's wealthiest neighborhoods. Her woman of the people persona is a dishonest attempt by this old, wealthy, white elitist party to appeal to the same blue collar, populist core of Trump supporters as the new Republican Party—and it won't work. Not with Nancy Pelosi being the fourth richest Congressional Democrat from California.

Nancy Pelosi's personal networth as of 2016 was more than $20M, putting her in the top 30 of the richest members of Congress. Her vineyard in California's Napa Valley has hosted some of the Democrat Party's wealthiest donors, including Tom Steyer, George Soros and George Clooney. Her husband, Paul Pelosi, is also a multi-millionaire with investments in Apple and Facebook.

The Pelosi vineyard in Napa earns up to $5,000 per month in seasonal revenue from selling grapes alone. The Pelosis also owned a lavish townhome in Norden which earned them $50,000 in rent every month, according to Congressional filings. The townhome in Norden is only one of many Pelosi real estate ventures, included on a list with office properties in San Francisco and other business properties across Southern California... one of which houses a Walgreen's.

Combined with her husband, the Pelosis have anywhere between a $50-70M networth. That is a far cry from being a "woman of the people".

Nancy Pelosi's new salary as Speaker brings her about $223,000 in an annual income, while her vineyard has an estimated re-sale value of $15M. Although Donald Trump himself is a billionaire, he has forfeited his White House salary by donating his paychecks to charities and government agencies. There can be no doubt that Trump's businesses and family empire have suffered under negative press and controversial policies since he became president. 

The same cannot be said about Nancy Pelosi, who has yet to forfeit her $223,000 salary while she takes in income from her husband's investments and their co-owned business and real estate properties in California. 

Although they are both unimaginably wealthy, Trump and Pelosi are not easily compared. Trump continues to sacrifice his personal wealth and reputation to serve Americans, while Pelosi keeps her salary and makes profits from her vineyard, properties and lavish fundraising events. 

Donald Trump is not perfect, but his reputation for making sacrifices to serve his country is remarkable. Coming into the White House, Trump was a billionaire with a successful empire and everything to lose. Pelosi has made a big portion of her wealth by taking a public salary.