Why They're Really Attacking The NRA

March 1st, 2018 | T. Carter

It looks as though the Florida shooting at Stoneham Douglas High School was the trigger for the highest peak in gun hysteria that America has seen yet. Following the shooting, the NRA became the scapegoat and CNN flew in students from across America to hold enormous, televised town halls that targeted gun owners and the NRA in the most shameless manner ever seen. CNN was accused of scripting the questions and Twitter seems to have helped an NRA boycott trend on its platform by bumping tweets by verified accounts, as well as quickly verfiying a brand new account started by David Hogg. Stories about Broward County deputies cowaring outside while Nikolas Cruz murdered 17 people have been shut down by every mainstream news network in the country. Hysteria about gun control and attacks on the NRA have peaked—but what comes next and why is the NRA public enemy number one?

Dana Loesch took a shallacking in a CNN town hall, where she agreed to be shouted down, interrupted and insulted by an audience of hand-picked gun control advocates and NRA opponents. Loesch has been the spokesperson for the National Rifle Association for a number of years and has stirred controversy in the past with promotional NRA videos and remarks about mass shootings. In CNN's town hall on February 21, Loesch was often shouted down and interrupted by the audience, while Broward County Sherrif, Scott Israel, was loudly applauded and cheered for his responses—despite admissions and reports that his deputies failed to act in stopping Nikolas Cruz. Following every mass shooting, the NRA has become a target of Democrats and the left, but this time the attacks and hysteria directed against the NRA are extreme and unprecedented. This time it's different. It seems as though political forces, in cooperation with mainstream media, are acting against the NRA like never before.

Since Donald Trump has become a vocal supporter of the NRA, the NRA has been returning the love and expressing support for his agenda. This could explain the sudden and unprecedented backlash against the organization. The NRA has always been a target of the left and Democrat activists, but of late they have amped up their attacks with the help of mainstream media and Twitter. Since this intensified backlash, major corporations have cut ties with the NRA including major airlines and almost every rental car company in America.

Why has the NRA become public enemy number one? Not so much because they lobby for basic gun rights, but because they are one of the GOP's most loyal and abundant donors.

Democrats have made the NRA their number one target in an effort to cut off a source of funding for Republican candidates and the Republican Party. By damaging the NRA and hurting the organization's bottom line and reputation, they can put a dent in the GOP's cashflow. That's what this is all really about. This is a Democrat effort to turn the NRA and its members into pariahs, which will allow Democrats to not only force Republicans to disavow the NRA, but to reject the NRA's financial support—or to weaken the NRA's overall financial capabilities with boycotts and, therefore, weaken the Republican Party's war chest.

CNN has pointed out the NRA's influence on Capitol Hill and that only 24 Democrats in Congress receive donations from the NRA, while there are only six Republicans who don't receive donations from the NRA:

When the National Rifle Association talks, large swaths of Capitol Hill listen.

And when the NRA has aimed to block any new gun legislation in the wake of mass shootings, it's so far succeeded in thwarting such efforts.

So why does the group hold such sway?

Partly because more than half of congressional incumbents have gotten money and organizational help from the group, with many members having long-standing financial relationships with the NRA that date back years.

According to federal election data compiled by the nonprofit Center for Responsive Politics, eight lawmakers have been on the receiving end of at least $1 million in campaign contributions from the NRA over the courses of their careers.

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio is among them.

CNN's article inlcudes a graph and image pointing out that only six GOP Congressional candidates don't receive help from the NRA—large or small. That same article also states, “Many in Congress have come to rely on the NRA's largesse to help them remain in office—and their fear of crossing a group legendary for its ability to get its supporters out to vote.”

The effort to shame Republicans for taking NRA money was put on full display in a CNN town hall with Marco Rubio, in which Cameron Kasky, a shooting survivor, asked the senator, “Senator Rubio, can you tell me, right now, that you will not accept a single donation from the NRA in the future?”

Kasky's question was met with thunderous applause from the hand-picked CNN crowd.

Rubio's reply was deemed unsatisfactory by CNN and the mainstream media in unison.

The effort by Democrats and the Democrat-friendly mainstream media is out in the open for all Americans to see. The NRA's “largesse” has kept Republican senators in power for decades and the NRA has used its organizational capabilities to help Republicans get elected across the country. This is a huge point of contention for Democrats—particularly now as they face mid-term elections in November. This is especially biased because media has ignored the similar influence that unions and racially divisive identity organizations have on the Democratic Party.

The NRA has publicly supported background checks and measures to keep guns out of the hands of convicted criminals and those who suffer from mental illness. Yet, the media has reported on the NRA as though the organization is responsible for the sale, manufacture and promotion of guns. David Hogg, a student at Stoneham Douglas, was made famous by Twitter and CNN for attacking the NRA and accusing the organization of being responsible for the death of children.

Not only is the NRA not at all responsible for the death of children, gun deaths, or violence in America, the NRA does not receive any government funding. The NRA is a private organization that acts no differently than the ACLU, SEIU, UAW or any highly influential organization that works to protect the rights of American citizens. The NRA has been the one and only organization that has worked tirelessly to defend the right to bear arms—a right which is protected by the Second Amendment.

If you're taken aback by the sudden intensity of the NRA backlash, take a look at the NRA's influence on Republican candidates. The attacks are not about guns, but about shutting down a powerful organization that supports Republicans and the rights of law abiding gun owners. The organization does not sell guns, shoot children or promote unregulated gun ownership for all citizens. The NRA is no different than any of the hundreds of lobby groups and political organizations in Washington DC. The calculated targeting in the wake of the absolute display of incompetence exhibited by both the FBI and the Broward County Sheriff's department is about destroying and disabling conservatives and Republicans while diverting attention from a massive failure in law enforcement.