Liberal MP "Hopes" M-103 Will Eventually Limit Speech
February 22nd, 2017 | Poletical News
Ken Hardie
Liberal MP, Ken Hardie, for Fleetwood-Port Kells in BC, has made several questionable tweets about free speech, but his latest comes on the heels of the Liberal Party's controversial motion to study Islamophobia - and to find a "whole-of-government" solution to it - that is most concerning. Along with mixed messages about M-103's true intent, Hardie replied to a tweet that argued that M-103 aims to limit free speech. His tweet was nothing less than an open admission that he hopes to see M-103 lead to more limits on speech, or as he calls it, "hate speech".

Ken Hardie is not the only Liberal to blur the lines of free speech with a term like "hate speech", but his tweet serves as a glimpse into the Liberal caucus's intention to eventually use M-103 to legislate more limits on speech, particularly speech that could be subjectively deemed "hateful" toward Islam.

Although Conservative MP Michael Chong supports M-103, he has expressed support for repealing Canada's hate speech laws that would criminalize certain forms of speech.