Canadian News Media Falsely Identifies Shooting Suspect
January 30th, 2017 | Poletical News
At a time when Canada's mainstream news media has gone on the attack against "fake news", Canada's top 3 most highly regarded legitimate news organizations falsely reported the identity of a suspect in the Quebec City mosque attack.

The Globe And Mail, CBC and CTV almost simultaneously reported that a muslim man named Mohamad Khadir was one of the multiple gunmen in a domestic terrorist attack targeting a mosque. Without obvious verification from Quebec police on the legitimacy of the man's involvement, all three organizations published the man's name under headlines that clearly identified him as a suspect. Headlines and stories were later corrected to confirm that Mohamad Khadir was not a suspect.

The false report caused Quebec police to correct the record and confirm that there was only one known suspect. Although police have refrained from publicly identifying the suspect, Alexandre Bissonette, has been confirmed by many local Quebec news outlets as the sole suspect who still remains in custody. This followed a search of Bissonette's property on Monday.