CNN Misconstrues Trump Tweet
October 11th, 2016 | Poletical News
For the third time in one month, CNN has been caught misconstruing and manipulating perceptions. Just three weeks ago, CNN was caught falsely accusing Donald Trump of calling for racial profiling by adding the word "racial" into his comments. Over the weekend, CNN released a post debate poll declaring Hillary Clinton the winner with 57%. The only problem: 58% of those polled had already identified as Hillary Clinton supporters.

Today CNN was yet again caught misquoting and purposely misconstruing and distorting information. In a tweet accusing disloyal Republicans of not knowing how to win, Trump tweeted that he would "teach them". The tweet's immediate and obvious implication is that Donald Trump would "teach them" how to win, according to the context of the tweet. However, CNN chose to misconstrue and twist Trump's tweet into a Tony Soprano style threat against people who are "disloyal" to him. The network made Trump's comments sound like a vindictive warning to his fellow Republicans:

Donald Trump's tweet was in fact nothing more that a reiteration of past comments in which he claimed he would "teach Republicans how to win". Here is what Trump really tweeted: