Telus Blatantly Supports Trudeau Tax
October 5th, 2016 | Poletical News
One of Canada's largest telecommunication/internet providers, Telus, has come out in support of the federal government's carbon pricing scheme and plan to force all provinces to adopt a carbon tax. Despite numerous opinion polls showing a consensus against a national carbon tax, Telus used its social media accounts to push and promote a national carbon tax. In struggling Alberta, the home of Telus, opposition to a nationally mandated carbon tax is the greatest.

Not only did Telus use Twitter to promote the Trudeau government's carbon tax, the company heaped praise onto both Justin Trudeau and Catherine McKenna. The tweets were quickly met with condemnation by users, with many threatening to cancel services and boycott the company.

These are the tweets from Telus in support of the Trudeau government: