Will O'Toole Step Down Like A Man?

February 2nd, 2022 | SP

Update: hours following this article's publication, the Conservative caucus voted to remove Erin O'Toole.

We cannot repeat it enough and we will not stop until it happens. Erin O'Toole must resign, or he will be removed from the Conservative Party leadership against his will. The failed leader has few choices remaining and his time is running out. A new poll suggests that his party's members are becoming more eager to have him replaced sooner rather than later. Among all stripes, Canadians believe that O'Toole has done a poor job as leader—46% to be exact.

In late January, an Alberta riding association joined a growing choir of calls to expedite O'Toole's forthcoming leadership review. Despite these calls and the many more to come, the party's higher-ups have resisted the calls and persisted in defending their dear leader from the inevitable truth: that he is an absolute failure.

Whether they like it or not, the time is coming.

According to the latest Nanos poll, 17% of Canadians prefer Pierre Poilievre as O'Toole's replacement—the highest margin for a Conservative in the general public. According to our own polls here at Poletical, among mostly conservatives, Poilievre is the clear choice for leader among more than 30% of those polled. In Poletical's previous Leadership Tracker, Poilievre took the early lead and was the favourite to win before he announced his intention not to seek leadership.

It has never been more clear. If a leadership race were held today, Pierre Poilievre would win.

What's more clear is that a majority of Canadians and Conservative voters disapprove of Erin O'Toole. According to one of the most accurate polling companies of the previous election, Abacus Data, only 21% of Canadians have a positive impression of Erin O'Toole heading into the New Year. This corroborates a previous poll from Angus Reid, in which only 24% of Canadians viewed O'Toole favourably. Among Conservatives, his approval rating plummeted from 81% in early October to 59% in November. Other polls have shown O'Toole's approval rating among Conservatives to be much lower.

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Nationally, according to every major poll, O'Toole's Conservatives are below 30% in popular support. If an election were held today, Trudeau's Liberals would, once again, handily trounce O'Toole's Conservatives by a margin of 5%. This would happen despite little Justin's dismal approval ratings and similarly low percentage of popular support.

My friends, I am doing nothing more than presenting the facts. As it stands now, the Conservative Party is further behind than where it was in the 2019 election. O'Toole's flip-flops and indecisiveness have caught up to him. Most Canadians and Conservative voters view him as a man who will do and say anything to win an election. He will change his positions and opinions to match the wind, making him appear untrustworthy, or at worst, a person of poor judgment.

Canadians want neither an untrustworthy hack, or an indecisive fool as their Prime Minister.

O'Toole's Conservatives are in no position to win an election. Without a change in leadership and a bold new approach to challenging the Liberals, the party will lose once more and risk granting the dainty halfwit a majority government. As voters, conservatives must rebuke the Conservative Party if they choose to stay the course with O'Toole. Under O'Toole's leadership, Justin Trudeau cannot be defeated—therefore, voters must choose an alternative. A vote for O'Toole is a wasted vote that will only amount to another defeat.

The alternatives are not many, though we must be grateful for the options we have. At the present moment, Maxime Bernier's PPC gives us a glimmer of hope and provides a place for conservatives to store their votes in the unfortunate event of an O'Toole retry. If the Conservatives choose to make another doomed attempt under his leadership, grassroots conservatives must unite under the purple banner.

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