Mistakes In High Places: Obama's Elite Supporters

April 1st, 2012 - J. Simmons 

Tom Hanks, who recently narrated Obama's error plagued re-election propaganda film, The Road We've Travelled, was forced to apologize following a video that surfaced in which he was caught joking and laughing on stage with a white man dressed as a black man. The man was given the defacto title of "Blackface". While on stage at what appears to be some kind of school fundraiser, Hanks jokes with Blackface by saying, "Who would have thought Bill O'Reilly would join us?" The video was released by The Daily Caller and went viral amongst conservatives and liberals. Calls from the right demanded that Obama cut ties with Hanks and this eventually led to an apology in which Hanks stated, "I was blindsided by one of the parents who got up on stage in a costume that was hideously offensive." Hanks then went on to claim that his friendly joking and conservative bashing was the result of awkward discomfort over the man's outfit. The New York Daily News is one of the several papers that covered Hank's ridiculous apology by subtly accepting it and going on to defend Hank's career.

HBO comedian, Bill Maher, who recently gave $1 Million to an Obama Super-PAC has openly called Sarah Palin a "cunt", Rush Limbaugh a "fat fuck", and several conservative women "boobs". No apology was ever asked for or given. David Axelrod, Obama's chief advisor, called Maher's comments different in comparison to recent comments by Rush Limbaugh regarding Sandra Fluke. This serves as strong evidence that the left is unable to acknowledge and accept its own hypocrisy.

Alec Baldwin has never stopped short of shilling for Obama. His disrespectful and heinous rants, like those of all other elitist shills for Democrats, have gone largely unnoticed. Not only has Baldwin ranted and flipped out at his own daughter, he has been quick to call Republicans names. There is no easier way to defame someone than online. Last month, Baldwin went on a Twitter rant in which he called Republican Senator, James Inhofe, an "oil whore" (not an oil slave, but a whore - yet another act of misogyny) and then suggested that "Inhofe retire to a solar-powered gay bar". Less known Democratic shill, Matthew Modine, did not hesitate to participate in Baldwin's accusatory and "humorous" rant by accusing Inhofe of homophobia.  

Robert DeNiro recently held a fundraiser for the Obama campaign in which he made a bad joke that was perceived as racist. "Callista Gingrich, Karen Santorum, Ann Romney. Now do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady?"

Morgan Freeman is an open supporter of Obama, maybe because Obama is black, or maybe because he genuinely believes Obama is a good President. In September of 2011, Freeman told CNN's Piers Morgan that the Tea Party movement is racist because it is so determined to remove Obama from office. When Piers challenged him by asking, "But is that necessarily a racist thing?" Freeman responded by saying, "It is a racist thing." Piers Morgan should have asked Freeman whether or not he himself is a racist for trying so hard to keep Obama in office. Later in the interview and on a different topic, Freeman also went on to say, "I am God." 

Racially obsessed filmmaker, Spike Lee has openly endorsed Obama. Lee is known for blasting almost anyone or anything that is caucasian for being too racist or for subtly exhibiting racist behavior by not recognizing everything and anything that is, or appears to be, black. In March of 2004, Lee criticized the "white media" for its coverage of caucasian basketball player, Larry Bird. "The most overrated player of all time, I would say it'd be Larry Bird. Now, Larry Bird is one of the greatest players of all time, but listen to the white media, it's like this guy was like nobody ever played basketball before him," Lee told ABC. Spike Lee has yet to criticize the white media for its coverage of Asian basketball superstar, Jeremy Lin. Lee has also been vocal about his opinions on Clint Eastwood (not enough black men in his movies), Quentin Tarantino (writing characters that use the 'N' word too much), and the U.S. government (purposefully displacing blacks in New Orleans following Katrina). Last month, Lee re-tweeted the incorrect home address of Trayvon Martin's shooter, irresponsibly putting someone else's life in danger of being accosted by an emotionally crazed mob.

George Clooney, beloved on both the left and right, recently got arrested at the Sudanese embassy in New York for crossing a police line. There is no harm in Clooney's arrest and it cannot be criticized as anything but admirable. The problem with Clooney's activism for the Sudanese people lies in his political partisanship. Clooney has repeatedly ignored the efforts of Republicans when it comes to activism and advocacy for human rights in Sudan. Instead, Clooney has opted to gain the recognition and attention of Democrats and the President rather than (god forbid) give any credence to the efforts of Republicans like Rick Santorum, who have publicly engaged in similar efforts as Clooney. If Clooney wasn't so blindly partisan, he could utilize the friendly help of many Republicans.

Musician R. Kelly's endorsement of Obama must be one of the most cherished of all. In 2002, he was charged with soliciting a minor for child pornography after a video of him having sex, and urinating on, an underage girl surfaced. In 2008, Kelly wrote a tribute song for Obama called "I Believe".

If there is anything Barack Hussein Obama is not short of, it is elitist friends in Hollywood. The biggest problem with most of them is their hypocrisy and failure to meet certain ethical standards. Humility, decency, and authenticity are lacking amongst nearly all of Obama's most popular friends, but when Rush Limbaugh says something heinous it becomes equivalent to sure-fire evidence that the right is racist, misogynistic, and vile. This has become a disturbing trend in America's mainstream media. The November Presidential election should be viewed as an uprising or a referendum on this trend. Americans should prove themselves and step forward to depose Obama and send a message to his Hollywood friends who think that their affluence and prestige is enough to get him re-elected.