Worse Than Bush, Less Successful 

June 2nd, 2013 | T. Carter 

Obama's presidency has been a failure. When compared to that of Bush, who many had declared America's worst president, it is disastrous. To Bush's credit, he had many accomplishments despite their controversial impacts. Obama cannot say the same. 

Obama promised to close Guantanamo Bay, but he failed. He promised to curb gun violence by passing gun control measures, but he failed. He promised to put Americans to work, but he failed. Since his first inauguration, unemployment has risen steadily and seen only a few brief declines that came conveniently during the 2012 presidential race. Prices of gasoline have risen by 100% and unemployment among Blacks has risen from 12% (during Bush) to 16%. The number of Americans living on food stamps has increased by 40%. The US national debt has risen by 5 trillion dollars, contrary to yet another Obama promise. 

All of these statistics can be easily accessed by any researcher, blogger, and reporter. The only people using these damning facts are conservative bloggers and online journalists, not anyone in America's mainstream community. 

Even Obama's greatest achievement, ObamaCare, is facing increased criticism from his fellow Democrats, now that they have begun to read the bill. Many of the bill's most important measures, like the Individual Mandate, could face destruction and put the entire life of the bill in danger. If ObamaCare fails to reach fruition by 2014 as it is supposed to, historians will undoubtedly name the Obama administration as one of the worst in US history. 

On the foreign policy front, Obama's failures have grown beyond that of any sitting US president. Since Obama took office, he has distanced the United States from one of its most important allies in the Middle East and failed to stop bloodshed in Syria. To make matters worse, Russia has begun to defy his administration's efforts to arm and encourage Syrian rebels fighting against Assad by arming Assad's forces with missiles and fighter jets. This signals a dangerous new conflict that could emerge, along with the possible collapse of US foreign relations with Russia. 

The scope of Obama's failures is staggering and difficult to grasp. 

Adding icing to the cake, Obama is the only president in history to have witnessed the first drop in America's credit rating. He is also the first president to pass and sign a law requiring all American citizens to buy a product from a private corporation (ObamaCare). 

Another astonishing first for Obama: he is the first president in US history to have used an "auto-pen" to sign bills in his absence, using his signature. 

There are still more firsts for Obama. One of which makes him the first president to hide his medical records and refuse to disclose his educational records. No one knows anything about Obama's health or his grades in college. A first for any sitting US president. 

The breadth of Obama's failure and arrogance is almost too much to measure for any political scientist or historian, but somehow the president manages to dodge any serious scrutiny or criticism from US news networks like CNN and MSNBC. In fact, he receives mostly praise. 

The level of corruption in Obama's administration decimates Bush's reputation. From illegal and unethical IRS audits of conservative PACs to Benghazi, unlawful arms shipments to Mexico, the unlawful prosecution of journalists, planned leaks, and unconstitutional executive orders, the Obama administration has survived scandals that could be considered un-survivable by most Republican presidents. All of this is made possible by a deliberately selective and biased media monopoly of thought.

The very same constitutional violations witnessed during the Bush administration have been upheld and expanded by Barack Obama. They've been ignored and downplayed by the very same people who condemned George W. Bush for signing executive orders that allowed unlawful wiretaps and arrests. Today, under Obama's leadership, drones can be legally used domestically over American skies to lethally enforce many of Bush's anti-terror policies. The same policies that were condemned by Democrats. These same drones have been used to kill children and innocent civilians in Pakistan and the Middle East, by the Obama administration

Obama and his Democratic peers sit back and smirk while escaping the consequences of their monstrous and unethical antics. It is unprecedented in US history to have such a ruthless monopoly on corruption and failure. It is impossible to put into words the impact that this presidency will have on the future of the United States and the whole of the Free World. Unmanageable and growing debt, complete disregard for constitutional law, and the elimination of civil liberties is at its most destructive peak. After Obama, the US must elect a reversal of these current policies. First and foremost, Americans must turn off their televisions and look inward for the obvious answers, without relying on the opinions of media funded experts.