Poll: PCs 37%, Liberals 32%, NDP 25%

June 1st, 2014 | Poletical Poll 

During the month of May, Poletical asked Ontario voters who they planned to vote for on June 12th. As the end of the month neared, Tim Hudak's Progressive Conservatives began to collect more votes and support, particularly from voters outside of Toronto.

Kathleen Wynne's support seems strongest from voters in Toronto and Hamilton, while IP addresses from outside of major city centres show strong support for Tim Hudak and the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.

The poll was conducted online between May 5th and May 30th with results showing gains for both Hudak and the NDP when compared to Ontario's 2011 general election results. If these results prove true, Hudak and his Progressive Conservatives may be just short of winning a majority.

Which party will get your vote on June 12th?

Progressive Conservatives: 37% (+2%)

Liberals: 32% (-5%)

NDP: 25% (+3%)

Green:  5% (+2%)

Other:  1%