Interview: Orrin Bliss Talks Freedom And Vote Splitting

September 8th, 2021 | JH

The Maverick Party is growing like a prairie wildfire across the West this election. Conservative Party supporters are waking up to the reality that all federal parties are beholden to selling out the West in order to secure the East, which holds the bulk of Canada’s votes. Liberal or Tory, it’s the same old story… Canada takes and the West gives.

In a select handful of ridings, the Maverick Party is looking to change all that. Patterning themselves after the Bloc Quebecois, the Maverick Party is going to be a regional powerhouse, fighting only for the interests of Western Canada.

Orrin Bliss is the man asking voters in Bow River to consider lending him their support. Orrin is a long-time resident in the riding and after a lifetime working in oil and gas, he’s ready to take his experience to Ottawa and begin standing up for Alberta. Bow River has been neglected for a long time and Orrin is eager to provide not only a voice, but some balance of power as well. It looks increasingly likely that we’re heading for another minority outcome in this election and now is the perfect time to establish a beachhead for Western interests.

The following is a transcription of a conversation that Orrin had with Poletical recently.

Poletical: What’s the response been on the campaign trail?

Bliss: It’s been very, very positive. I get many comments from people about how they’re tired of not being represented in Ottawa. They’re glad to have a Western party to represent us. Our MP in the Bow River riding, Martin Shields, has been voting the party line and not representing the constituents. We need change.

Poletical: Do you think people are looking for a change?

Bliss: Last night I had two people stop by my place and pick up a sign at 9:45pm. They were in tears relating their story to me about flying back to Canada and getting stuck in Covid jail for three days eating rancid oatmeal. Martin Shields needs to help people navigate this stuff that’s going on.

I hear about businesses getting stuck with issues at the border and asking for help and not getting help.

Martin has a staff, and he needs to step up and help, but that’s not what I’m hearing.

Poletical: Covid tyranny has caused a lot of terrible issues, but most of the political parties seem to agree with each other that a bigger and more intrusive government is perfectly fine.

Bliss: I’m definitely against government overreach. I’m in favour of freedom and personal choice. Trudeau made claims regarding mandating vaccines for travel permission on mass transit. What’s the next restriction going to be? What about the one after that?

What if Trudeau combines his restrictions with his climate change agenda and suggests non-electric vehicles won’t be allowed to travel on the highways? When do we draw the line and stop this?

Poletical: Covid has shown us how tenuous our rights and freedoms really are.

Bliss: The Charter of Rights is very clear, but it’s also clearly ignored.

Poletical: How did you get involved in the Maverick Party and why?

Bliss: Like many I was originally a Conservative Party supporter. I think Stephen Harper was the best Prime Minister we ever had, but he was no friend to the West. He had a majority government, and he could have improved many, many things, but he didn’t.

This just proves that he operated under the same old system of party politics in which they need to pander for Eastern votes in order to attain or retain power and we suffered because of it.

All of our MPs need to do better and start standing up for what we need in the ridings they represent.

Poletical: Maverick is getting criticized for possible vote splitting. How do you respond?

Bliss: In the Bow River riding it’s mathematically impossible to split the vote and allow a Liberal to win. The Liberals got 6% of the vote. The Conservatives got 84% of the vote. Even if we split the Conservative vote in half, and this riding goes Maverick, there is basically no risk of a Liberal win.

Nationwide, the election is decided long before Alberta’s votes are even counted. If we win a few ridings in Alberta, we’ll support a Conservative minority government, but they’ll have to negotiate with us on our terms and that will bring a great amount of strength to the West. We want to be on par with the Bloc Quebecois but promoting Western interests instead. 

Poletical: Too often Westerners have a palooka attitude towards democracy which allows us to be taken advantage of. We think about good governance in the context of civic patriotism whereas Quebec is more mercenary in their approach and just look out for themselves. Is it time for us to stand up for our own interests?

Bliss: We haven’t had a government that represents our interests in a long, long time. Martin Shields, the MP for the Conservatives in Bow River here, he supports things that go completely against our values. He supports the Paris Accord and Erin O’Toole’s outlandish carbon tax.

Martin voted in favour of bill C-96 that favours Quebec nationalism.

I haven’t heard anything from him regarding the challenges that farmers face. There’s a mandate to restrict fertilizers and issues regarding transferring family farms from one generation to another. I haven’t heard Martin speak up about much at all.

Poletical: Over the years rural Alberta has become a slush fund for the Conservative Party. Everyone wants the Conservative nomination so they can have their turn at the trough. They kind of tread water and tell us what we want to hear, but they don’t seem to do much or achieve anything.

Bliss: If I’m down in Ottawa I’ll be participating as much as I can on Bow River’s behalf. I’ll jump up and down on a soapbox if I have to. I’ll ask questions and demand answers. I’ll deliver those answers to the people of Bow River.

Poletical: More communication would be great. The only time I hear from the Conservative Party is when they’re spamming for cash and the only time Martin sends out anything, it’s usually for data mining.

Bliss: I think Martin’s communication is mostly just stuff written by staffers in Ottawa. He’s a nice guy, but he’s meek and we need a stronger presence in Ottawa.

Poletical: A lot of our readers like Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada. What do you think of the PPC and their positions?

Bliss: I like a lot of what Max says, but I think he’s missing the bigger picture on a lot of things. He’s a Quebec politician and he’s going to be beholden to the same dynamic as the other parties…pandering to the East for votes in order to attain power. Just because he’s Maxime Bernier doesn’t mean he’s going to be immune to that tradition.

Poletical: Well good luck with your campaign, I suspect a lot of people are going to be quietly voting Maverick on September 20.

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