O'Toole Is Proving Himself, But Trust Is Still An Issue

September 1st, 2021 | RR

Erin O'Toole slimed his way into the Conservative leadership by lying to the base and promising to be the true blue alternative to Peter Mackay. What he did after winning was anything but true blue. He created a carbon tax policy, which he denied was a carbon tax, and his party is now pushing for safe injection sites and the legalization of drugs used in the gay community to enhance sex. Had Trudeau not been so unpopular, this gamble would have been a disaster. However, a lot of people have misread the true mood of the country.

If you were to pay attention to the corporate news and mainstream media, you would think that woke politics and gender identity were top priorities for ordinary Canadians. As this election is proving, that's not the case. Trudeau's ridiculous “she-cession” and “she-covery” have fell flat and earned mockery from most Canadians, while his old schticks about abortion and racism in the Conservative Party are being shrugged off. Clearly, the backlash to extreme wokism has begun to manifest a bit earlier than we all expected. Canadians aren't who the corporate media has made them out to be. It turns out, Canadians aren't as receptive to left-wing nonsense, especially while their fellow citizens are being left behind in Afghanistan and while Covid surges across the country for a fourth time.

There is a very good chance he will lose, but if Erin O'Toole wins this thing, it will be because of Justin Trudeau's extraordinary failures in leadership. The Afghanistan debacle couldn't have come at a worse time for Liberals. A perfect storm seems to have come at the right time for Conservatives and, so far, Erin O'Toole is handling it perfectly.

Credit is due where it's due.

When it comes to giving off prime minister vibes, O'Toole has mastered the technique. The situation in Afghanistan set the stage for him to shine—and he did. His messaging has been smooth, consistent and strong. At a time when Canadians were starting to see Trudeau's inability to lead, O'Toole stepped in and put on the pants. In a perfectly choreographed and planned video on the situation in Afghanistan, O'Toole addressed Canadians like their real Prime Minister. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you watch it here.

As Justin Trudeau was running around the country griping and spreading fake news about Conservatives supporting abortion and private healthcare, Erin O'Toole was showing real leadership on Afghanistan, the opioid crisis and the economy. While Trudeau was resorting to the same fear tactics he used in 2015 and 2019, Erin O'Toole was putting out real policies and addressing important issues.

As Trudeau's tired tactics continue to fail him, O'Toole will keep winning. But we should never underestimate the Liberal machine and its ability to smear and use cultural non-issues to destroy opponents.

Trudeau's efforts to play the victim like he did in 2019 are also failing. Wearing bulletproof vests—and pretending that hecklers and protesters are dangerous—paid off in 2019, but things are a bit different this year. Canadians may not be keen on loud hecklers and vulgar protesters, but that doesn't mean they feel sorry for Justin Trudeau. Just because poor little Justin needs to wear a bulletproof vest and double his security doesn't mean he deserves to win again. Canadians aren't going to give him a majority out of sympathy. They can acknowledge the importance of Justin's safety while still voting his ass out of office.

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Erin O'Toole was right to condemn some of the protesters, not because conservatives would agree, but because the rest of Canada agrees. It was a safe move for O'Toole and he is proving to be just as measured and calculated as Stephen Harper. At this point, it's about winning and not screwing it up. As O'Toole inches up in popularity and popular support, now is not the time to fuck up a good thing.

For conservatives that were bamboozled by O'Toole's leadership campaign, there will be ongoing trust issues. Will O'Toole be any better than Justin Trudeau if he is elected? That's the question plaguing small C conservatives as they grapple with voting for the People's Party and the Maverick Party. Even if O'Toole wins, there are doubts about him keeping the promises he is making on the campaign trail.

What good are any of his policies and promises if he can't be trusted to live up to any of them?

This could all be a part of a master plan to slowly and incrementally convert Canadians. Perhaps O'Toole is a real conservative and he just needs to finally win an election to re-start the process of incrementalism initiated by Harper. O'Toole is, after all, lacking most of the baggage we saw with Scheer, Mackay, Bernier, Sloan and other leaders. Each of those candidates have laundry lists of past scandals and skeletons. O'Toole is almost as clean as a whistle. Maybe that's who Conservatives needed all along. Maybe that's why it's so hard for Trudeau to pull the same stops and to play the same tricks.

A lot of this would sound like a hidden agenda and Trojan horse to most life-long liberals, but even they seem to feel comfortable with Erin O'Toole. Truth be told, it's probably not a part of a master plan at all—not for O'Toole, anyway. O'Toole is and always has been a genuine moderate. His voting record proves it and his past run at the party leadership in 2017 proves it. O'Toole was never a “true blue” candidate and anyone who was really paying attention would have known that.

Many conservatives were bamboozled by O'Toole because they weren't paying attention.

O'Toole's liberalism was so obvious in 2017 that he only won 10% of the vote on the first ballot. He made it far in the leadership race by being a solid second and third choice for moderates and Red Tories. Strangely, in 2020, conservatives failed to remember who O'Toole really was. His “true blue” schtick in 2020 was a farce, but they fell for it. They ate it all up.

Yes, he betrayed them, but it could have been a genius play. A lot of the moderates who voted for O'Toole in the 2017 leadership race remembered who he was and likely saw his “true blue” theatrics as necessary for winning the leadership against Mackay—who would have been a far worse candidate. By now, Trudeau would have destroyed Mackay on the campaign trail by bringing up his helicopter scandal, his selling out of the Progressive Party and various other things.

Mackay would have been a total disaster.

At a time when Trudeau was failing, Conservatives needed a soft, scandal-free moderate with good leadership vibes.

"When it comes to giving off prime minister vibes, O'Toole has mastered the technique."

Had Trudeau not been such a failure, O'Toole would be losing and losing badly. His shift to the left on major issues would have turned away conservatives and made it difficult for the electorate to differentiate him from Trudeau, or to give a shit about him. If Afghanistan never happened and the economy wasn't on the brink, Trudeau would have walloped O'Toole and won an easy majority. Instead, a perfect storm of international and economic chaos has turned the tides.

China sentenced a Canadian to death on trumped up charges, Canadians have been left behind in Afghanistan, people are dying on the streets from an opioid epidemic, homelessness is the highest it has been in thirty years and inflation is at unsafe levels. Trudeau's lack of leadership and resolve is being exposed at a time when he can afford it the least. As a result, a soft and safe Conservative alternative is making unexpected gains.

No one could have planned this better than nature herself.

As tragic as all of this is, it could spell the end of Trudeau's career. The chickens have come home to roost earlier than any of us had expected. Six years of poor leadership, financial mishandling, divisive politics, arrogance and scandals have finally caught up to Justin Trudeau. At the end of it all, he will have only been Prime Minister for six years—three years fewer than his arch nemesis and scapegoat, Stephen Harper.

If O'Toole does win on September 20, Justin Trudeau will be an undeniable failure. His legacy will be defined by six short years of scandals and degradation. It would be one of the worst and shortest lived tenures of any Canadian Prime Minister in history.

Regardless of what we think of Erin O'Toole, he will make one heck of a good prime minister when compared to Justin Trudeau.

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