Pam Damoff Needs To Go

September 1st, 2020 | SP

My friends in Oakville North-Burlington, Pam Damoff must be voted out of office in the next federal election. How could you, in your right minds, allow this woman to retain office following her most recent display of unadulterated hypocrisy and arrogance? In the very midst of her own leader's corruption scandal (just one of many now), she had the audacity to demand the removal of Derek Sloan from the Conservative caucus. Why? All because Mr. Sloan's opinions differ from her own party's ideological aims. All because she is a truly pitiful and petty person.

Damoff started her decade-long career as a politician in 2010, when she was elected to the town council of Oakville. While on council, she helped initiate Oakville's anti-car policies, which have since made the town a disaster of traffic and gridlock. Oakville is one the most densely populated municipalities in Canada, which have made Damoff's anti-car cycling policies some of the worst in the country. Anyone who has driven their car in Oakville knows the situation very well.

Pam Damoff was a disaster for Oakville and she will soon prove to be a disaster for the Liberal Party.

Believing that Damoff's demand for Derek Sloan's removal is anything but hypocritical, the Liberals will soon come to realize that Canadians are well aware of the party's absurd and arrogant efforts to deflect from the scandals that have recently engulfed Justin Trudeau. Canadians are not the fools Liberals take them for. Having spent much time in and around Oakville myself, I know that the people of Oakville can see right through Damoff's preposterous deflections.

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Making a scandal out of Erin O'Toole's refusal to remove Derek Sloan is an old Liberal trick that may have worked in the era of Andrew Scheer, but ever since new scandals have consumed Trudeau's PMO, the same tricks will be met with less tolerance from voters. Mark my words, friends, these Liberal tricks are getting old with Canadians—especially those in Oakville North-Burlington.

The Kebab Stop in Oakville was one of my favourite places when visiting the city. Just down the road from Lake Ontario, I met people whom I would still call friends today. Whenever I am in Oakville, we will hit the town and dine out across the GTA. Those people, many of which voted Liberal in 2015, will not do so again. As sure as I am that the sky is blue, I am sure they will be Pam Damoff's worst nightmare in the next election. “Fed up” cannot quantify their feelings following the latest corruption scandal in Ottawa.

Her latest stunt to make a scandal out of Derek Sloan's views will backfire. The stunning nature of Pam Damoff's obliviousness is difficult to fathom. The stunning nature of Canada's news media, in their efforts to elevate her stunt, is tainted with the foul stench of Liberal loyalty.

"Pam Damoff was a disaster for Oakville and she will soon prove to be a disaster for the Liberal Party."

In only a few short years, Justin Trudeau has managed to entangle himself in a series of scandals. Many of us have debated whether his entanglement is purposeful or accidental. His inability to learn from his mistakes is either attributed to his entitlement, or to simple stupidity. Some have suggested that he is so consumed by his own ego and arrogance that he sincerely believes he will get away with it. Perhaps he knows that his journalist friends and employees at the CBC will weave a pleasant tale and help him escape scrutiny. Whatever the case may be, it is almost unheard of in Canadian history for a Prime Minister to be so prone to repeated and perpetual scandals.

By the skin of his teeth, Justin Trudeau narrowly avoided defeat in 2019. He had the incumbent's advantage, but it was trimmed away by voters in the West. If four more years pass before the next election, his incumbency will become a hindrance—as it has with every Prime Minister before him. Within a long enough frame of time, Justin Trudeau's antics will become old and tiresome, as they already have for many Canadians. Unlike many Prime Ministers before him, Trudeau's time appears to be expiring more quickly than normal.

Canadians have grown tired of the scandals and the cronyism. The people of Oakville North-Burlington have not been fooled by Pam Damoff's efforts to deflect. Nor will they be fooled by her attempts to remind them of the “awful” Harper era in the next election campaign. Looking around at the traffic and gridlock in Oakville, voters will be quickly reminded of Pam Damoff's pitiful legacy as their councillor.

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