Interview: Paul Hinman Returns To Save Alberta

November 1st, 2021 | JH

Alberta conservatives are in a tough spot. We’re stuck with a highly disappointing UCP government led by the most unpopular Premier in Canada, but the only big alternative option is the NDP. When you’re trying to decide between cuckservatives and socialists, it’s time to start figuring out how to move to Texas, but fear not! Help is on the way. Like a cowboy on the horizon, showing up for a sequel, Paul Hinman has been called back into action in order to set things right on the Alberta landscape.

For those who might not know, before Danielle Smith, Paul Hinman was the leader of the Wildrose Party. He helped build it up to the point that it was viable and strong and ready to contest elections against the former PC dynastic machine. Hinman was elected as an MLA in two different ridings on two separate occasions and arguably affected more real change on the political scene than anyone since Ralph Klein.

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And now he’s back.

He’s leading a reborn Wildrose Party, but with the added plank of Independence adopted into the framework. The Wildrose Independence Party is on the move and conservative-minded Albertans finally have an option worth voting for.

We talked with Paul recently and got into some interesting territory regarding the state of Alberta…

JH for Poletical: You’ve just recently won the leadership of the Wildrose Independence Party. How are things developing?

Hinman: Our members are incredibly frustrated with our broken, toxic and dysfunctional relationship with Canada. They’re totally frustrated with federal and provincial policies that attack our way of life and ways of making a living. People are glad that we’re around as a party with a plan, because most people are getting into a state of depression thinking that there is nothing they can do.

We’re reaching out to Albertans to tell them that we can stand up. We can say no to this bullying. We need to exercise our full autonomy. This message is resonating strongly with people looking for something different.

Poletical: You launched the original Wildrose Party about 15 years ago. What’s different about launching this version of the Wildrose Party today?

Hinman: We’re hurting a lot more now.

People are realizing that we’re being attacked. Our pipelines aren’t being allowed to be built. We’ve got the west coast tanker ban. Environmental regulations have become obscene. We have a Prime Minister that is telling Alberta farmers that they need to reduce fertilizer input by one third.

Alberta has so much to offer the world and yet the world (and Canada) wants to shut us down and Albertans are starting to realize that.

Poletical: Do you think the people imposing this hardship on Alberta are doing so out of ignorance or malevolence? Not to be conspiratorial, but is this a part of a plan?

Hinman: Absolutely. This is spite. This is animosity. This is jealousy. Trudeau despises us. Hillary Clinton said it best…they think we’re the deplorables. These are ignorant, selfish, narcissists that want to run everyone’s lives and they think they’re better than us.

They’re hypocrites and they don’t even realize their own hypocrisy.

Poletical: Let me ask you about Alberta’s recent municipal elections. There definitely seems to be an urban/rural divide happening.

Hinman: It is a concern. People that are closest to the land understand mother nature and how brutal she can be. You can lose a crop the day before your harvest. Winter can come in spring and animals can be lost. Rural people are more connected to the reality of life, whereas people in cities are becoming more and more disconnected.

How many children know where a chicken McNugget comes from? How many people can tell the difference between a gas and electric vehicle or understand how either operate? They’re indoctrinated and receive propaganda about how this is bad and that is good, but with no cost benefit analysis or connection with reality.

Poletical: What’s the root of this problem?

Hinman: Education mostly.

When Albertans first came here it was survival of the fittest. You didn’t have someone to pander and look after you.

How many people in cities even know where their food comes from? Our education system is feeding a lot of misinformation to our children, telling them that hydrocarbons are bad and it’s a false narrative.

Poletical: I did an interview with Jay Hill of the Maverick Party, and we were talking about how life has gotten too easy, and I related the story of my great-grandfather first arriving in Saskatchewan and getting there too late in the season to get the proper provisions for housing, so he spent his first winter here in a hole in the ground that he dug by himself near a river.

"These are ignorant, selfish, narcissists that want to run everyone’s lives and they think they’re better than us."

Hinman: Yup. Right here in Magrath they have the spot for the first dugout that people made; pioneers digging caves to protect themselves.

Poletical: I compare that with how I live today and it’s like a different universe. I wonder if there’s something implicit with development and prosperity that makes people decadent and lazy?

Hinman: We’re so caught up concerning ourselves with the next pleasure. Our attention spans seem to search for…whether you want to call it happiness or stimulation…people are getting distracted from reality.

I have a nephew that just sits in his room. He goes to work, and he comes home, and he sits in his room and plays virtual games on a big screen with his online friends. It’s alarming.

Poletical: It’s dehumanizing.

Hinman: Yes.

Poletical: There seems to be a confluence of influences from Covid, such as mask wearing and the internet and social media and all these ideologies that are popping up taking us in frightening directions.

Hinman: It is, and I think one thing that is very clear with the “Great Reset” and the “Build Back Better” and the “environmental/social/governance” (ESG) it’s truly alarming how they want to infiltrate our lives and control things. Most people are completely unaware of it and oblivious to it and even when you point it out, they say it can’t be so.

This idea of mandating the vaccine and having a vaccine passport is truly unbelievable. It’s unbelievable that we’re here. Even Jason Kenney six months ago said it’s wrong and it’s unconstitutional and illegal and now they’ve flipped on that. It’s really alarming.

Poletical: When you first launched Wildrose I supported you because I was concerned that Ed Stelmach wasn’t conservative enough. All those problems we had back then look trivial compared with what we’re living with today.

Hinman: Truly, however, back then these problems were the stepping stones that brought us to all this today.

The education system had legislation going on. I remember fighting bill-36 and filibustering all night on bill-12. We filibustered all night, and they gave up and broke for the summer and the bill didn’t pass. I saw problems developing back in the late-90’s and warning that this is the path we were on and today is where we would end up.

Poletical: So, what does the Wildrose Independence Party offer in contrast?

Hinman: Government can be so much better. When you look at the progress, we’ve made over the last 100 years. Progress in medicine and lifestyles…compared to how our government functions…we’re backsliding.

The Wildrose Independence Party offers great government that’s efficient and constitutionally protects the lives, liberty and property of individuals. The principles of prosperity and peace. We want a justice system that treats everyone equally and where bullying isn’t allowed by courts. Good healthcare. Good education. Choice. We need to put the people first and hold people accountable with measures like recall and referendum.

Poletical: You’re legendary for organizing and getting stuff happening in the real world. What’s your secret to success?

Hinman: My secret for success is going door to door and talking to people. Both times I’ve been elected I’ve used the same formula. I talk to people and ask them questions.

Are you happy with the current government? Do you think it makes a difference who you elect? Would you like to be able to fire the people you elect?

I was always criticized for spending too much time at the door, but a new movement requires education. We have 87 constituency associations and we’re trying to develop them to grow to 500 members and use them to spread the word about good government.

We talk to people at their doors. It’s not going to be a social media win. It’s a ground game.

Poletical: So, talking to people one-on-one is the best way to circumvent the big integrated media propaganda networks?

Hinman: It’s our only hope. It’s going to be one constituency association at a time and that’s where we need to stay focused. We need to build the associations and the membership.

Poletical: How does your ego manage the smears by the corporate media? The way they portray you and your views are much different from the real you.

Hinman: That is my strength. When people talk and listen and hear my passion and how much I care…people don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care…and that’s what people tell me. They understand that I care, and I truly do.

Poletical: What’s your take on Jason Kenney?

Hinman: He’s the biggest disappointment in my political career. I had the highest expectations and now it’s my biggest disappointment. He is an astute politician, but I want a great leader who can lead us through these tough times. He had this big mantra about how it was going to be jobs, pipelines and the economy and he struck out on all three.

He was going to stand up to Ottawa, but he’s in bed and sleeping with Ottawa. He couldn’t care less about Alberta, and it’s always been about Jason and moving to the next level which is Prime Minister. If he has desires to be a part of a new global movement I don’t know, but I can certainly say that this is an individual that is only covering his backside and thinking that he’s smarter than everybody else and following too many polls and not the science and the facts and the future.

He flip-flops. Last December was the most classic example. He offered freedom from lockdowns until the polls didn’t jump and then he changed direction 180 degrees. The harm and the damage he’s doing to Alberta, to our children and to our healthcare system is truly disappointing, truly alarming and truly disgusting.

Poletical: There’s a book by Rod Dreher called The Benedict Option, which refers to the Benedictine monks who preserved Christianity through the dark ages. Anyway, he is pretty black-pilled and thinks we’ve lost Western Civilization and that we need to drop out and keep our heads down and build parallel institutions and live like Soviet-era dissidents.

Hinman: I hear that, and I understand people feeling that, but I’d say join the movement and join the fight. We may lose the battle, but let’s go down fighting. I don’t see sticking my head in the sand. I don’t see dropping out of society and expecting that we’ll be left alone.

It would be one thing if I thought we could go and start a colony or build our own little place in the backwoods and not be bothered, but I don’t believe that that’s doable. We’re like cornered animals and we need to turn around and stand up and say no. We need to fight for our freedom. We need to give other people that leadership and offer strength in numbers.

Everything the government is doing is about demoralizing the individual. They want us to think we can’t do things on our own. They want us to think that our immune system can’t handle things. They want us to think that our economic system can’t handle things. They want us to think that our mental stability can’t handle things. They want to isolate us and pull us apart.

This is about the entrepreneurial spirit! Our drive to create and be self-sufficient! Our enthusiasm as individuals!

It’s exciting to me to be around my young grandchildren and see their unquenchable thirst to see something or try something new. That enthusiasm is all being sucked out of our system.

I equate our government to the healthcare system of the 1700s. Their big solution was bloodletting. George Washington was sick and struggling and the doctors did more harm than good as they believed that the blood was poisoned and they would try and remove the poisoned blood only making it tougher for George to recover. Their diagnosis was wrong and today we know that. What government is doing is wrong, and doing more harm and very little if any good.

Poletical: Covid must be putting a dent in campaigning, assuming this fourth wave is the last wave…

Hinman: Is the sun not coming up tomorrow?

Poletical: (laugh) I’m hoping this whole thing just fades away like the Spanish flu did.

Hinman: Let’s just go down that rabbit hole for a minute. The Spanish flu saw people dying in the streets and that was a pandemic. They’ve changed the definition of a pandemic. They’ve changed the definition of a case. They’ve changed the definition of a vaccine. The meanings of these things have been stolen from us.

Yes, this is a more critical flu than previous ones, but we as humans have to learn to live with this and we’re told we can’t, we’re supposed to isolate. This is causing more harm than good.

Poletical: I keep hoping that people will come to their senses, but so far, I’ve been proven naïve.

Hinman: It’s very concerning. What if we actually have an outbreak in which 7% or 10% of the population were to become sick? Right now, one in thirty thousand people in Alberta are in the ICU with Covid and we can’t handle it. This isn’t a pandemic.

With the billions of dollars spent we should’ve had a couple of more hospitals built or 20%, 30% or 50% more frontline staff. At least we could have had something to show for the billions that we spent, but we have nothing to show for it.

Poletical: Well, we have something to show for it…we spent billions of dollars to make millions of people stay at home and eat potato chips and watch Netflix.

Hinman: Yes. That hasn’t helped people’s health. Even my own,I haven’t been getting out as much and I’m struggling to keep the weight off.

Poletical: Someone said they expected the lockdowns would allow people who say they never have time to exercise, lots of opportunity to workout at home and everyone would be in the best shape of their lives and 18 months later everyone came out fatter than ever.

Hinman: It’s true, and for me, I spend way too much time on the computer and researching and reading, but I’d prefer to be out knocking on doors and talking to people and being outside.

Poletical: Covid makes all that harder. I know Maxime Bernier really flouted the rules and campaigned with crowds anyway. Are you allowed to have small meetings?

Hinman: Let’s put it this way, we’ve been having them, but we don’t flout them. Getting back to your Benedict Option, we try to stay under the radar and we’re regrouping to see how we move forward. I’ve been on the road and had many meetings and they’ve been productive. My plan is to get back on the road and be out there more than people might think.

Poletical: One last question regarding the independence part of the party. How far down that road do you want to go?

Hinman: It all comes down to one simple question, can we save Alberta from Ottawa? The only way we can do that is by exercising our full autonomy and becoming independent. Alberta can not survive inside of Canada. Whether you’re a loyalist or a sovereigntist, Wildrose is the solution. If you want leverage for a better deal this is how to get it, but I’d argue that we still have to pursue independence because Canada is not a responsible partner. They aren’t responsible economically. They aren’t responsible socially. Their policies regarding climate and socialism, it’s cancerous.

Canada is the Titanic and it’s already hit the iceberg and it’s taking on water, and we have a Captain that says, “No problem, we’re unsinkable! We’re going to be fine. We’ll have the Great Reset and we’ll Build Back Better!”

It’s a line of lies and we need to be a sovereign nation.

If you’re in a dark and dreary place and feeling discouraged, please visit our website and realize that there is hope and let’s join this battle together, because I believe we can be free and prosperous here in Alberta.

We’re going to have to work hard for it, just like those pioneers living in holes in the ground in the 1800’s. Alberta becoming the great province it became was the result of individuals working hard and it’s the same today. We’re going to have to roll up our sleeves and get to work and spread the news to save Alberta, because Ottawa wants to destroy us.

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