Pedophilia And Politics: The Dark Truth

December 1st, 2016 | T. Carter
pedophilia and politics

Much has been made about pedophilia and child trafficking rings lately. Most of it has been difficult to prove and many internet sleuths on Reddit and Twitter have crossed the line that separates libel from truth, but that doesn't mean that pedophilia and politics haven't gone hand-in-hand before. Disturbing investigations around the world have linked high ranking officials, politicians and aristocrats to pedophilia, child pornography and trafficking rings in the past.

In the 1980s, a member of the British parliament named Geoffrey Dickens claimed that pedophilia and child trafficking were rampant within the corridors of power in the UK. His files and evidence were ignored by high ranking officials. More disturbingly, the files containing names of over a dozen members of parliament and more than 30 high ranking judges, teachers, and CEOs; and their involvement in something called the Pedophile Information Exchange, were confiscated by government officials. It wasn't until 30 years later that Dickens' claims would be taken seriously.

In a book called Smile For The Camera: The Double Life Of Cyril Smith, co-written by a member of parliament named Simon Danczuk, it is alleged that Cyril Smith, a former member of the British parliament, had over 140 complaints of pedophilia filed against him but was never prosecuted. Those interviewed in the book also allege that lewd and indecent photos were found in Smith's car, but that he was mysteriously able to escape without charges. One retired police officer also alleged that high ranking Special Branch Officers from the UK government refused to allow him to ask a victim directly about Cyril Smith during an investigation.

All of this seems to be ripped from the pages of a conspiracy novel, but most of it has been reaffirmed by witnesses and other high ranking politicians and journalists. Due to the UK's strict libel laws, most journalists are unable to publish materials without proper clearance. Some journalists claim to have been threatened with jail and prosecution if they published anything related to the documented cases of pedophilia among Britain's elites. As for how deep the conspiracy stretches into the upper chambers of Britain's highest offices, that's even more disturbing.

In an interview with the BBC, a former Conservative Party whip recounted times when members of parliament would come to party whips asking for help with getting out of sticky situations. He told the BBC, “It might be debt, it might be a scandal involving small boys, or any kind of scandal which a member seemed likely to be mixed up in, they'd come and ask if we could help. If we could, we did.” The former whip from the BBC interview, Tim Fortescue, was the Conservative Party whip from 1970 to 1973, indicating that such acts of pedophilia have been common for a lot longer in the UK's highest offices. That BBC clip can be watched here.

Ideas about high ranking investigators and government officials covering up cases of pedophilia and child trafficking are not as unbelievable as they'd like us to think. The Guardian reported on the high profile case of child abuse at a young boys' home in Ireland and MI5's alleged efforts to cover-up the involvement of government officials:

MI5 is facing allegations it was complicit in the sexual abuse of children, the high court in Northern Ireland will hear on Tuesday.

Victims of the abuse are taking legal action to force a full independent inquiry with the power to compel witnesses to testify and the security service to hand over documents.

The case, in Belfast, is the first in court over the alleged cover-up of British state involvement at the Kincora children's home in Northern Ireland in the 1970s. It is also the first of the recent sex abuse cases allegedly tying in the British state directly. Victims allege that the cover-up over Kincora has lasted decades.   – Vikram Dodd and Richard Norton-Taylor, The Guardian

The same article also cites that Amnesty International has fully backed the victims and their claims. Those same victims allege that Kincora was run by a Protestant paramilitary organization that was using the young boys and offering their services to men. They allege that MI5, Britain's equivalent of the CIA, not only covered it up but colluded with the organization and other officials to protect those involved.

The article also notes that the Kincora case is only the first of more cases alleging British state involvement in pedophilia and possible child trafficking.

One of the stories that sparked an unprecedented wave of investigations in the UK is the story of Jimmy Savile, a late television personality who was well known and loved in the UK. Savile was a radio host who appeared on children's television shows and raised large sums of money for charitable organizations. It wasn't until after his death that it would be revealed that Jimmy Savile may have been one of Britain's most prolific and active sexual predators.

Savile escaped any kind of prosecution or suspicion throughout his life. In 1990, Savile was even knighted. After his death, a flood of police reports and witness allegations prompted an investigation into his predatory nature as a child sex abuser. Throughout his life, Savile was closely connected to high ranking members of the UK parliament, House Of Lords and the Royal Family. During his career in radio at the BBC, rumors surfaced that he had inappropriate relations with underage children and had sexually abused female co-workers. Those rumors and allegations were ignored, only to resurface after his death. In 2012, the BBC apologized and opened an internal investigation into Savile's career and any possible cover-ups inside the organization.

It is speculated that Jimmy Savile had more than 300 victims, many of which he took to his private cottage. The Daily Mail published photos from inside Savile's private cottage in Scotland, which contained bunk beds and children's toys.

Jimmy Savile was not an anomaly or a rare occurrence. Evidence strongly points to more elitist, high ranking people with connections to pedophilia and trafficking. The Independent reported last year that Britain's most famous and controversial leader, Margaret Thatcher, ordered officials not to publicly out one of her top diplomats, Peter Hayman, as a pedophile:

Margaret Thatcher told officials not to publicly name a senior diplomat connected to a pedophile scandal despite being fully briefed on allegations made against him, a newly revealed secret file has shown.

The file was prepared for the late Conservative Prime Minister in the early Eighties, and details allegations of “unnatural” sexual activity by Sir Peter Hayman in 1966, when he returned from West Berlin to the Foreign Office. It also notified Mrs. Thatcher that the senior diplomat had been subject to a police investigation, after a parcel containing obscene materials was found on a London bus in 1978.    – Kashmira Gander, The Independent

It doesn't end at Peter Hayman. Other member's of Thatcher's inner circle have also been named in investigations and by reporters as having links to pedophilia. Other names that can easily be Googled or looked up are Peter Morrison and Leon Brittan. Similar Google searches and bread crumbs can lead individual researchers to other reports of high ranking pedophilia in Australia, Thailand and the United States.

Most of those who have been investigated and prosecuted for pedophilia have been linked to child trafficking rings, usually through purchasing services. These are private citizens and some high ranking officials in several countries who have all purchased and transacted with professional, black market pornographers and child traffickers. It is through these investigations and arrests that child trafficking, prostitution, pedophilia and pornography rings are broken up. Most of these trafficking rings have stretched far and wide, reaching into countries around the globe. Many child traffickers are involved in abduction and smuggling, which involves kidnapping small children and selling them and their services to wealthy buyers. It is through these wealthy buyers that child trafficking rings are said to survive.

The most frightening aspect of child trafficking is the price of what is being sold. Law enforcement officials have uncovered varying prices for services offered by small children on the black market, and none of them would be considered affordable to any average, middle class person. That leaves a very limited market for child traffickers. That market, most frighteningly, only seems accessible to society's most wealthy and well connected people.

According to the International Labor Organization, more than one million children are trafficked each year. Other organizations have put the numbers somewhere between 800,000 and 1.2 million. Although not all trafficking rings are prostitution rings, most are used specifically for the production of child pornography and prostitution. Many have also been used to exploit children for the purposes of child labor. The prostitution rings have been known to train small, orphaned or kidnapped children to perform sexual acts at a young age. In some cases, those children are sold to buyers and never seen again. In other cases, they are kept in captivity and their services are sold to buyers. According to Unicef, trafficked children are often killed or mutilated.

Many pedophiles and sex traffickers use codes and symbols to secretly communicate their services and intentions to buy. This was documented and confirmed in an unclassified FBI release that was published at Wikileaks:

To specifically indicate the pedophile's gender preference, members of pedophile organizations encourage the use of descriptions such as “boylove”, “girllove” and “childlove”. These symbols have been etched into rings and formed into pendants, and have also been found imprinted on coins.

                                                                                – FBI, Symbols And Logos Used By Pedophiles

To view some of the symbols, take a look at the Wikileaks release here. Now that many of these symbols and code words have been exposed to the public eye, it's likely that the symbols will eventually change or be discontinued. These symbols were reported on by the Daily Mail in April as being used by pedophiles on social media, the internet and in public places to indicate their preferences.

Talk of wide reaching pedophilia, prostitution and coded language may seem far-fetched at times, but it has been thoroughly documented by law enforcement. The expensive nature of child trafficking has also been proven to attract the most wealthy and well connected members of society, which often and unquestionably makes busting such crimes more difficult. As we have seen here, it isn't far-fetched to assume that such high level criminality can take place without ever being uncovered. In many cases, as with Margaret Thatcher's inner circle, Jimmy Savile, and the Kincora boys' school, cases of child abuse and pedophilia are consciously suppressed and ignored. In many cases, the people involved are the ones who were supposed to protect society's most vulnerable from the very crimes they are committing.

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