The Deep State's Last Hope:

Pete Buttigieg

March 1st, 2020 | TC

The Iowa caucuses were an absolute disaster in every aspect. A tech company linked to Pete Buttigieg and the Democratic establishment botched the entire process with a faulty app, all while the mainstream media spiked a poll just days before the caucuses that showed Bernie Sanders leading by double digits. It is all for not, because their attempts are as clear and visible as day. The establishment's plan to keep control over America's electoral process and to protect their hold on power is seeing its last strongholds collapse.

To begin, Donald Trump upended the Republican establishment by winning the party's un-rigged primaries. Over the years, a few bitter clingers, like Mitt Romney and John McCain, have kept hanging on. Their grasp on the GOP's direction has since weakened to revolutionary levels. In three short years, Donald Trump has wrangled the GOP, reeled in the rogue Congressmen and won the party's approval with 95%. The Republican Party now belongs to Donald Trump and what his supporters call “the deep state” has lost half of its power and influence in America.

As the Democratic primaries unfold, we will see the other half unravel.

The other half of the deep state's control lies inside the Democratic Party, but that half is being torn away by a rogue socialist named Bernie Sanders, who has very little loyalty to the party and no regard for the narrative that has guided the party since the era of Bill Clinton. The party establishment sloppily, but successfully, rigged the 2016 primaries against him. This time around, the party's new generation of disenfranchised and angry Millennials has grown wiser.

As all else continues to fail, the deep state has resorted to blaming Russia.

The inevitable demographic shift taking place within the Democratic Party has the “deep state” in a panic. They have recruited Pete Buttigieg as their saviour. His job is to steal the nomination from Bernie by using his sexuality, superb rhetorical style and youth. Originally, Joe Biden had been the person capable of stealing the nomination and challenging Donald Trump in November, but his campaign and mental health have since forced a re-evaluation. Time is running out and Sanders is accumulating delegates after his wins in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. The only person left to stop him now is Buttigieg.

How do we know that mayor Pete is the deep state's saviour?

In 2016, Barack Obama praised Buttigieg in an interview with The New Yorker. Ever since, Buttigieg's campaign has drawn the support of more than two dozen former Obama Administration diplomats. According to Politico, a group of elite Obama officials have thrown in for Buttigieg:

Pete Buttigieg has enlisted an army of elite supporters to argue that the 37-year-old mayor of a small city has what it takes to be the leader of the free world.

Nearly two dozen former ambassadors who worked for President Barack Obama abroad see a commander in chief in the South Bend, Ind., mayor and are using their fundraising connections and stature in elite Democratic circles to build support for him. The campaign is currently discussing plans to deploy Buttigieg’s team of former ambassadors to woo influential undecided Democrats to his team, according to multiple people with knowledge of those discussions.

If that does not sound like a push by the deep state to secure the Democratic nomination, it gets worse as Politico reports:

Buttigieg’s diplomatic support extends to the rank and file, as well: Employees of the State Department and agencies within it, along with their spouses, have given more money to Buttigieg’s campaign (over $62,000) than to any other Democrat running for president in 2020, according to analysis from the Center for Responsive Politics.

If you are unfamiliar with what the deep state is, it is the inner workings of the federal government—which includes long-serving members of the civil service, un-elected bureaucrats and members of the intelligence and administrative communities. The deep state is a collection of well-connected, un-elected bureaucrats, law enforcers and businessmen who pull strings and influence policies from positions they have held for countless years and decades. They are said to influence the media, internal party politics and even various state-level positions.

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"The inevitable demographic shift taking place within the Democratic Party has the deep state in a panic."

The deep state consists of powerful managers, directors, career bureaucrats and law enforcement officials who were never elected in a democratic process.

When a political campaign wins the support of “rank and file employees of the State Department and agencies within it”, we know we are dealing with a legitimate deep state operation. Bernie Sanders has gained virtually no support from members of the Democratic establishment or the deep state, even in his second attempt to win the party's nomination. Just as they did in his previous attempt, they are trying to circumvent his leadership among the party's growing base of youthful socialists.

It can be said that the success Bernie Sanders is experiencing in his second attempt is rooted in the unfair treatment he received in 2016. In any normal circumstance, in a world where the deep state was never exposed and where the Democratic Party's attempts to rig their primaries never occurred, a hard line socialist with communist ties would have no chance of winning the nomination for any mainstream political party in America. It can also be said that had Hillary Clinton been a better candidate, there would have been no need to rig the primaries in her favor.

Truthfully, Hillary Clinton was such a terrible candidate that even long-time Democratic voters preferred an old, white communist.

This time, there is no Hillary, and Barack Obama's running mate from 2008 and 2012 is having mental breakdowns on live television and exhibiting signs of dementia. That leaves mayor Pete Buttigieg as the deep state's last and only hope to restore their order. By using the virtue of a well-spoken gay man in his late 30s, the deep state plans to defeat Donald Trump before the last vestiges of their reign fall prey to the winds of change.

If Donald Trump wins in November, the deep state will face its final days. Worse yet, if Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic nomination, their last stronghold in America will fall before November. Both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are rivals to the deep state. If either man continues to succeed within America's democratic system, the deep state may seek to attack the system itself. This “plan B” was clearly scrawled across our walls years ago....

Attacks against the Electoral College were put into the left's blueprint for America as far back as 2007, when rumblings of erasing “white institutionalism” and its historic monuments began to surface from community organizations and colleges in and around Chicago. As I wrote in 2017, many of our current Democratic movements were born in the American left's heartland of Chicago:

It was in 2007 when I first heard conversations about Confederate monuments being expressions of racism and about the need for a new movement that would uplift and draw awareness to black identity in America. I heard conversations in classrooms and at community centers in my neighborhood about the need for a movement that would unify blacks in America and tear down the walls around what they were calling “white institutionalism”. At the time, I thought it was only talk. Less than ten years later, I'm beginning to see those words and ideas that were circulating on the streets of Chicago turned into actions. Activists across America are accomplishing a lot of what was being talked about as far back as 2007.

It was almost like Chicago's community organizers and academics had seen the future. Or maybe it was more like they had been planning it. In hindsight, it makes more sense to believe the latter.

A few days before writing this, I spoke to a long-time acquaintance who I met in Chicago when I first moved here in 2003. It was in his circle of friends and activists that I heard talk of a “black identity movement” and the desire to “erase some of that white history” in 2007. This year, the topic of conversation on the streets of Chicago is the Electoral College, the national anthem and white Hollywood.

The so-called deep state will undoubtedly use the left's attempts to reform America's democratic system to its own advantage. As its last stronghold (the Democratic Party) continues to lose, the deep state will work to amplify the voices that call for electoral reform and for abolishing the Electoral College, among many other things.

Abolishing the Electoral College has been on the radar since Trump's victory in 2016—but if you think the cries for reform are loud now, just wait until he wins again in November.

If either Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump win, we should not expect the existing deep state to concede defeat and step aside. There is, and always will be, a plan B. In the event of a Sanders and/or Trump victory in 2020, we should prepare ourselves for the worst of what the deep state has to offer.

Power is never snatched easily from the claws of dictators.

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