Poilievre Must Be Unleashed

January 5th, 2020 | RR

The Andrew Scheer I came to know during the leadership race was not the same Andrew Scheer on the campaign trail. Conservative handlers and strategists have played too much of a role in controlling the script and directing the leader's message. Scheer's wit and personality were mostly suppressed in favour of having a controlled, contrived and watered down message. Now, with him gone and a new leader set to take over, the party has a chance to learn from its mistakes. Grassroots conservatives and party members want someone who will call out the media, ruthlessly attack Liberal failures and not bend to the whims of partisan journalists. That someone is Pierre Poilievre.

It's up to Pierre Polievre to take full control of the ship if he wins the leadership. That means getting rid of the strategists and goons who helped Stephen Harper and Andrew Scheer lose to a part-time drama teacher.

Scheer had huge potential, but handlers and strategists controlled the script, turning him into a humourless and repetitive torch-bearer for the status quo. I expected Scheer to devastate Trudeau with funny one-liners, but he fell flat. He did well in the English debate, but spent most of the time on the campaign trail defending his social conservativism by sticking to a safe script written by bozos who shouldn't be anywhere near the next leader. Instead of coming across like a passionate warrior, Scheer came across like a sleazy car salesmen with an agenda.

The old rules don't work. Trudeau's survival in the GTA and Maritimes following endless scandals and corruption proves that Conservatives need a leader like Pierre Poilievre to be unleashed and unrestrained. I'm in favour of Rona Ambrose and Candice Bergen, but I'm not sure they could muster up enough grassroots passion to beat Trudeau.

Canada's mainstream Liberal media wanted this leadership race. They wanted Andrew Scheer gone so they could control the narrative and keep Canada's ongoing progressive experiment and their own fortunes intact. They want to install a progressive leader to save themselves and Canada's progressive agenda in the event that Trudeau finally falls. If that doesn't work, they want to install a social conservative with lots of baggage, so they can help the Liberals stay in power. If the mainstream media and Unifor get their way, the next Conservative leader will either be a mushy progressive who will protect Canada's status quo, or a “dangerous” socially conservative flamethrower that would be easy to demonize and destroy.

Pierre Poilievre is definitely a flamethrower, but he's not an extreme social conservative. The Liberal Party's worst nightmare is someone who ruthlessly attacks their economic and social failures using strong words, definitive numbers and fearless logic—without having the baggage of a social conservative who has publicly demonized gay marriage and abortions. The mainstream media's worst nightmare is someone who stands up to them, rather than capitulates.

Honestly, I never expected Andrew Scheer to capitulate to the CBC's demands the way he did. Had I been able to see the future, I may have reconsidered my vote. Had I known that Scheer would hire some of the worst strategists the CPC has ever had, I would have made a different choice. Had I known he would spend the party's money the same way Liberals spend taxpayer money, I would have refused to rank him on my ballot at all.

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"Conservatives need a leader like Pierre Poilievre to be unleashed and unrestrained."

With that said, I think Scheer could have won the next election. I think Conservatives should have given him another chance and given him the opportunity to right the wrongs from the 2019 campaign. Now is not the time for a leadership race, but that no longer matters—because we're getting one. Scheer's own stupid move (using party funds to school his kids) gave his enemies inside the party a means to take him down and turn the membership against him. Now, here we are.

If Pierre Poilievre wins the leadership, he'll only succeed if he does the opposite of what Andrew Scheer did. He can't capitulate to the CBC, he can't shun friendly media organizations and he can't let the Conservative Party's top brass dictate his every move and word. No more lame scripts, no more capitulation, no more trying to appease the progressive media. If Pierre Poilievre wins, he needs to be the same person he was before he won. He can't let the party's establishment water down his message or his personality.

If Pierre Poilievre wins the leadership, he will most definitely be the next Prime Minister. If he wins, it would be a beautiful victory against those in the media and in the party who wanted another milquetoast leader who would act only to protect Canada's ongoing experiment with open borders and extreme progressivism. It would be a victory for real, grassroots conservatives who have been waiting for the right person to fight for their causes in Ottawa. Had Pierre Poilievre run and won in 2016, we might be facing a totally different scenario in 2020.

The previous Conservative leadership race was weak. The candidates were weak, the causes were weak and the outcome was the best it could have possibly been. More than a dozen no-name and weak-name candidates tried to signal their virtue, their conservatism and their progressivism to anyone willing to listen and anyone willing to throw a vote their way. This time gives us an opportunity to demand good, strong candidates that can excite us. It's time for people like Pierre Poilievre to step up and answer the calls—unlike the last time, when good candidates hung their heads and bowed out quietly.

Rest assured, many inside the Conservative Party and media will attempt to discourage candidates like Poilievre, so they can get their Rona Ambrose or their Peter Mackay to the top. It's important now, more than ever, for conservatives to hold the party accountable and to force the old guard to step aside. Pierre Poilievre is the candidate conservatives want, so he should be the candidate they get. If the Conservative establishment wants to go against the will of the people, they'll be in trouble. Defeating Justin Trudeau has become a serious job and the CPC establishment failed the first time. This time, grassroots conservatives aren't going to play nice.

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