Poilievre's Run For Prime Minister Irks Liberals

June 1st, 2022 | SP

We are all fools and only Liberals know how elections work! Pierre Poilievre's announcement to “run for prime minister” has set the Liberal world on fire and brought out the electoral expertise of every Liberal voter on social media. By merely declaring his bid in this particular way, Poilievre has aggravated his opponents and forced them into insufferable lectures on how the Canadian parliamentary system works. Consequently, we uneducated buffoons have gotten learned by the all-knowing, almighty Liberal Party base. What would we have done without them?!

On February 5, Pierre Poilievre proudly declared his intentions in a video posted to social media, where he announced, “I'm running for Prime Minister to give you back control of your life.”

Where do we start?

By clicking on his Twitter post, we can find many replies from opponents and Liberals, all eager to educate the buffoons about how wrong and inappropriate Poilievre's statement was. Doesn't he know how Canada's parliamentary system works? He cannot simply become Prime Minister without first winning the Conservative Party leadership!

Blue check mark, Cindy Blackstock, was very quick to chime in, saying, “You can't run for PM in Canada. Leader of a party a possibility but after supporting the violence in Ottawa—not likely.”

Violence in Ottawa? Could she mean the violence perpetrated by the Ottawa Police against peaceful protesters? Doubtful.

Another blue check mark, Ryan Painter, said, “You can't run for PM. The PM is chosen by the Crown in our Westminster system, and by convention, that's the leader of the party with the most seats OR the party that maintains confidence in the House.”

Thank you, Ryan! Now that Pierre—who has served in the Westminster system since 2004—knows this, he can finally correct his flawed statement and his entire understanding of this system. Had you not come forward to let us all know, we would have lined up on election day with the expectation that we were voting directly for someone to replace our current halfwit-in-chief.

Anonymous Lance H said, “Perhaps you should return to grade school and learn how our electoral process works before 'running for prime minister'.”

Marla Waltman said, “Umm, learn about the Canadian Parliamentary system, Pierre,” before continuing to administer the very same political lesson as Ryan Painter.

"We are all fools and only Liberals know how elections work!"

Viewing the comments on every post from Pierre on social media in which he states his intention to “run for prime minister”, one is sure to find pretentious lectures from declared Liberal and NDP supporters. What is more amusing is his continuation and persistence in repeating the phrase, purposefully, in order to draw more reactions from the armchair experts on the left.

Folks, this is how we win.

If you have not noticed all ready, we are winning. Each and every single time a liberal chimes in to lecture a conservative and to educate us on the parliamentary system, we step a wee bit closer to victory. Each time Pierre vexes them with his incessant lack of regard for their complaints, we continue to win. The mere act of ignoring, doubling down and pressing forward—much like Liberals do—the elegant flavour of pure victory becomes stronger.

While Liberal supporters continue to flaunt their knowledge of the parliamentary system, as though Pierre's declaration has afforded them a unique opportunity to show off their expertise to the world, we will grow stronger as a movement. Their posturing is a detriment to themselves, as they carry on believing that Pierre's statement is a show of his own stupidity. When, in fact, their reactions are a sign of their own insecurity and narcissism. While they falter and reveal to the world their need for attention and acknowledgement, we will carry ourselves across the finish line and into a majority government.

It becomes increasingly more clear, by the day, that we are on the right track to victory. By agitating and aggravating the left with our simple disregard for their feelings and virtues, we are provoking them into acts that further impede their many causes. Unlike any leader before him, Pierre knows precisely which buttons to push and how often to push them.

My friends, this is spectacular to watch.

Ordinary Canadians need only sit back and watch the Liberal Party and its increasingly radical supporters self destruct. Their absurd antics and lectures grow more unpalatable for Canadians as voters continue their search for someone better, wiser and stronger than Justin Trudeau. We need only antagonize them further into demise, while cheering on our new leader in his quest to annihilate them all.

While fellows like Leon Backland from Twitter continue to act as though Pierre and his supporters are fools, Pierre and his supporters will continue to coast to victory.

The joke is on the Liberal Party's decaying mass of arrogant supporters, because most Canadians know exactly what Pierre means when he says he is “running for prime minister”. It is not rocket science, nor is our parliamentary system so complex that it would take a well educated liberal to teach us about it. We understand our parliamentary system and we understand what Pierre is saying. Those who quip back with dismissive, know-it-all arrogance are the ones losing this battle and showing their disdain for normal Canadians.

All Canadians, big and small, know what Pierre Poilievre is saying.

His language is common, intentional, fluent and easy to grasp. Aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbours and friends, who often use the same phrases, do not need to be lectured by pretentious Liberal voters. “Running for Prime Minister” is exactly what Pierre is doing and he is doing it very well.

Have you seen this video?

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