Is Poletical A Separatist Site?

January 10th, 2018  | Poletical
Poletical has published some popular and highly visited articles about Alberta separatism, but does that make it a pro-separatist online journal? The short answer is no, and the opinions of our contributors may surprise you.


I think a strong separatist movement in Alberta could help turn the tides in Ottawa, but not only am I uncertain if the movement would ever be successful, I'm not sure I would be fully on board for straight-up separation from Canada. If it was successful, it would be a lot like Brexit. Detractors and opponents would try to kill the deal and prevent it from ever happening. It could get metaphorically bloody and fail, even after a successful referendum. I, personally, may want to move to BC or other parts of Canada, so depending on the deal, I would need to know if my Saskatchewan birth earns me a right to travel freely across Canada. 


I'm an American and would love to add a new, oil rich state to the Union. Come on over, Alberta!


Alberta Independence makes sense financially, but there are too many people from outside the province living here to make it culturally feasible. A referendum will never be won, because too many people have both an emotional attachment and family ties to the rest of Canada. At the end of the day Albertans are just richer Canadians without the moxie to effect any real change. Independence talk is just feel-good argy-bargy griping.


Being a chap from Ontario, I want Alberta to stay put. Help us fight the liberal ideologues across ATlantic Canada and other parts of the country. We would fight for you here in Ontario. Please do us the same courtesy and fight with us, friends.


Alberta Independence is the obvious choice. It would unshackle us from the deadwood of Canada and offer a great adventure filled with opportunity and promise. The biggest impediment to Alberta freedom is the slave mindset of Albertans themselves. Albertans are conditioned towards their own exploitation to the degree that our politicians brag about it. (“We’re proud to be Canadian and contribute to the state!”) Ultimately, Alberta will not separate due to our complacency, malaise, comfortable materialism, and good old Canadian “fear of change”.