Potential Horrors Of 2021

December 1st, 2020 | RR

2020 was a bad year for most people. Never in our lifetimes has there been such a bad year on a global scale. Businesses went bankrupt and the ones that survived are barely hanging on by a thread. Suicides have spiked, portfolios have tanked and crappy incumbent governments are getting re-elected. Unfortunately, with a new American president incoming and a few natural disasters that are long overdue, 2021 might not be any better. In fact, it could be worse.

Here are a few things that could make 2020 look like a mild headache.

The Green New Deal

You've heard about it, but you might not know much about it. Joe Biden vowed to axe the Keystone pipeline and to move America in the direction of green energy, but nothing tops the Green New Deal that was masterminded by some of the Democratic Party's most fringe socialists.

On the surface, it all sounds great. Who wouldn't want to make the world a greener, cleaner place?

On the inside, the Green New Deal is every Marxist's dream. It re-imagines the American economy by transforming the entire system into a utopian paradise filled with regulated workdays, workplace equality, racial harmony, universal healthcare, and several initiatives to tackle a “climate crisis”. The deal aims to overhaul public transportation, tax cow farts, revamp national infrastructure and to turn farms and businesses into eco-friendly, compliant, heavily taxed ventures.

If the Green New Deal makes its way into law, America will become unrecognizable. The impacts on the Canadian economy would be devastating—to say the least. There would be crippling trade rules, devastating carbon taxes and zero tolerance for fossil fuels.

Joe Biden supports the Green New Deal—even if its only in theory, just to appease his younger Democrat voters.

The Great Reset

If the Green New Deal doesn't wreck everything we value, leave it to the Great Global Reset. It was a plan in the making for more than a decade, but the Covid pandemic has given it the legs it needs to become reality.

It has been promoted by the Royal Family and the World Economic Forum, which states on its website:

As we enter a unique window of opportunity to shape the recovery, this initiative will offer insights to help inform all those determining the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models and the management of a global commons. Drawing from the vision and vast expertise of the leaders engaged across the Forum’s communities, the Great Reset initiative has a set of dimensions to build a new social contract that honours the dignity of every human being.

Again, like every other socialist plan, it sounds like rainbows and butterflies. I mean, who wouldn't want to honour the dignity of every human being? Only a monster wouldn't, which is exactly why the masters of this plan have chosen their words so carefully.

They've re-framed the idea of socialism into something called “stakeholder capitalism”. If you're against it, you are against honouring the dignity of every human being.

The Great Reset aims to build a new, global version of capitalism that enables all people to become stakeholders in a system that benefits all human beings equally. You and I will become equal partners—along with everyone else—in major economic initiatives and enterprises that leave no one behind. Even if I contribute far less than you do, we will receive an equal reward and compensation. Furthermore, the plan will require businesses and corporations to be sustainable and eco-friendly. So, not only will all of us be equal partners in every single enterprise you build, you will be limited by heavy regulations that significantly limit what you can and cannot do.

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It all sounds eerily familiar. It's almost like all of this has been tried before in other countries, with an astonishing lack of success.

The Great Reset aims to initiate economic planning on a global scale, but there's one catch. According to the World Economic Forum's top 12 experts, all of it hinges on US foreign policy, as per a piece found on their website entitled, “How US Foreign Policy Will Shape The Great Reset”:

The world is grappling with a massive health, economic and social crisis and each country will need to tap into its special capabilities to help the world rebuild towards the Great Reset. To that end, we asked the top political minds in our US Global Future Council – professors, analysts, former ambassadors and more – to consider how a bipartisan US foreign policy over the next decade could help shape the Great Reset. Their recommendations – spanning climate issues and foreign cooperation to human capital and more – demonstrate the effort that will be required by any country looking to harness its resources to help tackle the complicated problems ahead.

One of the World Economic Forum's experts is Rebecca Lissner, author of An Open World: How America Can Win The Contest For Twenty-First-Century Order. She is an advocate for globalism and open borders, as well as a forced, global green deal.

That puts perspective on why these organizations have worked so hard at defeating Donald Trump and the ideas of nationalism. Being the world's leading superpower at the moment, America is the tool they need to push their global agenda.

Mandatory Covid Vaccination

New Brunswick was the first province that attempted to pass mandatory vaccination for children, but it failed. As luck would have it, a majority of Canadians are now opposed to a mandatory Covid vaccination. As of now, only 39% of Canadians support mandatory vaccinations, which is a sharp decline of 18% from the last poll. However, we shouldn't count on that luck sticking around forever.

At first, Canadians were skeptical of mandatory masking, but after politicians and media made it sound like the end-all solution to shutdowns and transmissions, it became a part of the the “new normal”. Even though mandatory masking hasn't done anything in Quebec, where it has been mandatory since July, and with new national cases trumping anything we saw in the spring, Canadians have warmed up to mandatory masks and more lockdowns. A majority of Canadians now support more lockdowns and curfews.

Had any of these questions been put to Canadians last fall, a majority would have opposed all of these measures. A little bit of fear-mongering, good PR and drama can go a long way. If you think mandatory vaccines are off the table anywhere in the world, including the true north, guess again. You'd better be ready to roll up your sleeves for an injection, or be prepared to pay a big fine and face restrictions for refusing.

Even if governments don't force it, the private sector might. Ticketmaster was reported to have been floating the idea of refusing ticket sales for concerts and events if consumers fail to provide proof of vaccination.

Yup. It looks like 2021 could have more bullshit in store than 2020.

Further Politicization Of Natural Disasters

Now that Biden is the next president, we can expect the media and activist groups to amplify and exaggerate every forest fire, hurricane, tornado and flood. Biden has already committed to the Paris Accord and the Green New Deal, meaning he will likely pander to every climate crusader that knocks on the White House door.

All of it spells higher heating costs, higher taxes and a general reduction in our quality of life. Ten years from now, we will all be broke and cold, but climate change will have continued and China will have made huge economic and military gains at our expense. We will all look back at 2021 as the year that triggered the end of Western prosperity.

New Wars And Conflicts

Speaking of China, Taiwan will likely become an easy target for the communist empire in 2021. Now that Trump is heading out the door, China is looking forward to a more polite America—an America that pulls back its weapon sales to Taiwan and walks on egg shells when addressing China's growing aggression and arrogance. Under Biden, China will grow more bold and America will turn a blind eye, just like it did under Obama, Bush and Clinton.

There will likely be a move against Taiwan in 2021 and America will either strike lightly, or strike hard. It's possible that some stronger, old school Democrats in the Biden administration will encourage a strong response that could lead to a military conflict of unprecedented proportions. It's also possible that America might only act lightly to avoid full on war. Either way, there will likely be some sort of military confrontation between China and Taiwan in 2021.

"Again, like every other socialist plan, it sounds like rainbows and butterflies."

North Korea will probably go back to its old, defiant ways now that Trump is leaving. We should expect more brazen weapons tests and threats against South Korea. Some of it might actually—finally—lead to some kind of military showdown. It's even possible that America might try some new forms of black ops in North Korea. They will either fail and lead to conflict, or succeed and throw North Korea into some kind of revolution or civil war.

Russia will undoubtedly become more cold and hostile toward America under the Biden administration. With Russia trying to stake a bigger claim in the Arctic, Canada will be on the receiving end of some of that hostility. With Trump out, Putin will make bigger moves—just like he did under the Obama administration in Crimea.

Iran will probably do something stupid in Israel or Saudi Arabia, which will ignite a massive conflict involving the United States.

The old order has made a comeback. With Trumpism defeated, even temporarily, we should expect more wars and uprisings that conveniently strengthen America's global hegemony. The old order's work in the Middle East was never finished, so there will likely be more drama that unfolds there in 2021 and onward.


North America has had some big rumbles in 2020. Earthquakes have been increasing in intensity and frequency all year long. There's no way to really predict an earthquake, but there are a million ways to politicize one.

Trump let the pandemic go to waste, but we shouldn't expect Biden to let any single crisis go to waste. As the saying goes, every crisis is an opportunity in politics.

For years, scientists have been saying America is due for “the big one”. On top of that, Yellowstone has been showing greater signs of activity. In 2020, there were more seismic rumbles coming out of Yellowstone than any year prior. Most of us were surprised nothing exploded (except Beirut) in 2020, but 2021 is a whole new year.

If a massive, unprecedented disaster happens in America or Canada between now and the next two elections, we can expect Trudeau and Biden/Harris to be our leaders well past 2024. Neither the Liberals or Democrats would let a massive cataclysm go to waste. Unlike Trump, Biden and Trudeau will do whatever it takes to capitalize on every tragedy.

Kamala Harris

One thing that ranks high in likelihood is Joe Biden failing to finish his term in office. At some point between now and 2024, Biden may be forced out of office. A presidential scandal or health issue could make Kamala Harris the 47th president. In such a case, we would all be worse off.

Although Biden is a Democrat, he is one of the old school Democrats. He belongs to the party's old Clinton tribe, which still believes in capitalism, law, order and free markets. Kamala Harris belongs to a new school of thought in the Democratic Party. Her views fall more in line with those of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and some of the party's fringe elements. Although Harris isn't a full on socialist, she is a lot closer to the far left than Joe Biden. Joe Biden is an old school centrist who only says words that appeal to the party's new school, but Kamala Harris would work much harder at actually adopting some of the party's fringe ideas.

America and Canada would be worse off under a Harris administration than a Biden administration, but buckle up—because it could happen. Biden is 78, so anything from Covid to dementia could strike him down in less than twelve months.

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