Should Western Canadians Vote PPC Or Maverick?

September 1st, 2021 | MN

If you live in Western Canada and you’ve lost faith in the Conservative Party of Canada, then you are likely trying to decide whether or not to vote for the Maverick Party or Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada.

There are a couple of other possibilities like the Christian Heritage Party or the Libertarian Party, but these vehicles have been around for a long, long time and have proven themselves to be ineffective at electoral politics. Their existence might have some meaning, but most people aren’t interested in endlessly protest voting, so with this article we’ll focus solely on the dual choices of Maverick and PPC.

Maverick Party

Pros: The Maverick Party is following the Bloc Quebecois method of being a regional party that focuses exclusively on the interests of Western Canada. This is a long overdue strategy that aims to create a Western bulwark of MP’s united in standing up for the West.

The Conservative Party of Canada has always been beholden to Eastern interests due to electoral seat counts. Too many votes remain in Ontario and Quebec for the Conservative Party of Canada to campaign, win and govern as the type of Conservative Party that Western Canadians would like to have. The compromise is having the Maverick Party function as a more focused, regional party of Western interests.

Jay Hill is a spokesman for the party as he is extremely experienced and has come to the conclusion that many of us have as well, the Conservative Party isn’t the vehicle for promoting Western interests. His strategy of ensuring that no vote-splitting will occur has made many CPC supporters more comfortable with the notion of voting their principles rather than voting against Trudeau at all costs. His call of “Independence, if necessary, but not necessarily independence”, helps to sanitize the stridency that Alberta separatists may bring to the table, making the Maverick Party more palatable to the average voter.

The people running for this party seem like down-to-earth types not unlike the early Reformers from a generation ago. With the experience of the last 30 years informing candidates about the evils of the media and the dangers of progressive narratives, the Maverick Party looks situated to be a sharp, smart, and professional version of the Reform Party with a specifically Western focus this time.

Cons: I was listening to the Herle Burly podcast and Jenni Byrne, a campaign big wig during the Harper era, dismissively laughed about Jay Hill and his strategy of not vote-splitting in “safe” conservative ridings. “They’re a protest party without the protest," she cackled.

Establishment Conservatives are smugger than ever.

But Byrne has a point that she doesn’t even know she’s making. The Maverick Party understands that conservatives don’t want to split the vote and allow Trudeau a majority. A decade worth of infighting allowed the Liberals to rule for far too long in the 90’s and beyond, so avoiding that debacle again, looms large in the hearts and minds of people in the West.

Personally, I think the Maverick Party should just go for the throat and run in every riding West of Thunder Bay. It looks a bit weak and half-hearted to nerf yourself in order to protect Conservatives, especially when allegations of vote-splitting are still coming at the Maverick Party nonetheless.

Acting in a subordinate manner towards a severely cucked Conservative Party isn’t a strong look and in the next election after this one they are going to have to step it up.

The People’s Party Of Canada

Pros: Maxime Bernier has experience and ideology in his favour. He’s a likable leader and a classy guy with ambition and principles. People that like him like him a lot and he’s got a charisma that other right-wingers lack.

The party is strident and ideologically conservative across the board. Libertarianism is a pretty specific flavour of conservatism and the people that adhere to it are fairly zealous. This party is a platform for this brand of conservatism that is unbending and consistent.

They are running candidates nationally, from coast to coast. This adds legitimacy and gravatas to the campaign. The party is positioning itself as a real national conservative alternative to the Conservative Party of Canada.

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Cons: As much as people love Maxime Bernier, many more seem to loathe him. People outside of the libertarian wing of conservatism are uncomfortable with the stridency that he preaches. Too much of Canada, conservative or otherwise, is wrapped up in the status quo of orthodoxy. To these eyes, Maxime looks like a radical and radicals rarely win power.

On top of this, there is some question regarding just how authentic Max and his party really is. It appears to many that he was late to the party regarding the rise of wokeness and although he has long been a libertarian, he was blindsided by the new wave of progressivism in much the same way establishment Conservatives were (and are). Very quickly Max seems to have adopted many of the talking points found by very online conservatives (mostly American) regarding things like culture wars and Covid conspiracy.

Is he just grifting? Is the People’s Party just some sort of semi-retirement lark? The fact these questions are asked is enough to cause a problem.

The other problem with the People’s Party is the narrowness of the libertarian aspect of the ideology. Libertarianism doesn’t sell by itself. It has NEVER sold by itself. You need to build a broader coalition in order to attract the masses in a democracy and preaching libertarian orthodoxy can drive away more people than it attracts.

Conclusion: You basically can’t go wrong voting for either of these parties. The Conservative Party of Canada is cucked beyond the pale and needs another loss in order to push it towards reform, if that’s even possible.

In the meantime, voters have options. Both of these burgeoning political parties are worth lending your vote in order to both protest and promote. I don’t have high expectations from either of them and we should all brace ourselves for another Liberal win. 

In the long run democracy is the handmaiden of socialism and it’s unlikely that anything will be accomplished at the ballot box. In the meantime, we’re inside the system we’ve got and it’s worth participating to the extent that we can. Good luck with your choices and let us know what you decide,we’re always interested in our reader’s opinions!


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