Privileged People Make Up Fake Problems

June 1st, 2022 | AR

The modern phenomenon of victim culture appears to coincide with an increase of historical wealth and privilege. Some may call it wokeness, others may call it self-induced victimhood, but what we have seen manifesting in the past few years is a peak in what has been a growing trend for more than forty years. As others have pointed out, we are now at the descending point of that peak and have begun our slide down the mountain, toward a future of more sanity and higher reason. Unfortunately, our wealth and prosperity will go along with it.

It all started in post-war America, off the tail end of World War II. People became more prosperous, American industry began to flourish, the country became one of the world's most powerful military and economic forces and everyone was living their best life. This was America's golden age. With it came great personal wealth, a higher standard of living and a greater sense of privilege. Americans were paying some of the highest taxes in their history, but they could afford it.

There was more freedom and more money for everyone. The only people being left out at the time were African Americans, but they too were eventually invited to participate in the new American golden age with the end of segregation in the late 1960s.

By the late 1970s, most Americans were free to become wealthy, privileged and happy. With the spectre of another war always lurking in their thoughts with the Soviet Union, Americans managed to become the freest and richest people on planet Earth. Wealth was at record levels and poverty was declining at the most rapid rate in all of human history. Americans living in poverty were living at a much higher standard than those living in poverty in South America, Europe and most of the world. Access to food and luxuries was at an all-time high for everyone in America.

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With a few bumps and crises along the way, Americans sailed into the 1990s unharmed. By now, the privilege and wealth had started to become old. It was evident in how students and young Americans talked and behaved. Teens could now afford to complain about not having the most trendy sneakers, or about not being able to take Dad's Jaguar XJ220 for a spin. It was the Ferris Bueller generation and skipping school was the hip thing to do, while other parts of the world had few classrooms and poor education. 

In 2001, the worst tragedy since Pearl Harbour struck America in September, but that wasn't enough to shake Americans permanently out of their privileged daydreams.

With the new Millennium came new “problems” for the American youth. Hints of it began to emerge a decade earlier with an increase in censorial behaviour against offensive musicians and comedians. Their parents, children of privilege themselves, wanted their children to grow up pure and uninfected by the filth of Alice Cooper and Andrew Dice Clay. This made the parents of the 1990s the official torchbearers of censorship, victim culture and modern wokeness.

By 2010, things were starting to get sour. Wealth and privilege had become so normal and rudimentary in America that problems and adversities were becoming scarce. Fewer people were poor, fewer people had fought in wars, fewer people had experienced a scarcity in luxuries and resources, and fewer people had bigger problems like the ones faced in the “third world”. The problems of scarcity, starvation and genocide were not a thing in America. Mainstream media had become so saturated with distractions and mindless entertainment that most Americans were wholly unaware of the problems faced by the rest of the world.

"Wealth and privilege had become so normal and rudimentary in America that problems and adversities were becoming scarce."

Bored, tired and fed up with not having any real adversities, America's youth began to invent them. Their grievances, amplified by social media and the internet, were enabled by parents, corporations and politicians. From then on, a snowball of mass proportions would grow into the frenzied culture of victimization and wokeness we are experiencing today.

The Peak

By 2020, victimhood had become an industry in and of itself. Racial organizations had swelled in numbers and their donations and fundraising efforts were enormous. Black Lives Matter spent a majority of the Obama era as the most popular non-profit group in America, hitting a 61% approval rating with Americans. As of 2021, that approval declined to 48%.

The peak has happened.

Americans are becoming increasingly annoyed by racialized movements and a majority now believe race relations have gotten worse. As inflation soars and the quality of life declines, more Americans are seeing third world problems becoming a reality. Poverty, scarcity and starvation are more real now for Americans than they were just ten years ago. Americans now face larger problems than those created by race and gender movements for profit.

The latest shortage in baby formula is an eye-opening moment for many Americans. The cost of groceries and fuel have risen to unsustainable levels for those already below the poverty line. Americans now face real world threats, forcing them to move on from the manufactured fables about racial injustice, gender disparity and oppression. Just as they were becoming agitated by these falsehoods and divisive narratives, the tides of economic fortune have turned and are now speeding up the revolution.

While they were distracted by divisive social movements and make-believe crises, the rug was pulled out from underneath them. Suddenly, their world had become imperilled by the threats of real war, inflation, poverty and homelessness. To many Americans, it was an awakening. As their wealth and privilege hang on the edge of destruction, they are seeing the err of their ways. However, not yet humbled by their experiences, many have denied that they ever fell into the trap of modern wokeness. Many of those who perpetuated the myths are now folding away into their corners, or entering states of total denial.

Those that remain oblivious to their errors in thinking may not come around until the economy has wholly crashed to the ground. By then, they will be outnumbered by the Americans who have faced the new realities that are emerging before our very eyes. Only when there is no tolerance left, at all, for victim culture and wokeness will they be forced to conform to this new reality. Only when they are fully consumed by this new objective reality that surrounds them will they see the light.

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