Problems Of The Subnormal Voter

July 1st, 2012 - R. Rados

“The best government is a benevolent tyranny tempered by an occasional assassination.” - Voltaire


Like the NDP's firebrand messiah, Tommy Douglas, had suggested in his 1933 McMaster's essay, maybe we should sterilize the mentally unfit.  Just like the NDP wanted when they were still the CCF, maybe we should have psychiatrists and psychologists decide who's fit and who isn't. 

Or maybe we should just bar uneducated idiots from voting. If not for the sake of humanity, then for the future of individual freedom. Maybe we should have standardized IQ testing at all polling stations – ones designed by the same experts the CCF wanted to use to rehabilitate our thugs and sociopaths before sending them back into our neighborhoods.

In all seriousness, as I see more and more idiots flocking to polling stations to cast their ballots based on singular issues like gay marriage, legalized weed, piracy, and abortion...I die a little bit more inside. With no regard or understanding of political principle and ideology, these slightly evolved chimpanzees seem to swarm the voting booths in bigger numbers with every election cycle.  

Democracy is fine and dandy, depending on what you're looking to achieve. When it comes to upholding and enforcing individual freedoms and free enterprise, democracy might not be working. However, there must be some way to make it work.

"Sterilization would deprive them of nothing that they value very highly, and would make it impossible for them to reproduce those whose presence could contribute little to the general well-being of society." - Tommy Douglas, Problems Of The Subnormal Family, 1933 

When I was 18, I voted in the Saskatchewan provincial election of 1999 for the first time in my life. I really didn't care much about politics at the time. In fact, I loathed anything political and I didn't know what socialism was. Even though I was completely ignorant and apathetic, I voted anyway. I was excited to do it – just because I could. Since I was completely careless, clueless, and aloof to anything that was going on around me, I did what my grandparents and some friends had told me to do. I voted for the NDP. I voted for them based on the idea that they were “for the little guys”. Those were the exact words I had always heard, so I indulged them.

Through the ignorance of my youth, I had cast a vote that I would later regret.

As I learned more about socialism, I grew to hate it more and more. It was against everything I believed in. Individuals sacrificing their time, labour, and money for the good of the collective – not by choice, but through force. As I learned that competition and diversity have no place in a socialist society, I grew more leery of Saskatchewan's ruling party. How could any innovation or ingenuity come from a place where the government legislates its own monopolies?

Socialism represents everything that I despise.

You can't truly grow to despise something unless you completely understand it. Through my youth and lack of understanding, I cast a vote based on the idea that the “little guy” needed a helping hand. I didn't really know who this little guy was, but it sounded noble. I didn't even know how the NDP planned on helping that little guy. All I took with me to the voting booth was the notion that I was acting in the best interest of people like my family, who had worked hard to stay afloat in a dog-eat-dog world.

It would be wrong for me to assume that every fresh young voter that participated in the NDP's orange wave of 2011 was as fucking dumb as I was in 1999, had I not taken the time to talk to some of them and read their internet rants after the Conservatives had finally won their majority.

It became a self-evident truth that an unhealthy majority of the NDP's new followers had cast their votes based on single issues. They didn't know what socialism was. Some of them probably thought they did, but they didn't. From rants about internet privacy and “freedom” to healthcare and drug laws, the NDP's herd of new voters seemed driven not only by one or two issues, but by their unabashed and relentless hatred of Stephen Harper. There didn't seem to be any more rhyme or reason than that. I didn't find any talk of Keynesian economics or anything about the astounding failures of socialism throughout history. I didn't hear much about worker's rights, Tommy Douglas, the CCF, or any kind of factual references. Through the eyes of the NDP youth, the election was about scattered, disjointed, and unprincipled ideas about nothing. All that seemed to matter was removing the evil Stephen Harper, stopping anti-piracy laws, and legalizing marijuana. Once in a while there was some healthcare talk and some talk of big labour. I assumed that talk came from the grown-ups and some of the NDP's more tenured and educated supporters. The true loyalists.

Like the Occupy Movement, new NDP voters don't know what they're trying to accomplish. Chances are, some of them are pissed off about some kind of hardship that they inadvertently caused themselves through their own stupidity or lack of foresight. Now, their agenda involves making me and everyone else pay for their mistakes. This type of mentality is – and always has been – the driving force behind socialism.

Socialism is not only defined by a lack of personal responsibility or accountability, but by selfishness. Every proud socialist must possess some of the very same Randian selfishness that their despised libertarian and conservative foes do. You would never hear them admit it though. Through their own idiocy, they might use democracy to accidentally subvert our constitutional freedoms and take away their own individual rights. Wouldn't that be a travesty. A hilarious one, in fact. If socialism ever does succeed, it would be through the democratic whims of morons. Unless we were to change things ever so slightly.

Opposing universal suffrage isn't a new idea, but it's definitely frowned upon, which is why subjects like this need to be approached hypothetically.

The kooky Raelians aren't the first to offer a solution to one of democracy's biggest flaws. Leave it to alien worshipers to offer geniocracy as a solution to stupidity within the highest branches of government. Their leader, Rael, has suggested implementing IQ requirements for all people seeking office. I'll admit, it's not a bad idea, albeit an unfeasible one. If this idea were applied to voters as well, then these dorky UFO cults might have my support. Realistically, since a UFO cult is behind the idea, most people will lump geniocracy into the same category as eugenics and selective breeding. Most liberals and advocates of universal suffrage would probably find the idea of IQ tested voters equally deplorable.

If you're looking for something even more unfeasible than geniocracy, how about something like a constitutional autocracy? Or as Voltaire would have liked, how about an enlightened king? Maybe it might even be worth our while to hypothesize what position the United States might be in today had George Washington been appointed as a monarch instead of a president. If the people are unable to protect individual rights via democracy, then perhaps a lineage of monarchs or autocrats might be more effective.

These ideas are only unfeasible because we understand how absolute power can corrupt an individual. The high that comes from a big ego can destroy everything outside of itself. The solution to this problem of power, corruption, and the intoxicating effects of grandeur would be the removal of the ego. The only truly ego-less leader that could exist in our future would be a computer. Even in this case, we would have to trust its programmers and safeguard it from outside forces, like hackers.

The problem with socialism is its reliance on government. People are prone to greed and egoism. Governments are people and greed is not exclusive to individuals. Democracy allows groups of greedy individuals to cooperatively rob, defraud, and criminalize people that they don't like.

I've been accused of being too cynical by some, and not cynical enough by others. The only place to find true cynicism and misanthropy is within the ranks of socialists. Nobody could have any less faith in humanity than a socialist. Unfortunately, those of us who believe in voluntarism see our views and beliefs trampled on and ridiculed by lefties and socialist freaks. I am about as cynical as they come, yet even I believe that most individuals are capable of being civil and respectful of a neighbour's freedom, not only because they want to be but because it's in their personal best interest. Ironically, in some cases it seems that governments enable our neighbours to tread on our sanctity by offering a safeguard in the form of criminal prosecution against anyone who protects their property and freedom with force.

Laws that take away a person's right to defend himself and his family are put into place by bureaucrats who have no faith in humanity. It's just that simple. These are people who already believe that a handful of elites and geniuses should be dictating the lives of feeble, stupid, and inferior individuals. Meanwhile, they themselves seem incapable of achieving a society without conflict, debt, excessive spending, and poverty. These men and women often come to power through democracy. Since these men and women are chosen by the people, we see clear evidence that the people have failed.

Like most people, I have no idea how to fix the problems that plague democracy. The only solution I see is education. If someone is a true and genuine socialist, then fine. I have less of a problem with a real socialist than I do with someone who has no idea what they're voting for. However, few people who truly believe in individual freedom can call themselves socialists, unless they don't understand socialism. Through education, I'm confident that socialism would eventually die.

Socialism is not a system based on free will. It's about mobs using democracy to impose their will on everyone else.

Whether it's through knowledge of history or through the understanding of a party's doctrine, socialism doesn't stand a chance in the presence of intelligence. In my opinion, voting based on set values and principles should be a requirement in a democratic system. We shouldn't expect that every future party should necessarily have steadfast ideological motives, but for the voters, an understanding of political philosophy and ideology must be mandatory. If, after all of this, we still somehow end up with socialism, then so be it.

With their rants about internet freedom, weed, and what a douche-bag our Prime Minister is, the NDP youth have failed to see that free will isn't a part of the NDP's agenda. Dying your hair and marrying whoever you want doesn't mean a whole lot when your livelihood and wealth are under the control of the public and redistributed “fairly” by our virtuous representatives of democracy. This new, young and hopeful legion of NDP voters are either genuine totalitarians, or they're ignorant to the true nature of their party and its ambitions. My educated guess is: they're ignorant.

Unlike Tommy Douglas, I won't go any further than just joking about how we should sterilize these moronic dipshits for the good of our nation. After all, most of them probably aren't actually mentally unfit and I wouldn't be too happy if someone had sterilized me in 1999 for not understanding the NDP's ideological motivations. Like I was, these people are young and pissed off.

To be fair, the NDP has also gone out of its way to hide its history and its constitution in recent years. Furthermore, the mainstream media hasn't done much to educate our youth, so it's no wonder the NDP has gained so much from so little.

Without eugenics and sterilization, our democracy and freedoms can still survive. Maybe even without geniocracy and benevolent despotism we can still maintain healthy levels of individual responsibility. The answer may lie in the education of our youth and the implementation of new values that don't favour contempt and unjust vengeance against anyone who is better off than we are. Teaching our children to focus more on their own success rather than on the success of others may be a good start. It should be easy to distinguish true corruption from wealth without unequivocally assuming that the two are always co-existent. Teaching reason, logic, and rational problem solving would be beneficial not just at the dinner table, but in our public schools and in our mainstream media.

Until you have the smarts and finally learn to understand the ideological driving forces behind the parties and politicians you are voting for or against, please do us all a favour and stay home on election day. Leave the decision making to grown-ups.