Woke Progressivism Is A Cult

May 1st, 2022 | JH

The trucker convoy was a catalyst that 30% of the country cheered for and 70% of the country was left dismayed and appalled by. When “two weeks to flatten the curve” turned into “two years to introduce Communism” most people on our side of the great divide were ready for revolution. Meanwhile, the progressive majority carried along as though March of 2020 was forever.

The Trucker Convoy for Freedom was one of the biggest red-pill movements I’ve ever seen. It triggered progressives in an outrageous fashion and the mask was dropped by politicians and media alike. People who pass themselves off as mildly centre-left went into unhinged mode and played their cards for all to see. The “mainstream” media was so sloppy in their rush for condemnation that they revealed their tricks of the trade for all to see. The politicians in Ottawa pushed too far and finally our side pushed back hard and the second order effects of doing this stripped progressivism down to a revealing and ugly core that has previously camouflaged itself in higher minded platitudes.

Progressivism has evolved from what we usually think of as political ideology. As progressivism became hegemonic in our society it morphed from just being a political ideology to being THE political ideology. Somewhere along the line it became dominant and establishment and in so doing, many apolitical people adopted the framework of progressivism in order to participate and identify socially. It was no longer an ideology regarding policy or best practices, now it was a lifestyle, value system and aspirational social signal.

One could make a good argument that all strong ideologies have these elements. Conservatism for example is an identity regarding value systems and lifestyle. Because Conservatism isn’t ascendent in our society it’s not an aspirational social signal, if anything, conservatives have learned to keep quiet regarding their status as conservatives when in the company of people they don’t know well.

Progressivism at this point is now crossing over into something more insane and zealous. Over the past few years…really since Trump was elected in 2016… progressivism has become more shrill and militant and demanding. With the arrival of Covid, I noticed some extremely troubling new additions to progressive ideology. The “Covid Karens” demanding everyone conform to rules. The theatrical displays of Covid compliance. The dedication to mask wearing and the hysterics when others didn’t conform. The policing of friends and neighbours. The social media signalling of vaccination status. The latest fad in the world of progressivism is to estrange oneself from friends and family who don’t display sufficient fealty to Covid hysteria or vaccination celebration.

It was this last one that made me fully realize that progressivism isn’t an ideology, it’s a cult.

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I’ve long heard the claim that climate change is basically Christianity for progressive atheists. Climate change offers: the Garden of Eden (The Noble Savage living in harmony with nature), original sin (civilization), the wrath of God (climate induced extreme weather events), penance (carbon tax, economically destructive policy, turning out lights on Earth Day), apocalypse (rising seas, mass extinctions), redemption (utopia in the green future), a variety of saints (pick your favourite climate shill or just… ”The Science”), a variety of sinners (oil companies, Bjorn Lomborg), etc., etc..

You can also map this faux-Christianity over another favourite progressive plank…Anti-Racism! Saint George Floyd comes to mind, or those demonstrations in which white people were literally torturing themselves on the streets for their whiteness. I remember one BLM march where the guys were shirtless and whipping themselves with cat-o-nines. Even the organisers were like, “Okay guys, that’s a bit much… even for us.”

It was Covid that really sent the derangement of progressives into the stratosphere. It provided the same faux-Christianity that climate change and anti-racism did, but it was much more tangible and concrete for progressives. With constant “mainstream” media propaganda and an establishment that was only too happy to wield excessive power, it looked like progressive madness was going to sweep everyone up into a state of hysteria forever. But it didn’t.

What are some lessons for conservatives going forward?

One lesson I’ve learned is that there is no point engaging with the progressive left regarding anything. The old idea was to engage in the exchange of ideas and debate issues in a friendly manner in order to grow and learn and develop better understandings and pathways forward.

Don’t bother.

If you want to better understand things for your own edification then so be it, but don’t expect any change to come from your opponents. It’s extremely difficult to de-program cultists, let alone change hearts and minds with nothing more than a debate or conversation. Just state what you think and why and don’t get baited into arguments. It doesn’t solve anything. Agree to disagree and move on.

Focus on what you can control, not on what you can’t.

Too many conservatives rage about things beyond their control. Fretting about which hood ornament happens to be Prime Minister or what the carbon tax is going to cost you isn’t a good use of your time. Take the Jordan Peterson approach and focus on your own improvement. You can’t control the carbon tax, but you can control how you pay for it. You can’t control what the Prime Minister does, but you can control how you respond to it. Dealing with cultists falls into this category. You can’t control their zeal, so don’t bother trying.

Less time engaging with cultists and more time developing yourself is never a mistake.

Lastly, let the progressive cult destroy itself. We know the cult and the cultists following it are insane. We know that these bouts of insanity can last a long time and effect us detrimentally. In the long run, however, insane systems and ideology burn themselves out or fail organically. The woke progressive left has hegemony, but it may prove to be a last hurrah rather than the dawning of a new era. Wokeness is toxic and it is cannibalizing itself in bizarre purity spirals the likes of which seem to be accelerating with each passing month.

"It was Covid that really sent the derangement of progressives into the stratosphere."

I know it’s attractive to dream about fighting the good fight against this situation, but we should take our cues from other eras in history. Russians endured the Soviet Union for 70 years before that system eventually collapsed. China’s cultural revolution lasted throughout the 60’s and 70’s before it was crushed, not by direct confrontation, but through a series and political maneuvers and deft manipulation and exploitation of the revolutionaries. The dumb, woke progressive cult isn’t as strong or strident as the previous two examples and the quiet forces working against it will prove too reactionary and organized for any permanent change to take effect.

The Covid overreach and the Truckers for Freedom rally could prove to be the beginning of the end for this wave of progressive wokeness. We’ve revealed them to be the cult that they are and normies are breaking away in droves. The clear division among us isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It separates the wheat from the chaff and helps to ghetto the extreme chaff in their own political asylum. Polarization is a good thing. It helps us better see the winners and losers and from there we can possibly build a new and better consensus.

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