Canada's Public Health Agency Will Continue Tracking Your Location Using Cell Towers

December 23rd, 2021 | MP

The Government of Canada is currently taking bids from private corporations to assist in spying on its

Hiding in plain sight on the buy and sell section of the Government of Canada’s website is a request for
bids for a private corporation to provide “Operator-based Location Data and Services for Public Health
Mobility Analysis”. (The posting can be found here.)

What is that you ask? Here is the description from the posting:

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Yes, you read that right. The Public Health Agency of Canada (“PHAC”) is looking for access to cell-tower/operator location data to assist in the response to the Covid-19 pandemic and other ‘public health matters’.

Why do they want to see where you go and what you do on the internet? They say its to analyze the data they obtain to help “…inform policy, public health messaging… and other aspects related to public health response... ”Or, in other words, they plan on using your cell phone data against you to further control what you say on the internet, find out where you go and see how many people you host in your own home.

The Government of Canada’s job posting includes a PDF template instructing contractors on how to format their bids. Here are some highlights from that attachment (emphasis is mine):

  • PHAC plans on gathering and storing your cell phone data. The bid template has sections for the costs of “data platform setup”, “storage fees” and “data access fees”;

  • Bidders are asked to detail “…their experience working with public health organizations providing mobility data for public health and socially beneficial purposes”;

  • PHAC plans on using your cell phone information “to understand trends in the movement of populations during the COVID-19 pandemic. PHAC requires continued access to location data to assist in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as understand the utility of mobility data for other public health benefits”;

  • PHAC plans on continuing to collect, store and make use of your cell phone data after the Covid-19 pandemic has ended- “Beyond the pandemic mobility data will play an important role in understanding population movement impact on other public health challenges. This data when combined with other data sources for analysis can generate important public health insights such as the ability to estimate impact of public health outcomes and risk factors”;

  • PHAC plans on making use of all Canadians’ data- “There are two types of location data: crowdsourced (i.e. mobile apps on Android/iOS devices) and mobile cell-tower/operator data (i.e. cellular service providers). PHAC requires continued access to mobile operator-based data as it provides the largest, most stable and representative sample of the Canadian population”

I used to think the conspiracy theorists who talked about a government take-over were crazy. Now I regret not listening to them sooner.

Make of this posting what you will. But I’ve now been convinced that something big is going on.

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