Quebec Is A Traitor State

November 1st, 2019 | SP

Quebec is a traitor state and Canadians must unite against the province in the next federal election. But first, I must apologize.

To my Canadian friends outside of Ontario, I am deeply sorry. Like you, the results of the election made me chunder and spit with anger. My dimwitted peers in Ontario have helped divide this confederation in ways that make a re-settled Brit like myself shutter in the bones. We have learned much of the details and those details, my friends, are grim. The Conservative vote retracted in both Ontario and Quebec, while growing exponentially across the other provinces. Even though every other province West of Ontario voted for change, we did not see a change. Two large provinces made the choice, leaving the rest to question the relevance of their own place in confederation. If this is not a clear reflection of a nation divided, I have not seen another example of such division yet.

What happened?

Frightened Ontarions with a progressive bent could not bear to see their dainty warrior fall to the likes of a straight-edged conservative like Andrew Scheer. Driven by pure hate and fright, they abandoned any sense of reason or justice for the promises of Justin Trudeau. Yet again, the dimwits of urban Ontario and Quebec chose a path leading to a future of more corruption, more fake feminism and more shameless virtue-signalling.

The dimwits of urban Ontario and Quebec exercised their abnormal electoral power to suppress the voters in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and New Brunswick who voted for change. Voters in the GTA and Quebec have chosen a path of darkness and deceit. They have chosen to exonerate Justin Trudeau for his ridiculous trip to India, his racist habit of dressing up as African minorities, his political interference in a possible criminal case and his endless bouts of hypocrisy and fake progressivism. Voters in Ontario and Quebec have forced another two to four years of skullduggery upon the rest of the country.

It should be of no wonder that our friends in Alberta and Saskatchewan are now taking separation more seriously.

All of this because the Conservative leader did not want to march in pride parades, or because he was unrelenting in his own personal belief that abortion is homicide. All of this because the dimwits in urban Ontario live in small, liberal bubbles influenced by Toronto's wealthy media elites. Unable to comprehend the reality surrounding them without guidance from the Laurentians, urban Ontario voters have again chosen to discard their hardworking neighbours in the West for Justin Trudeau's preposterous fairy tales. That choice will have devastating consequences down the road, not only for the bubble-dwelling urban Ontarions, but for the rest of the country. When the chickens come home to roost, perhaps then my dimwitted counterparts in Ontario will be forced to abandon their glass houses and face the reality that will come when the West refuses to pay our way.

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"All of this because the dimwits in urban Ontario live in small, liberal bubbles influenced by Toronto's wealthy media elites."

It is Quebec who will receive more than one billion dollars in equalization payments next year, while our Western neighbours receive nothing. Both Alberta and BC will have nothing paid to them as the freeloaders in Quebec continue to ignore our Prime Minister's corruption and racism so they may continue to receive their bloated welfare cheques. This is how Western Canadians are now beginning to understand this confederation. It is no more than a scheme designed to bilk hardworking oil workers and to transfer wealth from one end of the country to another.

Meanwhile, Quebec has elected another separatist federal party that will have sway over whether or not the Trudeau government lives another day.

Being from Ontario myself, I can at least say that my neighbours and friends do, indeed, support Andrew Scheer in greater numbers than those in Quebec. While only 16% of Quebceckers chose to support Scheer's Conservatives, at least 33% of Ontarions chose to do the same this year. Of these two provinces where Conservatives lost ground, Quebec is the troubled sister. Therefore, I ask my friends in the West to forgive Ontario this time. Strategic voting aside, many Ontario voters have tired of Mr. Trudeau, just as you have. Come the next election, it is unlikely we will continue to support the dainty halfwit's false progressive cheerleading and phony feminism. I can assure you, my friends, many Ontarions were just as surprised as you were to see so many votes come his way from this province.

The next time may not be so lucky for Mr. Trudeau.

If Canada is looking for traitors, they must look at Quebec. Quebec has betrayed us again and proceeded to pour salt in our gaping wounds by electing a separatist party to represent them in Ottawa. I could not imagine the outcry from their own ranks had Albertans elected a separatist party to represent their own nationhood in Ottawa. The hypocrisy, filth and corruption that oozes out from the borders of Quebec must be set straight by Canadian voters in the next election.

Come the next election, Canadians must choose one party and one direction to unite them against this menace named Quebec. Justin Trudeau's Liberals have proven their absolute and blatant disregard for Western interests, all while working to secure the safety and innocence of Quebec's most powerful, home-grown corporate interests. Justin Trudeau is not our friend or saviour. Quebec is a nasty and repugnant wart that must be drawn back or removed from this nation's skin.

Canadian voters must strongly and loudly reject Quebec in the next election by electing a strong and stable Conservative majority government. Only then will the West forgive us in the East, and only then will Canada be successfully reunited with its brethren who work tireless in oil, gas, manufacturing and labour so their ungrateful stepchildren in Quebec can live happily—while importing their own energy from terrorist nations.

In the next election, my fellow Ontarions must stand up for their brothers and sisters in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan. New Brunswick is more than welcome to join, along with our other friends in Atlantic Canada. Together, we will unite Canada and show Quebec its place in this confederation. Perhaps then, the province will decide its next move—which may be out the door.

To my fellow Ontario Conservatives, here is a list of 7 target ridings for the next election. The next election could happen any day next year, contact every conservative you may know and get them mobilized in these ridings. Start now:

Mississauga—Lakeshore: in need of 9,000 more votes

Kanata—Carleton: in need of 5,000 more votes

Bay Of Quinte: in need of 4,000 more votes

Newmarket—Aurora: in need of 4,000 more votes

Niagara Centre: in need of 3,000 more votes

King—Vaughan: in need of 2,000 more votes

Richmond Hill: in need of 1,000 votes

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